❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

First, before I say the winner, I need to say something. DON’t ASK ME TO MAKE YOU A MEM. DON’T GO UP TO ME SAYING OH I’M SAD I’M NOT A MEM. DON’T TELL ME STUPID THINGS BECAUSE I WON’T RESPOND. I’M ALREADY TIRED OF PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT “NOT BEING A MEM” OR “NOT WINNING” I AM SERIOUSLY SICK OF IT. Maybe I should of never did this contest -.-‘ But to be fair, the winner get’s her prize, because she isn’t being mean and annoying XD

The winner of my contest is….

Linda!!!! Congratulations!!! This was her really awesome entry:


Isn’t it so epic XD

Well, to everyone who participated. Thank you for trying so hard! You all did really good!



Comments on: "Contest: A Day With Casey WINNER" (13)

  1. directioner said:

    YAYYAYAYAYAYAYA THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg. Yay! Lol.


  2. BEFORE YOU PRESS ENTER, shut up sui


  3. sui_elephant101 said:

    Dear Sister of Me,

    Why do you have to be so aggressive and mean in what you say. Just say nicely to people “Please -freakin- don’t go up to me and ask me to make you a mem because I think it is a little bit -oki maybe a lot- annoying. I’m not the Queen of England and don’t have enough money in the world to make anybody a member. Sorry.” Instead of being like “WTH WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE CAN YOU BE QUIET AND GO AWAY YOU ANNOYING PEOPLE!!!!” Yeah, that’s all.

    The Sister of You


  4. Glittergloss_100 said:

    Cows!! Great Job!! ^-^


  5. congrats Linda! :mrgreen:


  6. hey casy_caw

    i want a mem
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzz gave me (cry2)


  7. Princess_moomoo! My friends told me that there was someone impersonating me! Is that true?! By friends, I mean Poster. 😀


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