❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Fantage Gangnam 2012…!

Fantage Gangnam 2012 is now released in Fantage…!

The special item for October is now here on Fantage. But only Premium Members can purchase the Gangnam Style costumes. Non-Members can purchase it though, only if they have ecoins! The costume costs 2600 stars or ecoins.

Hey. Look at me in the remodeled Le Shop! The new look sure isn’t attracting customers where I am. 😉 Do you also notice the pink striped shirt I am wearing? It was from Michelle’s Birthday from me donating 100 stars! Wow, amazing right?

Click here to experience the new Fantage updates!


Comments on: "Fantage Gangnam 2012…!" (7)

  1. Heheh I as I boy got a luxury fancy shirt for donating 100 stars! LOL


  2. pinkstardust?
    you were an author?
    wow didnt know that….


  3. () fly () said:

    Gangnam style is pretty famous..
    I don’t like it but I see it everywhere…


  4. Lol- Britney used to work here? Thats cool… Was that before or after Angela came?


  5. Pinkstarbritney!!!! Lucky!! I’ve asked to be an editor for years!!


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