❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

To play this quiz, you have to find Fantagians (like Stella, Kawaii, Gizmo, etc) all over Fantage and click on them. There are 10 total, so you can earn 100 starz total, EVERY DAY!

They are always located at the: Beach, Castle Bridge, Uptown, Downtown, Creature Area, Pet Town, Forest, Fantage School, Carnival, and Mt. Fantage

Answers: (By day and in ABC order for your convenience)


big bird can be seen at the forest.

Is there anything different about the world map? A big blue bird on it

The posts on the Creature Shop have? Duck feet

The snow at Mt. Fantage is now? Grass

What has gone missing at the beach? The Dock

What has happened to Star Cafe? It’s upside down

What has happened to the Lighthouse? It’s upside down

What’s going on in uptown? It’s flooded

What shop has turned black and white? Vintage

Which of these areas have been flooded? Uptown


Anything different about Top Models? It’s upside down

Is there anything wrong with the umbrellas at the lighthouse? Just one is inside out

Pink Blossom Bushes has been added to Creature Area

The helicopter at Mt Fantage changed into? An air plane

The lamp posts now have? Silly faces

The sharks are now swimming in? Sand

The walkway in Uptown has been replaced with Water

The water at the beach has changed into? Sand

What happens when you travel to the new area on the map? It’s an April fool’s joke

What’s different about the inside of vintage shop? It’s black and white


Cows is now seen at Mt Fantage

Is there anything new about the Fantage world? It’s a bird bath

Is the sun any different at the lighthouse? It has sunglasses

Someone is on a boat-tube near what two shops? Board and Jester Shop

The arch at the forest has Alphabet blocks on them now

The dock at the Creature Area has changed to? A piano

There is a lack of water at the beach

The water at the beach has changed into? Sand

What is coming out of star cafe? Coffee

What is different on the OUTSIDE of Vintage Shop? Nothing


Also at Mt Fantage are? More trees!

There is a lack of water at the beach

What color are the silly faces at the forest? Yellow

What happened to the starfish at the beach? It’s missing

What has gone missing at the beach? The Dock

What is different about the dock at the Lighthouse? Nothing

What is missing from the Bobo fish pond? Nothing

What is the big bird eating? The reporter helicopter

What sign in Downtown is upside down? The beach

What’s the best way to get around downtown? Boat


Comments on: "Answers to the Who Fools Who Quiz" (5)

  1. A question was asked in Mt. Fantage: Is there anything wrong with the umbrellas at the lighthouse? Answer: Just one is inside out. You didn’t posted it. Thanks.


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