❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Wind’s Peace Police

An AWESOME idea by Wind, one of the first Fantage bloggers.

Click here to read about it and hopefully join!



Comments on: "Wind’s Peace Police" (12)

  1. This is amazing


  2. Now I am on the List!!! Is Casey Cow going to join?


  3. oh good idea
    this will definitely impact all of Fantage, but truthfully, it won’t resolve the problem,
    just tame it down a little!
    but awesome idea! LOVE it!


    • misssecret4 said:

      i agree with caseycow.. but i want to add another thing. u guys r going at this the wrong way. you cant just ban everybody thats doing something wrong. that will just give them the idea to rebel. what im saying is… show them examples of what theyre doing wrong… give them the idea of what theyre doing is disgusting and disturbing.


  4. Excellent idea!


  5. addigirl10 said:

    Please dont judge my opion but i dont like this idea because they are all just reporting people who are speaking jibberish, its not like they are say bad words right? i dont get whats so bad about it. if i dont understand something or those things stand for something please tell me so i can understand too. i really dont want to have the wrong idea about it.


    • They are actually saying bad words, you just can’t see it. If you look carefully and try to decode what they are saying, you would be appalled by their language…


      • addigirl10 said:

        OHHHHHH!! thank you for telling me that, i just saw something on fantage that i think was like that. thanks so much for explaining.


      • The first picture of the bad word/phrase on Wind’s post about the peace police, how do you decode that? I tried for a while but I still don’t get it. I know you probably don’t want to comment a bad word but can you just tell me how to decode it? Thanks. 😀


      • Well, if you get rid of all the lowercase letters for the first one, it says blowjob ._.
        People always put “fun” or “awesome” between/after their words so Fantage doesn’t censor it. I think it’s a way to see if your words show or not. If you type AWESOME after a word and it shows up as AWESOME, then your sentence showed. If it shows up as awesome, then it didn’t show. I THINK.
        “ccy” or “ccx” means s*xy, which is REALLY dumb, because everyone is just a little kid with a bunch of pixels as their avatar. Ugh.


  6. misssecret4 said:

    some of your peace police are banning without a reason again. AND people are starting to talk about a rebellion. So i suggest that u just make ONE peace police go to every place
    because i don’t think the fantagians can take this anymore


    • I am not in charge of the peace police, nor have I been to its meetings, for a long time now. As the title suggests, it is WIND’s peace police. You can try contacting him about it, I’m not really sure what you’re talking about 🙂


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