❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Star Cafe Window Trick

Want to be able to do this?

A lot of sites tell you how, but their instructions are very confusing. Follow these easy steps instead:

1. Go to this exact spot, where my mouse is pointing (this is at the Star Cafe)

2. Click here, where my mouse is pointing. (Nothing will happen)

3. Enlarge the screen, by clicking where my mouse is pointing.

4. Click the same spot as step 2. (Again, nothing will hapen)

5. Make the screen small again, by clicking where my mouse is pointing.

6. Click that spot in the wall again. This time, you will disappear behind the wall!

8. Now, just click behind the window. Amaze your friends!

*To get out of this amazing position, you have to click on the exit door. You can’t talk either, because the window sill blocks the speech bubble.


Comments on: "Star Cafe Window Trick" (48)

  1. Anonymous said:

    this is awesome it works!!


    • it really does work I love it my friends keep asking how to do it but I always send them here to check it out only they always check everything else too thx for this website it ssoo awesome and is owned by the two best people in fantage (in my point of view)lol love this keep posting look for me on fantage i go by kat01603


  2. ~♫✰Fantage_♥Tara_☮rockz!~♫✰ said:

    Thanks for the trick!! It works!!! Can I copy this cheat onto my blog? It wouldn’t be word-to-word but yeah…I’ll give credit,


  3. please update this..it does no work in the year of 2012


  4. Roselynh100 said:

    The cheats are awesome but the zero trick dosent work anymore and the star café window thingy is really hard for me.


  5. Roselynh100 said:

    Never mind my last comment. I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Roselynh100 said:

    I did it yayayayayyayayayayaya


  7. the star cafe trick didn’t work for me im in 2012
    maybe it works for another year i dont know????????


    • Trust me, a LOT of people come to me saying they’ve tried a hundred times, and it still doesn’t work. It does, you just have to do it right. You’ll get it soon, that’s what happens to most people

      .`·.¸.·´ princess_moomoo
      ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
      (¸.·´ (¸.·´


    • I did it today,and it worked perfectly.


  8. and i really did it like 50 times today
    and it dosent work really


  9. Veeeveeeun said:

    Tankkk you so muchh!! It worrked for me on my first try. I didnt think it would but, it did!!


  10. Veeeveeeun said:

    btw my username is pixie35


  11. Anonymous said:

    how come the “click here for free stuff” page doesnt work?




  13. Ring-a-ling said:

    I got this on my first try! It is AWESOME! I also recommend the LIGHTHOUSE BASEMENT trick!


  14. tskk doesnt work for me.


  15. Did you know there used to be a trick to get into the window of the Creature shop? I don’t think it works anymore though…


    • I’m pretty sure it’s the same trick, you just have to keep trying it.


      • Anonymous said:

        Actually the one I know is slightly different from your trick, but I will try it again anyway.


      • Anonymous said:

        OMG! It works! I will tell you my discovery! You can make a post about it if you want:
        1. Enter the Creature Shop (duh)
        2. There is light coming from the doorway on the left. Click the tiny corner on where it ends.
        3.Then in the window, you will see a tied rope (outside). Click right above that. You will go just in front of the window, but you should not be right in front of the rope.
        4. Enlarge the screen
        5. Click right above the rope again, and you should be behind the window!

        LOL I am happy to know this, but even happier I figured it out myself!


  16. Do you think it is possible to get to the Fashion Show VIP room with this cheat?


  17. After you get into the window and click up where you disappear, you can click over to the other window (behind the couch on the other side of the door) and appear there.


  18. is there another way?its 2013 and i cant do it!!HELP!!!!!


  19. nathanpaiva051 said:

    2013 Way~

    First go to the door and then just right of it,
    Second go big screen
    Third Click the window
    Then go small screen
    Finally, click the window!
    You should be on the window!

    By the way can I please do a little interview with you to put on my blog?
    If so please answer these questions:

    Q1: Who do you remember the most in your blog commenting?

    Q2: Why did you decide making a blog?

    Q3: Do you remember your first post on FantageVille? What was it about?

    And Finally…

    Q4: If you could make a blog about everyday life, what would the title of it be called?

    Thank you again
    4th Comment



    • 1. There are too many people commenting to keep track of this… And I don’t like to show favoritism either, everyone is free to comment 🙂

      2. Playing Fantage got really boring, and I had several ideas I wanted to share with everyone about Fantage, so I made a blog.

      3. Yes, it was about Level-Locked items. At the time, not many nonmembers were aware that they could get it for free.

      4. I think I would make it about funny stuff found all over the internet, or websites that are really helpful to everyone.


  20. jammer260528 said:

    I went to the side and talked,


  21. ty!


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    How to go behind the Star Cafe Window!


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