❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Ahoy Fantage Part 2

Item Carts

The Limited Item cart stuff is for members only

The Cruise Shop Souvenirs are also for members only

However, nonmembers can buy the last waiter/waitress costume!


How to Jet Ski

Buy the Jet Ski from the Limited Items Cart and go to the beach to play! Move to the START area and ride the waves to earn stars.

How to Serve Food at the Restaurant

1. Wear a waiter/waitress uniform and go to the restaurant on Sea Breeze.

2. Go to the gold counter at the right. When somebody orders, a menu will pop up.

3. Look around to see what people want. Click the food on the menu that is ordered.

4. Walk to their table. Click the table. If they are nice, they will give you stars!

Other Stuff:

  • Go to the Cruise Ship and move all the way to the right, there is a new area! You can use the same flying trick at the Lighthouse and Castle to fly! Click here to learn more about it.
  • You can play Jelly Shuffle with another person now. Don’t know how to play? Click here

Comments on: "Ahoy Fantage Part 2" (7)

  1. Wow a part two of an event I think its the first time they’ve done that.


  2. Oh sorry for awhile I didn’t have internet I missed all those.


  3. pandasarah said:

    ugggggg…. i dont hav enough stars to buy the costume…..princess_moomoo…… if ur not busy u should make a page about earning stars fast and easy…… btw…. if ur not busy can u help me earn stars???? i’ll do ANYTHING in return…… thx….. (ps. do u like my new pic??? do u think my old pic was better or this one??)

    (=’:’) ~pandasarah~


  4. princess_moomoo The next event is some sort of ancient event like dragons, knights, prince, kings, etc.
    ~~All Hail AdventureClassified3 The Defeater of All the.Vespers~~


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