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✦ How to Report ✦

Last updated by MooMoo on 8/16/14: added related links

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➜ Click here for our Full Rules page
➜ Click here for our list of mods
➜ Click here to learn how to become mod
➜ Click here to learn how to add XAT to your blog


Please do not send reports like:

1. A lot of rule breakers were on, but there were no mods all day, MAKE MORE MODS!

2. I’m a good user, make me mod please, I will help you ban bad people!


1. We have enough mods, plus we have a bot. It is impossible for us to be monitoring the chat 24/7, as we have school work. It is harder than you think to find good mods. It is rare to find people that always follow the rules, are nice to everyone, AND come on often.

2. I know that in response to #1 above, a lot of people will request to be mod, saying that they are nice, or they are always on, etc. If you were, then we will have noticed. Please do NOT ask to be mod, it will only decrease your chances. Instead, visit our How to Become Mod page to learn more. People who pester us to be mod have never become one, and our current mods have never pestered us in the past.

How to Report a Rule Breaker

If another user is breaking the rules and no moderator is on, take a screenshot of: (1) the things they said, AND (2) their ID number. Upload it to http://prntscr.com/, and send the link to the next moderator that comes online. Hopefully, their icon will still be in the guest list.


If their icon is no longer in the guest list, then make sure a moderator is aware, so they can ban them next time they appear. MooMoo and Angela’s contact info is on the Find Us On page, feel free to contact us through any method. Email and ask.fm are the quickest.

Please remember to include the ID number! Without it, it will be difficult/impossible to identify them when they come back online, as they could have easily changed their name.

Thank you so much for taking the time to keep our chat safe 🙂

How to Report Unfair Banning

Unfair banning means that the mod/owner did not adhere to the guidelines stated on the Full Rules page.

If you feel that the moderator did not follow those rules, then you may report them.

Send reports by sending us screenshots, preferably through email. Please do not send the official XAT report, because it has been glitching (the official XAT report is here, in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, please do not use this!).

Note that reporting a mod does not get them immediately de-modded, nor does it mean you will become a mod. We will simply talk to the reported mod if they were banning unfairly, as it was most likely a miscommunication.

Our goal is to have a safe, fun, and fair chat! 🙂

Comments on: "✦ How to Report ✦" (34)

  1. kellymp828 said:

    Can you send a report with a imageshack or photobucket link you don’t have prntscr?


  2. princess moo_moo. can u please remove the villebot. its creepy >.<
    and also it doesnt help. the bot itself swears! ummm… idk how to explain! ill get some pics.


  3. Saturn (too lazy to log in) said:

    I have a few notes about villebot.

    It bans/kicks people for saying stfu and shutup.
    I said shut up today and i got banned from the chat for 6 hours.

    Please fix this!


  4. ~αѕнℓα~ said:

    The bot isn’t kicking for cuss!!!!


  5. Hi MooMoo and Angela! I’m a big fan of your blog! I just wanted to let you know that people are requesting for slot/maze/code/match bans and then not being able to complete the task. They try to do the log in and out twice trick to get back to main chat but it doesn’t always work, and then they accuse the bot of not unbanning them and things when really, it’s their own fault for asking to be banned in the first place,


  6. princess_moomoo on the xat chat it says that Im am in codeban forever and now Im banned.Am I banned forever because I don’t want to be banned forever. Please unban me somehow


  7. By simply adding a ! or another symbol before a cuss word allows the cusser to get away with it without the VilleBot kicking them.


  8. Honeyhead is talking about nigears thing .-.


  9. http://prntscr.com/3jkp2f erm not really a report but I can’t find you email so yeah…Anyways I understand that you said no unban if you REQUEST for codeban I did request 5 hour codeban and then I just finished this and then this girl comes along and does a random codeban on me for 1,000 hours… (like in the red box) Anyways, I understand you probably won’t unban me but it is worth a shot 😀 And my email is in the details box


  10. Hi this is joy again. um… on xat the codeban went away but now im banned 1,000 hours because of this —————> http://prntscr.com/3jkp2f anyways a couple other people are banned like that but by different people. Please help! I can wait but I love your chat. Sorry to bug you. :/


  11. fashionygirl said:

    Hey! I don’t have a screenshot of the link the user sent me because i had to come here to comment. I have the link to what they sent me, would that help? The user is FutaSonic, and keeps sending a nasty link. I have the link so I could send you the link, if you want.


  12. lisa3072fromWW canada MSP >_ said:

    http://prntscr.com/5v0mwj < someone was swearing. anyways, i got a suggestion. anyone, i mean, anyone, that will ever be a moderator on the chat or is right now but isn't registered, should pc you a special code to retrieve their rank if they lose their id. before that person ever becomes mod or already is, you can give them the code if they lose their id. they shouldn't share it. ~ Mametchi(d)


  13. […] here for reporting […]


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