❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Contest Bonuses

*Everything that is relevant to the contest is all grouped together as a sub-page under “Contest: OPEN”. Just hover your mouse over it and you will be able to see all 3 sub-pages.

May has ended, the contest is over! As I have said, I will be awarding bonus points, since Cphan is impossibly ahead.

First, make sure I didn’t make a mistake in counting your points by looking at the daily screenshots (try not to go blind, sorry they’re so tiny). You will get extra points if you catch a mistake! (For a more detailed description, go to the Contest Progress page and read the stuff in blue)

Next, vote on this poll below. You may vote for one person, including yourself. Everyone is encouraged to vote! Even if you’re not part of the contest! Remember, 1 vote counts as 10 points!!

The voting will be held from June 1 to June 7. On June 8, the final winner will be announced!

If you are the winner, you MUST claim your prize, or it will be given to the 2nd place winner!


Comments on: "Contest Bonuses" (24)

  1. You should make the results private. *nudge nudge wink wink* Lol.


  2. ~*~♥♫Ғαитαɢɛтαяαяσcκʓ♫♥~*~ said:

    Awww….can yu not make the results private? :mrgreen: pleaseeeee??


  3. fruit99punch (logged out) said:

    Moo Moo , can you help me?
    I wanted to noe how to add the “CURRENT VISITORS” widget.
    Can you tell me the HTML? PLEEEAASSEEEE?
    Tnx for ur help 🙂
    Im fruit btw , not logged in.


  4. Wait, how come I have 0 votes even though I voted for myself? O.O


    • i dunno… maybe it got messed up some how, try again


      • It won’t let me vote again since I already voted. >.< I'm probably going to lose since nobody's voting for me since I was in the lead before. 😦


      • actually, i created this poll so that other contestants actually have a chance to catch up to you. it is really unfair that alyssa spends like 5 minutes each day clicking on your link. i find it very unfair to the other contestants, so i want to give them a chance to win too ❤ but, i think you're still gonna win…


  5. -.-‘
    It is really unfair that I’ve only clicked on that link once, and you’re saying I do it every five minutes.


    • Really? Omigosh I’m so sorry! Its just that, the number of clicks she got each day was ridiculously high, and a couple of weeks back, you said (indirectly) that you were helping her. Again, sorry!


  6. omg moo moo big news i just won a contest on tara’s blog, fantageworldrocks !!!!!!!!! im sooooooooooo excited!!!!!!


  7. random person :) said:

    i won the where and who contest


  8. oops osrry posted as my other name


  9. shopaholic12345 said:

    Man, cphan is gonna win no matter what I do…:( I feel like someone’s voting for her every 5 seconds…. I wish that for once, someone could win other than her…


  10. ~*~♡♥✯♫Ƥʋяρℓɛƨтαяƨωιяℓʓ♫✯♡♥♪~*~ said:

    Princess Moomoo, remeber when you entered one of my contest? Look at the results here:http://fantageworldrockz.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/the-final-winner-for-the-recolor-contest/


  11. hi princess moomoo i looked at fantage today about zacks video contest and i saw your name and if its you then congratulations im really proud of you bye happy enjoying the ecoins………..hihihihi


  12. Um did you go to sparklyangel67’s party yesterday in server Sienna Shark? If you did, I saw you I really wanted to greet you but you left. 😦 I was happy that I got to see you on Fantage. 🙂 I am hanaomar2 if you see my please friend me. 😉


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