❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

New Fantage Sold Items

Peabody2 and M(Fantage Workers) are selling items again on Fantage. That means when that you can buy old items at the Trade n Sell, if they are available.

fantage sold items Dec 26 2012

You see those ears on the girls? That used to be the rarest beta item on Fantage. Beta items are items from beta testing of Fantage-2006-2007. People, like me, are SO MAD that they put the rarest beta item for sale, and the people who really got them in the beta testing are the maddest ever.

I just say live on with it, it’s just pixels. And cool, you got the beta item you always wanted, so be happy. And it’s super expensive too, if you can get one. 10,000 ecoins! They were 3000 ecoins a few hours ago, but I guess they were on hi-demand, so enjoy!

mouse band

P.S. Be glag Fantage was so generous to give you the rarest beta item ever!



Comments on: "New Fantage Sold Items" (20)

  1. Yeah , I was confused because I checked them the second time , they somehow went from 3000 ecoins to 10,000. BTW , I tried to add u on fantage but u didn’t accept the request………


  2. Haha. What does beta mean?


    • Beta tester, meaning you joined Fantage in 2008 when it was first created and helped them… I dunno… test stuff?


      • no, no. it means before fantage opened, in 2006-2007, they let people test their site, aka play/preview on it, before they put it out so they could see how the people liked it. and they had reallly cool beta stuff along with it too. get?


      • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Cool. I didn’t know that. Im not too smart…. I thought beta meant like the fish..
        Just kidding….


  3. sunnydayXDXD said:

    0_0 well idk if i want them….. and yea THEY ARE EXPENSIVE. I saw them for 1,500 ecoins then it went EVEN higher.


  4. i relly REALLY want the mouse ears but i dont have enough :'(. does anyone wanna buy my leopard coat so i cn make the money???? PLEASE


  5. if you got the ecoin ones are they valuable and what are they worth


  6. Oh gosh… Just saw this post… Are they still selling them?


  7. FantageEmmamama21(ADD MEHH!) said:

    Hmm…. Got Scammed By Beta Mouse Ears.. Anyone Can You Please Give To Me? ToT


  8. it was actually 2007-2008


  9. I have those ears….Anyone want them? Lol.I got them for free, Thanks Pinkstardust_00 she gave it to me for free 🙂


  10. Lol, Hi guys! I’m soo bored! Anyway, do any of you guys know how to get your stuff back when it just suddenly LE POOF! Because I had Prom and Wintergreeen and Chalk and Gum and then one day it just dissapeared into thin air when I logged on O_O So nice of fantage, huh? Dx


  11. OMG!! I LOV UNICORNS! AND RAINBOS LOL anyway, xD Pinkstardust_00 seems nice, but she deleted me on fantage. *Sigh Some people are not as nice as they seem


  12. i missed mouse band by 5 days, no!!
    (i quit and returned on the new year xP)


  13. well a girl offered me the mouse ears in coined for coined headphones yesterday and i traded with her xD


  14. Theresa7897 said:

    Wow 2006 never knew fantage was about 7 years old WOW and the rarest beta item ever?!


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