❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Limited Items

There are the normal limited items in Downtown and Uptown.

Buy a shooting star item and catch stars in space! The yellow ones on the right are for nonmembers, too!

Buy a transformer item and do cool tricks!

Shooting Stars

Click on the GO TO SPACE button on the left of your screen. Go to the little door with a red ! over it, “Venture to Space”

You must have a Shooting Star Item to collect the shooting stars. You can only catch shooting stars that are the same color as your costume. Earn stars!

Catch 10 shooting stars and get a prize. Catch all stars of every color to get a medal!

Catch the stars again and win a sticker!

Transformer Items

Where them to grow or shrink! (This will not work after the event, so buying these are kind of a waste)

Wandering Robots

Click on this guy in Uptown or Downtown

You have to find 5 of a color to go on to the next color.

Where are all the robots?


Actually, there is a super easy cheat to find all of these robots.

First, make sure you turn the sounds on (settings, SOUNDS ON)

Then, when entering an area, listen for a bleeping robotic sound. If you hear something that isn’t part of the Fantage backround music, then a robot is in that area!

You will be able to tell easily what the sound is after you have heard it.

*The robots move from place to place. Just because you found it in Downtown once doesn’t mean it won’t appear there again. So, just use your ears and go to random places in Fantage!

I have found 4 of the same robots in the same place, so just keep coming back to places.

I have seen robots in these places:

Downtown, Uptown, Lighthouse, Oasis, Mt. Fantage, Beach, Carnival (there’s probably more)

Lastly, there is an event movie. Just click this TV thing in Uptown or Downtown.

And that is pretty much everything for this event!

Comments on: "Fantage in the Future Event" (19)

  1. Hey.. I sent a comment two hours earlier bout this event and you didn’t credit me? Ok…


  2. And the transformer thing allows you to shrink or grow when you go over the portals


  3. Hey has anyone noticed that princess_moomoo changed her gravatar pic? Its looks really cool! xD Just check one of her comments! xD I gotta try my luck and get that board… xD I dont need the green dress my tuexdo is really cool! xD Freeeeeeee………………… xDDDDDDDDDDD Well bye people. Gotta get some sleep xD


  4. I think the guys non member star catcher looks worse than the girls but thts just me and im just saying that…….


  5. and do u know where the robots are???? because (im not saying u are wrong or anything) but momo used to post where items where……..


  6. K thanks for crediting me Casey cow! 🙂 although I was talking to hello… xD


  7. Casey, if u find all of them u get a prize….(a shirt) u should add it on….

    (=’:’) ~pandasarah~


  8. Ok here I go IITakes Deep BreathII … I am leaving PERMANENTLY on the 27th and will not be commenting/will not be on Fantage anymore. You may still find me at: The39Clues.com/MessageBoard. I go bye the alias AdventureClassified3. Comment to my posts! xD
    I am sooooo sorry to be leaving my friends like Casey Cow, pandasarah, posterworld, cookie monster, muffin, christa123 (wait is that cookie monster? xD), and princess_moomoo I have wayyyy more friends but those are just my best friends. K thanks for reading this comment. Bye.


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