❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Hidden Fairy Forest


1. Go to the Forest and enter the Grotto.

2. See the suspicious-looking shapes on the candles? (See arrows below)  Now see how it matches the shapes over the arc on the far right? This is no coincidence. IT IS THE KEY TO GET INTO THE SECRET FAIRY FOREST!


3. Click on the candles in the EXACT order that the shapes above the arc are. This will allow you to ride on the duck boat! Click on it!

4. Now, you can either explore by yourself, or you can keep on reading 🙂

5. Go up the mushroom stairs!

6. Ride on the hand glider (by clicking on it) to the fairy, who will tell you a story. (In my opinion, its very boring…)

7. Alright, I’ll leave it at there for you to explore yourself! Have fun!

Comments on: "Hidden Fairy Forest" (7)

  1. that is soooo incerdible cool 🙂


  2. Wow, no one goes on this post to comment except an anonymous guy… Anyway don’t you think there is a hidden secret? Instead of going up the mushroom stairs, if you ride the turtle, you pass stones that when you click on them, they glow. Also at the end of the ride (turtle one) There is a big stone with swirls on it. If you know what that is, make a post plz! I have been trying for a while… 😀


    • Omg yes! I have been wondering too, I have tried lots of combinations, but still nothing. Maybe that’s all there is to it, since it’s already a hidden location. Nobody has figured it out yet, if there is something. Maybe there is another secret location?


  3. @ princess_moo moo there is another location at the beach excact same thing except no candles


  4. Snowy girl36 aka theresa7897 said:

    Beach? I thought it was the lighthouse ack!


  5. fantagian123 said:

    the hang glider doesnt work for me


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