❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Where are the Flowers?

Instead of clovers, there are flowers today! Here are the locations of the 20 flowers:

1. Star Cafe (right, coffee table)

2. Le Shop (lower left)

3. Stellar Salon (lower right)

4. Top Models (bottom, left of counter)

5. Board Shop (lower right)

6. Jester’s Costumes (lower left)

7. Beach (far right, right of beach ball)

8. Dance Club, Beach (on top of table)

9. Carnival (far left, in front of Rocket Board)

10. Lighthouse (under bird)

11. Oasis (all the way left)

12. Mt. Fantage (far right, under ski lifts)

13. Pet Town (under games board)

14. Castle Bridge (left side, over Snowy Day game)

15. Castle Realtor’s (far left)

16. Wizard’s Domain (left of Tabitha)

17. Forest (in front of It’s Raining Clovers)

18. Fantage School (lower right)

19. Creature Arena (left of park ranger)

20. Dock (beneath bench)


1. Claim your free gift @Uptown/Downtown!


2. Play the rest of the mini-games

3. Watch the last movie

4. Click on the Limited Item Cart 2 (Uptown/Downtown) *The Limited Item Cart 1 has been moved to the beach

5. Click on the new Springy egg (Uptown/Downtown)

Earn your medal *This is blacked out for Non-Members 😦

Other Stuff:

1. Non-Members, turn in your tickets for the last prize at the carnival:


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