❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Dream Catcher Event

Another premium-member only event… sigh… WAIT A SECOND! All nonmembers can buy the orange pajamas! With starz! Suddenly being so nice, Fantage?

You can go to Uptown, Downtown, or the Beach to buy the (super ugly) orange pajamas by clicking on the Limited Items cart. (Don’t they kinda remind you of prison suits??!!)

Everyone with a limited item can click on the flying stars. Non-Members will earn 1 star each time.

Go to Uptown, Downtown, the Beach, the Forest, and the Carnival to click on the orange dream boxes. They’re the most hard to find for some reason (ugh). Don’t worry if you can’t find any more orange boxes at one point, they will always replenish themselves (they will never run out). Just visit all the places over and over again. Just be patient and wait a minute, and they will appear again.

After finding 10 boxes, you get “awarded” with the UGLIEST t-shirt I have EVER laid eyes on.


Comments on: "Dream Catcher Event" (10)

  1. Omigosh! Princess_moomoo, once again, you’ve saved my life! I did not know us non-members could get those pajamas! Thank you soooo much! 😉


  2. yeah me too!


  3. Fantage thought about nons for once!

    They are finally being nice for once!


  4. ehh what do you mean??


  5. your soo funny super ugly and UGLIEST t-shirt I have EVER laid eyes on


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