❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Item Carts

Limited Item Cart (Uptown and Downtown), Premium Member items only.


Buy a Lemonade Costume to serve lemonade. Members can buy the white one!


Stuff to Do:

1. Cooler Hunt

Go around Fantage and find coolers! You can get stickers, prizes, stars, or nothing.

Prizes include furniture, hair, board, accessories, and clothes. EVERYONE (including nonmembers) can get ALL the prizes! 😀

Where are all the coolers? 

*The coolers sometimes move around, so if you don’t see it there, just go somewhere else.

*You can open the same cooler more than once!

*Prizes are VERY hard to get, they are given out RANDOMLY

Beach (far left)

Creature Area (far left)

Fantage School (left)

Forest (next to Lucky Bob’s)

Wizard’s Domain (right of Staries)

Castle Bridge (left)

Castle Entrance (left)

Oasis (under fountain)

Pet Town (left)

Uptown (far left)

Downtown (under Star Cafe)

Lighthouse (right)

Mt. Fantage (far left)

Carnival (under Rocket Board)

Sea Breeze

2. Serve Lemonade

Buy a lemonade costume first, then go to Uptown or the Carnival and click on the Lemonade Stand to play the game!

You won’t get any prizes, you will only get a “special” effect on your Fantage that lasts for a couple of seconds. Nothing special really…!

3. Food Fight

Go to Downtown or the Beach to play, you do NOT need a costume!

Click on the button on the left of your screen and target somebody’s face


*You cannot throw food if you are hit (try hiding behind someone!! :mrgreen: )

*You have to click the button every time to throw again

You get 1 star every time you hit someone

If you throw 50 pieces of food, you get a spaghetti board. If you are a nonmember, it will be in your inventory, but you can’t use it 😦 Members only…

4. Parasail Mini Game

Click on her to play the game (Uptown and Downtown)

Just use your arrow keys to move up and down to get the stars

Comments on: "Fantage Summer Finale Event 2012" (40)

  1. Anonymous said:

    thx for the help


  2. Thxs for saying bout the spaggeti board 🙂
    Plus I got a cool blue member looking shirt 😉


  3. Plus I now a trick 😉
    Wea a lemonade costume click on a cooler in Uptown and you get the board! xD 😉


    • Lots of people have been telling me this, but it was just a coincidence. Cstar also posted about this trick, saying you had to serve lemonade and get all sparkly then click the cooler.
      I tried both ways, and it didn’t work. But I still got the board ]

      .`·.¸.·´ princess_moomoo
      ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
      (¸.·´ (¸.·´


  4. You had a typo from the lemonade costume part… it says ‘…members can get the white one!’ It’s supposed to be ‘nonmembers can get the white one.’


  5. directioner said:

    why do i always get stickers and nothing else for the coolers?


  6. i need the lobster mat from the coolers and thats it i have everything else!! ugh about 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 stickers i get in about five minutes soooooo many 😦 that means more from bob hmmmmmmmmm


  7. I got everything but th lmonad stand and the beach drinks. Gotta try to get them… xD
    Level 5 medl too! princess_moomoo try to get the medal 😉 cuz u get 5 levels! And ur idfone on my buddy list should that you didnt have the medal. 😦 Tyr to get it!


  8. emily61595 said:

    for those of u who are getting the coolers, i reccomend going beach, cruise, light house, beach, cruise, light house on a loop. thats how i got all the prizes, and im a non! sometimes they go away but they come back once you leave.


  9. A contest- princess_moomoo me ad you will ty to get ninety levels and the first one to get ninety levels wins! Game On!


  10. Personally for me, i went to the carnival, to the arcade. I got the most prises from there. (not stickers) What i did was went into the arcade fast, then exited fast, then clicked the cooler. you have to do it wicked fast. i got prizes 4x in a row


  11. Anonymous said:

    Hi, thanks for posting everything! It really helped, and your blog is awesome. I can’t find when the Summer Finale event ends, and I want to know so I know when I should get my ecoins. 🙂 Have you, by any chance seen something that says when the event ends? Thanks again 😀


    • Yes, you can always tell when a Fantage event ends by:
      1. clicking on the world map and looking at the event banner at the bottom.
      2. clicking on a limited item cart or the event info sign
      This event ends on September 4th 🙂



  12. hello i need help from princesss moomooo when it ends and i didnt get any of the items and i got only stickers and how do we get the items?:)


  13. Anonymous said:

    i cant find two things rofl no really


  14. lol. when i do the food fight i hide behind the cooler and the clothes stand 😛


  15. Thank you so! I barely got anything until I read this, you are a LIFESAVER


  16. I want the poka dot shirt!


  17. emily61595 said:



    • Calling one of my admins stupid is like calling me stupid, because I hand-pick the best people to be admins on my xat. And unless you are calling me stupid, you don’t have a right to insult any of us.
      But, you can explain the situation to me. I know that I am not always right, so if you explain which of my admins made your sister upset, I will be sure to fire her. That is, if you sister is truly innocent. If she did something to anger my admins, then it is her fault. My admins are only doing their job, keeping rude people away from the other people on xat.



  18. rageaugust said:

    hi i only got the hair and shirt+furniture how do i get the shoes and glasses


  19. still i dint get any clothes i just got many stickers ans i wore the lemonade costume still i am getting stickers princess moomoo i need help pls 🙂


  20. Finally got EVERY item! Goo members! (No Offense to premium members 😉 )



  21. pillow1233 said:

    I got the sunshade but where do i use it??or how


  22. i got everything except shoes. lol


  23. Chole785chole785 said:

    I look at this a year later, and get mad cause I can’t get the prizes anymore…


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