❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Where are the Clovers?

Here are the locations of the clovers. They change every day, so there will be a new list every day! Also, make sure you check the area carefully, as they may be camouflaged or cleverly hidden: check the ceiling/sky; check the corners; move all the way left and right.

Prize: 100 starz total, and special prize if you find the four-leaf clover: 

Starting on March 17, I will do my best to list the locations every day!

March 17 (Day 4):

1. Pet Town

2. Le Shop

3. Stellar Salon

4. Dock

5. Oasis

6. Jester’s Costumes

7. Board Shop

8. Vintage Shop

9. Ottoman’s Furniture

10. Creature Area

11. Beach

12. Carnival (far right)

13. Dance Club (Beach)

14. Fantage School

15. Forest

16. Wizard’s Domain (ALL the way right)

17. Castle Bridge

18. Castle Realtor’s (inside Castle, far right)

19. Mt. Fantage

20. Lighthouse (all the way right)

March 19 (Day 6):

1. Star Cafe (center)

2. Le Shop (left)

3. Stellar Salon (left)

4. Top Models (right)

5. Board Shop (ceiling)

6. Jester’s Costumes (far right)

7. Dock (above Le Shop)

8. Dance Club, Beach (left of right speaker)

9. Lighthouse (all the way right)

10. Carnival (left of Arcade)

11. Pet Town (right of Pet Academy)

12. Mt. Fantage (right, under ski lifts)

13. Castle Bridge (above Pet Treats stand)

14. Castle Realtor’s, inside Castle (far left)

15. Wizard’s Domain (far right, left of beehive)

16. Forest (left of Lily Fairy)

17. Fantage School (on pencil balcony part of school)

18. Creature Area (far right, at entrance of Arena)

19. Oasis (above airplane)

20. ?

March 20 (Day 7):

1. Star Cafe (window)

2. Super Power Shop (upper left)

3. Le Shop (window)

4. Stellar Salon (ceiling)

5. Top Models (computer counter)

6. Board Shop (ceiling)

7. Jester’s Costumes (right of astronaut)

8. Vintage Shop (ceiling)

9. ID Phone Shop (right shelf)

10. Ottoman’s Furniture (ceiling)

11. Oasis (above camel)

12. Dance Club (above right speaker)

13. Beach (between Tanning Salon and Dance Club)

14.Carnival (left of Face Painting)

15. Mt. Fantage (above cave, on pine tree)

16. Castle Bridge (above Pet Treats)

17. Castle Realtor’s, inside Castle (all the way left)

18. Wizard’s Domain (all the way right, left of beehive)

19. Forest (above Lily Fairy)

20. Fantage School (on the sun!)

Mar. 21

1. Star Cafe (above couch)

2. Super Power Shop (above counter)

3. Le Shop (left shelf)

4. Stellar Salon (right)

5. Top Model’s (right)

6. Board Shop (center)

7. Jester’s Costumes (right)

8. Vintage Shop (right)

9. ID Phone Shop (upper left)

10. Ottoman’s Furniture (left)

11. Dance Club (upper left)

12. Beach (above the guy in the hammock)

13. Oasis (above well)

14. Mt. Fantage (on helicopter)

15. Castle Bridge (over the sun)

16. Castle Realtor’s (above left stairs)

17. Wizard’s Domain (upper left of Staries)

18. Forest (on lamppost, right)

19. Fantage School (upper left)

20. Carnival (left of arcade tent)


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  1. btw they change everyday i noticed tht today


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