❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Feather Hunting Event

I don’t think Fantage is even done updating this event yet, since there are still Turkey stuff all over the place. Check back for possible updates!

Casey: I think we were editing this post at the same time or something, because something weird happened…

Item Carts

Buy a feather catcher costume by clicking on this, at Uptown or Downtown. There is one for nonmembers!

How to Catch Feathers

You can only catch feathers that are the same color as your feather catching costume. You must be wearing the costume to play!

Just click on a feather before it hits the ground and earn stars.

You do NOT have to be close to the feather to catch it.

Click on this on the left of the screen to check your progress!

There are prizes for each color if you catch all 10. Get the grand prize if you catch all 50!


Where are the feathers?

Feathers will be falling at Uptown, Downtown, and the Beach.

It isn’t that hard to get all 10, since feathers fall down every second. Just wait for your color to show up. Or, try going to the other 2 places and try your luck there.

I was able to find all 10 orange (the rarest) feathers in 5 minutes WHILE making this post (x]) so it really isn’t that hard.


Comments on: "Feather Hunting Event" (8)

  1. Summer Starr said:

    I HATE being a non-member. You can barely do anything! (doesnt count if u r a ecoiner)


    • Thats y its calles members. If non members got a lot of stuff, less people would want to be members, and less people would pay. See they’re here for the money, its a marketing strategy xD


  2. O.O There’s no orange, Moo_Moo.


  3. Oh, sorry, I thought it was Yellow. XD


  4. What are the obvious places the feathers fall ?


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