❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

I have looked at everyone’s posts on FutureFantageville, and they were all great! But, I will have to say that the winner and the inheritor of Fantageville will be…

Great job Casey! I chose her for the following reasons:

1. Responsible – She was the first one to accept the editor request, just 4 minutes after she filled in the form! Now that’s impressively quick!

2. Hard-worker – Right after she was made editor, she immediately started posting. She already has 7 posts!

3. Detailed – She included instructions for how to do certain things in the events, while most of you just mentioned them. She even put pictures of girls AND boys clothing, something that even I don’t do! That’s awesome!

4. Skilled – Awesome at editing pictures! Click here. And, she has extremely good grammar and spelling, something that is very important.

5. Experienced – She already works on a blog, which is excellent. We can combine our fans!

6. Lots more reasons, but I feel like these are the major ones. 🙂

Just to let you all know, everyone did a great job too! Each one of you had at least one of the skills listed above, and I am very happy that so many people are so willing to help me out!

As a gift of appreciation, I will award the people that ACCEPTED the editor invitation and POSTED at least once with 100 ecoins and a level up, using the invite-a-friend thing.

All you have to do is play on the user and pass I have given you for 1 hour! Sorry I am not able to do this myself, but I am extremely busy…!

 Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷƳʋяι♫ **Tara, I already know your user and pass, leveling and ecoins will be very fast I’m done!

 fantagelily6253 (lily6253)

User: isnowfairy2 Pass: fantage1

 iloveoned (tintin2012)

User: isnowfairy3 Pass: fantage1

 nascarqueen11 (torirocks46)

User: isnowfairy4 Pass: fantage1

 sadianoor (adeebanoor)

User: isnowfairy5 Pass: fantage1

There is no need to give me your password, all I need is your username, which (conveniently!) you have already given me when you filled in the form. If you didn’t give me your real username or you didn’t provide one at all, then this is the time you should regret that…!


Casey, please answer the following questions and email me your answers to fantageville@gmail.com. Please email me using YOUR email!

1. Do you check your email often?

2. Do you have a Mac or a PC? Meaning, Apple computer or Windows computer?

3. Does your computer have Keynote or Powerpoint?

I will email you back with detailed instructions for owning Fantageville.

Thanks again for all your help! For the 5 people I mentioned, expect your ecoins and level up soon!

Comments on: "Fantageville’s Future Owner…" (11)

  1. Nice Job Casey Cow!
    ~~All Hail AdventireClassfied3 The Defeater of All the Vespers~~


  2. ll dies ll Thank you sooooo much! this is a really big honor!!!! thanks too, ~~All Hail AdventireClassfied3 The Defeater of All the Vespers~~ I emailed u btw princess_moomoo :3 thank you thank you thank you!!!


  3. () fly () said:

    Congrats Caseycow101!


  4. directioner said:

    Congrats Casey! And thank you princess_moomoo for the ecoins!


  5. Oh, err…Ty for getting me eCoins? How’d you do that? No seriously, how? I already earned 2000 eCoins from da friend thingy, I don’t get anymore…


  6. (¯`v´¯)
    ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨) im glad u won!
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´


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