❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤


Numbers that mark each stamp in the pic correspond to the numbered directions below.

#1-3: Click on the prom couple (Uptown/Downtown) and play the 3 games (Click here for the guide)

#4: Go to Uptown/Downtown and vote (you can do this every 10 minutes and get 10 starz each time)

#5: Click on the Limited Items Cart (Uptown/Downtown)

#6: Click on the prom couple (Uptown/Downtown) and watch the movie

#7: Get your free gift (Downtown). New one every day, check this post daily to see what it is.

The medal for completing the stampbook:

Comments on: "Prom Dance Party Stampbook" (7)

  1. : ( oh man i just noticed on second day that the rest of the prizes are for members!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Can I use this on my Milkshake? The pictures and stuff. Please…


    • Nooo… I really hate it when people copy me. And you still haven’t removed the ID Fones from your Fantage blog yet!! I can’t believe you would ask such a thing, especially after I told you to remove the ID Fones. OMG, i didn’t even let you use it and you ALREADY took it?? And you took my contest layout idea COMPLETELY! I thought you weren’t that type of person! Remove them all now!!! 😦


  3. Anonymous said:

    where are the games located? and the free prize?


  4. what intersting games!


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