❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Pirate Panic Mission

Once you’ve gone to the Mission Center and started the mission, go talk to Scarlet.

You will have to play a game several times, where you have to sink 5 moving ships.

Here are some extremely useful tips and tricks:

1. You don’t have to buy upgrades to win this! I am a non-member, so I have no choice but to play without upgrades. I am able to do this easily; you can too, if you follow these tips.

2. This is not a guessing game. The moving green skulls mark the location of the ships. When firing, do not aim exactly at it, or you will miss it (since it’s a moving target). You have to time it correctly.

For example, if it’s moving downward (as shown by the red arrow), click where my mouse is, and you should hit it. You will get the hang of this.

3. Pay attention to your missile supply. Once it’s ready, use it, don’t waste time!

Not ready: 


4. Once you’ve begun to sink a ship, focus on it and finish it off before trying to sink another one.

5. Once you’ve reached the level where you are allowed the red rocket missile (this can be used by non-members too) don’t use it as your only resort. You should be using your smaller missile as you wait for the bigger one to reload (since the bigger one takes a long time).

6. When you do use the big rocket missile, aim it where there’s a lot of ships clustered together (if possible). One hit from this rocket will sink it instantly, so if you hit more than one, you can sink 2 ships in one shot!

Every time you win the game, talk to Scarlet aftarward. You will never have to leave the Mission Center.

You will have to play this game for a total of… A think 5 or so times (correct me if I’m wrong). In the end, NONMEMBERS GET NOTHING WOOOOW… Not even some kind of badge or prize…


Comments on: "Pirate Panic Mission" (4)

  1. U did all that work and they give u nothing? They should of gave u a costume or outfit!
    Maybe even stars! They need to do more prizes and stuff for nons! Like when I play games and stuff, I end up with like 2,000 stars in one day! Then I try to buy stuff, but almost everything in shops are for members!


    • IKR! But that’s what makes us better than Members (no offense if you’re a member). We can do things without fancy stuff. And we’re smart not to waste money on stuff. I advise you to use gifthulk, I just redeemed $10 ultimate game card, and now i have 10,000 ecoins, which helped me get the fashion judge dress! Even the majority of members dont have it. If you’d like more info, go to my fashion week post or the gifthulk page.


      • I might start using gifthulk! I keep hearing about that a lot. It should help cuz I have ecoins but just about 74. I really need to get some cuz at the rate I’m going it’s going to take months! I go on my phone and go on bullseye and idfone to get ecoins. Thanks for your help!

        I love your blog!!!


      • If you do use gifthulk, please use my referral link, its on my Gifthulk page. Or, just click on any of the gifthulk banners, and you will automatically go there. Thanks!


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