❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Hidden Lighthouse Basement

1. Go to the Lighthouse. Notice how the red arrows (below) are pointing at 3 suspicious-looking shapes: a diamond, a circle, and a star.

2. Now, notice the lamppost that is on the left of the lighthouse entrance, and how the top sign has the same 3 shapes. Click on the shapes in that EXACT order (*The order changes every time).

3. Once you’ve done that, the bush on the right should slide away, revealing the SECRET ENTRANCE!

4. Click on the elevator to see what Dr. Finkelstein has been hiding all these years!! O.O

Comments on: "Hidden Lighthouse Basement" (8)

  1. I saw that trick before.


  2. One day, I saw some shapes, so I tried doing the code, and I found the same thing.


  3. Anonymous said:

    Is that who the guy is if you go in the lighthouse and at the window?


  4. Anonymous said:

    How do you get to the lighthouse in the first place?


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