❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Bunny Bash Games

Playing games will help you earn stamps in your Stampbook. Click here for the Stampbook Guide!

1. Find the Eggs

Click on the squares to move. The clouds block your view of the eggs, but once you get within 2 patches, you will be able to see it. Take as few steps as possible, and move quickly. Watch the bar on the top to see how many eggs you have left, how much time is left, and the remaining number of steps you can take.

2. Easter Egg Drop

Use your arrow keys to move, and press spacebar to lunge. Collect only the colored eggs, not the rotten eggs! Watch the egg-making booth to predict when the next egg will launch.

3. Egg Decoration

Match the example egg. Before you click the stencil, make sure you click the right paint color. If you mess up, click the undo button. You are timed, so work quickly!

4. Egg Colorator

Click on the moving eggs to color them, but do not click the bunny. Try aiming for the eggs that are farthest away, since they are worth more points.


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