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Fashion Show Cheats

It is SO easy to win the Fantage Fashion Show if you know all the tricks. Here are some that I will share with you:

1. The more time you take to dress, the less points you get, so dress quickly!

2. On the final round, if you don’t have an item that is needed, don’t try and make up for it by wearing something that looks similar or is the same color. That will not get you any extra points. Instead, if you wear rare items, you will be rewarded with extra points.

3. When posing for the camera, move to the circle QUICKLY! The earlier you get your head in, the more points!

4. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE. When posing for pictures after each round, make sure you are standing so that your ENTIRE head is inside the camera circle. THIS WILL GET YOU MEGA EXTRA POINTS. (See picture below as an example)

Proof? I was once coming in last place, and the person in first place had about 200 points more than me. Because they didn’t know this trick (as MANY Fantagians don’t), I ended up in first place. Again, IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE.

Comments on: "Fashion Show Cheats" (26)

  1. Prabha Rani said:

    Non-premium member rare items don’t give us points because the rare points are just between 01 to 09. They give us 5 points even if we don’t wear rare items.


    • I don’t really understand what you are saying here… No, they do give us points if we wear rare stuff.
      What you are saying is contradictory. First, you say nons dont get rare points even if we wear the items. Then, you say we get 5 points when we don’t wear them. What?! Please rephrase.


      • Prabha Rani said:

        If we wear rare items, we get 5 points. If we don’t wear rare items, they also give 5 points. No extra points for rare items.


      • No, I am positive that it isn’t always five. I usually get either zero or over ten.


      • Prabha Rani said:

        Anyway, I won some fashion shows using your cheats! Thanks for posting them.


      • Glad to know they helped! Thanks for your feedback!


      • sparkle18 said:

        hey princess_moomoo,i know a hidden place.ok first you go to the photo booth(any).then you click the door on the corner and you end up nowhere but this carnival themed place.if you check the map you are no where on it!!i hope you add this to your blog but i do not even know if you know it or not


      • I know about this trick, but it doesn’t work anymore.

        .`·.¸.·´ princess_moomoo
        ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
        (¸.·´ (¸.·´


    • turtle1219 said:

      That’s exactly what I was going to say! I tried all rare items and it didn’t give me any rare points. Not one! The “not having any matching pieces” cancels out the points for rare items.


  2. fantage said:

    for the fashion show item prizes are the points model points or regular points


  3. I have NO rares! When Fantage gave me ecoins I just got other stuff and I did not get any gems to get a rare. I’m trying to get at least one rare.

    I’ll get some rares soon, I know it!!!


  4. hi princess_momo um they are both kinda right they give us nothing for i rares i tryied ur stuff but they did work so dont ber alarmed so i would like to do something how do u get these cheats tricks or whatever u want to call them i would like to become a member but i want to know a website where i wont have to give my personal information that sucks right well i want to say something there is a website called http://www.zwinky.com/home/main.jhtml?partner=ZJxdm128&pg=zw_com
    just go to this link they give like on fantage they would give stars on zwinky they give zbucks in stead of free membership that sucks so wat i am saying that u should try this out u can lie about ur age because u have to be at least 13 to play im 19 so i am able tyo play without lieing but my sister lies use the year as 1991 or u will not be able to play im just saying and my acc name on zwinky is kristi_got_hacked they use got_hacked alot and they are bitches on there thanks



  5. Ty For The Cheats Moo_Moo! Anyways, back to the point, I don’t really get the Menus thingy. Yes, I’ve checked your “Help” page and stuff…but I couldn’t do it even if I followed the instructions. I’ll add you as an admin now and can you help me do the Menus thingy-ma-bombi? And then I’ll activate the theme Spectrum.



  6. Hi, they do give u any random point for rare items. Idk if the head one works, ill try it. I already knew one of them .


  7. Mystery Person said:

    Thanks for the advice, Moomoo! When you made the comment about putting rare items, it now seems stupid of me for doing exactly what you DIDN’T recommend.


  8. Anonymous said:

    thx for the advice


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