❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Rock N’ School Event

Limited Item Carts

There are the normal limited item carts in Downtown and Uptown.

There are also school uniforms.


You can catch the bus in Downtown and Uptown, but you have to wait at bus stop for some time…

Scavenger Hunt

Sorry, today I don’t have time for detail. The things are in different places for everybody, so that kind of  rules this article out…. anyway, here are places I found them. They are definitely not here for you guys.

Outside Stellar Salon in Downtown

Uptown in front of Board Shop

At the Dock

At the Beach, in front of Jelly Fishin

At the Lighthouse, at the left

At the Lighthouse, on the bushes

At Carnival, in front of Arcade

Very left of Mt. Fantage

At the very right bench inside the Castle walls

At the right of the grotto, below Bubble bug

Next to top models in Downtown

Very right in the sky in Uptown

Next to The Palm at the Beach

Remember, these are DIFFERENT from yours, so don’t ask Casey or iSnowFairy where they are!

Here’s the prize XD

In the bus, if you press the play button, there’s a game(harhar obviously). So you have to get the question right to stay on the bus…

Answers to the questions. Some questions are different for people. You must answer five, and then you’ll be dropped off at the school.

The Earth has 1 moon.

The Earth has 7 continents.

Michael Jackson was a basketball player.

43+99 does not = 99

Kangaroos are not found in Canada

India is a country in Asia

Elephants are the only mammals that can’t jump.

If the big hand is on the 12, and the little hand is on the 7, its 7:00

Rhinoceros has 4 syllables

Tame is and antonym of wild.

North Dakota is in the U.S.A


22-13 does not equal 11

Lance Armstrong has not been to the moon(it was Neil Armstrong…right?)

These are just some of the random questions, but anyway, at the end, you get 30 stars!(Thanks Magic152)

Anyway, there’s also a game called bottle caps in Uptown and Downtown

There is also a new game at Fantage School, called Simon Says.

Its a group game! So, that’s basically it. Do what Simon tells you to do by pressing the buttons at the bottom. Then you get like 1 star for nonmembers and 2 for members….

That’s all for the event. Hope this helped you!


Comments on: "Rock N’ School Event" (13)

  1. Cool


  2. Casey- The prize after u click the play button in the bus and answer all the questions the reward is 30 stars. Enjoy. And since summer is over no more things (Limited Items) for nons 😦 All u get is an accesory and some tars for nons. 😦


  3. You kind of helped me.


  4. Really helpful!!! :mrgreen: Too bad there’s no limited items for nonmembers though…:(
    i love this blog!!!!!


  5. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ☆♫♥ιPυρριɛƨ^.~☆♫♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ said:

    i know that


  6. Cahills=Fantagians

    Same little brats. Grrrr Once I defeat the Cahill like AdventureClassified3 Ill nove on to you Fantagians! Mva Ha Ha! Bet you cant track me in which location Im in! :mrgreen:



  7. Can nonmembers buy the things on the limited cart item????


  8. Thanks for the help! I found all the items for the scavenger hunt 🙂


  9. when I am on the bus I talk to the people on the bus awesome


  10. Bus Driver: “Answer my questions right, and you’ll get to the School. Answer my questions wrong, and I’ll kick you off this bus.”


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