❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Contest Winner

Here are the results of the poll, taken on June 8:

Each vote is 10 points. Here are the final points (including all bonuses): *You can view the original points without bonuses here

 Cphan3 [663] 

 Sparkle Chan [216]

 Joy [151]

 FantageAnAn [144]

 Shopaholic12345 [120]

 Slushipup [229]

 Tanujaya102 [28] 

 Crystal43 [88] 

I think it’s pretty obvious who won, regardless if I made a mistake in counting or not. Congratulations, Cphan!

However, I want to thank all 8 of you that joined the contest. You really made this contest successful, and look out, I will probably hold another one!

Cphan, please claim your prize by answering the following questions by Jun 10.

1. What quality of your site would you like to highlight on the video? (e.g. cheats, updates, help, all of the above, etc)

2. What would you like the style to be like? (similar to a TV commercial, similar to my commercial, etc)

3. How long would you like it? (Short videos get to the point quickly, but long videos can be more detailed)

4. Would you prefer any music? (I might not be able to get you all music)

5. Would you like to be in the video, or just your site?

6. Do you have any other preferences on the style of your video?


Comments on: "Contest Winner" (10)

  1. Yay! 😀

    1. All of the above! :mrgreen:

    2. Similar to your commercial. 😉

    3. Around 2:00 minutes

    4. I’m okay with any music, just as long as it sounds awesome! :mrgreen:

    5. Can me and my site be in the video? 😛

    6. Not really…

    Also, is it possible to have a link to my blog in the video? =)


    • Of course! It’s more than possible, it’s a must. What would be the point of a commercial if you don’t include the link?!
      This is what I will do. Either:
      1. Make 3 videos, and you can choose which you like best
      2. Make 1 video, and you can comment what you want to change.
      We can arrange a time for you to be in the video some time after we figure out the basics of the video


      • ‘Kay, thanks! 😀 So if you click on the link in the video, it’ll direct you to my blog?

        Can you do #1? 😛

        Why would we need to arrange a time? I can just send you some pics of my Fantage avatar to use in the video. =)


  2. ~*~♡♥✯♫ƧραяκℓɛƧтαяƧιωℓяʓ♫✯♡♥♪~*~ said:

    Can you host another contest? NOW!! PLEASE???? I am really busting to hear it!! Something that doesn’t include a poll 😉 :mrgreen:


  3. slushipup1903 said:

    What does second place get? o.O


    • What prize would you like to have? I can either put a banner on my site, or help you with some fashion week stuff, such as getting the gold dress from the fashion judge.


      • slushipup1903 said:

        I’ll choose the fashion week stuff… I’m not that good at Fashion shows any more because my computer is really slow, and by the time everything loads I only have like, 30 seconds left.


      • Alright, well, i guess this requires you momentarily lending me your account so i can do it. Don’t worry, it won’t take too long, i’m really fast. email it to me at fantageville@gmail.com
        You can change your password afterward. I’ll tell you once I’m done :mrgreen:
        .`·.¸.·´ princess_moomoo
        ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
        (¸.·´ (¸.·´


      • slushipup1903 said:

        Nevermind! I got all the stuff… BUT, I can email it to you so you can get the gold dress for me though!


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