❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤


You can trade in tickets, that you earn from playing games, for cool prizes! To play the 4 games, go to Uptown and click on Dr. Finkelstein (he’s glowing green). Here are the instructions:

1. Chocolate Boxes

Click on the numbers in numerical order. At some point during Level 5, the numbers change to ABC’s. Start from A and go in ABC order.

2. Match Maker

The mushroom scene has the girls, and the city scene has the boys. They can only be paired up if they have the same color shirt! Otherwise, they will be unhappy! (See pics below) Click to shoot the arrow and pair them up. IT’S VEEERRYY SLOW…



3. Spread the Love

Click the heart in a place that has a lot of mini hearts clumped together. The more hearts you “spread” during the chain reaction, the more points you get.

4. Chocolate Delivery

Move Dr. Finkelstein through the maze to the Agent. Once you take your first step, the screen fades out, and you won’t be able to see the obstacles anymore. If you touch the bushes, logs, etc. you won’t die… Here are the first couple of levels listed in order, so you can still see what the course looks like after it fades out.

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  1. i love this blog its definatly awesome thank u


  2. ure welcome where do u look to find tht dress anyways i cant find it


  3. thank
    u but i dont know wht to wear
    wht do u have to wear though?


  4. wht do u have wear to get tht anywyas cuse i tried and i never got it 😦


  5. Anonymous said:

    heyyy princess_moomoo i cant email u but can i say on here to report cuz i have no email and stuff


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