❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Bunny Bash Stampbook

The red numbers on the stampbook corresponds to the directions below.

#1,2,4,5: Click on Kawaii (located Uptown or Downtown) and play the 4 games. Click here for the Games Instructions!


#3: Go to either the Forest or Fantage School and play Egg Color Battle. Like all the other group games in the past, just guess which egg color will be most chosen. Detailed instructions are next to this egg.

#6: Click on the Limited Item Cart, located Uptown, Downtown, and the Beach (like always, there isn’t a SINGLE thing for Non-Members 😦 )

#7: Click on the egg, located Downtown (Non-Members can’t buy this 😦 )

#8: Click on the Prize Booth, located at the Carnival. Click here for the Tickets & Prizes guide!

#10: Click on Kawaii and watch the first movie


#9,11: These will be unlocked on April 8, so come back on that day for information; I will post an update!


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