❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

♕ Level Up Fast ♕

Last updated by MooMoo on 11/30/13: added sticky notes

We all want to be in Fantage’s Hall of Fame. But we all need to do it FAST.


Whether you’re a nonmember or a member, this guide will help you out a LOT, because it was created by a person who has spent a lot of time being both: me!

Click here for the Members page

Click here for the Nonmembers page

If you’re a non, you can still visit the member page. You can find out how all those blacked out medals work!

Note: Even though nonmembers don’t level up from doing the member medal stuff (e.g. Fashion Show, parties, games, rares, etc.), those medals still gain levels. So, if you become a member, those medals become valid, and they will add onto your overall level! This is why when you become a member, you suddenly gain like 300 levels. They didn’t come out of thin air, you earned them from your time being a nonmember!

Comments on: "♕ Level Up Fast ♕" (17)

  1. Bianca Celetti said:

    This really helped…………. Thanks!


  2. Thanks so much. I was a non member on level 194 and now i’m currently on 202. TAHNK YOU!!!


  3. For the thing that says click “here” for the nonmembers page, it’s a broken link. I can still go to it using the subpages, but just letting you know 🙂


    • Thanks!!! I always remove pages, rename them, stuff like that, and there are so many links in this blog, hard to keep track of them all 🙂


      • Princess moomoo, how do you level up so fast… surely you don’t just use the cheats in your pages? do you know any other ways to level up as a non?


      • I’m a member, all those levels are member medals >.< Mostly fashion show, mini quiz, and I do the reporter thing every day (not a real report, I just put blah into both sections).


  4. hey cool website I really love it and it helps me a lot! : ) : )


  5. Thank’s a lot i like the website i’ve been on for year’s and year’s But……….. i think fantage cheating Sucks


  6. Bellosnowy said:

    If I become a mem now I might be level 700-800. (Estimating here)


  7. I’m a nonmember and my level is 423 and when I participated in premium week my level was around 610 or so. Man I so wish I was a member- or at least get ecoins 😦


  8. its ok to be a non:) im a mem and my membership expires soon and im actually exited to be a non! it gets so boring being a member:(

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