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$ Ville Bills $

Last updated by MooMoo on 7/24/14: updated section “I know I have the right word, but the page says the pass isn’t correct. What’s wrong?”

First off, what do Ville Bills look like? You might have seen a couple of them already. There are 9 types of Ville Bills: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, Purple, Grey, and Rainbow! These were all designed by princess_moomoo [:


I will be hiding several Ville Bills of each color ALL over the blog.

Each Ville Bill will have a golden letter stamped on the corner. The example Ville Bill below is green and has the letter A.


You must find all of the same-colored Ville Bills first.

Then, take all of the golden letters stamped on the corner and unscramble them to make a word.

This word that you have unscrambled will be the password to a Ville Bill page!


There will be 9 Ville Bill pages (one for each color). All of these password-protected pages will have random prizes on them for the people that were able to unlock it, such as:

  • bonus points for contests
  • extra entries for giveaways
  • free art requests
  • free good accounts
  • we will be adding more over time…!

Now for some Questions and Answers…


This page replaced the Members/Rares Pass page, and you said that the people who participated would get an advantage in this new Ville Bill thing. How?

The last part of the Members/Rares Pass hunt was to find glowing foods. I will be hiding Ville Bills in those EXACT locations. So if you found some already, then just go back to those places!

Where can the Ville Bills be hidden?

ANYWHERE on Fantageville. They can be hidden in any post/page, the comments, the sidebar, pictures, etc.

They will NOT be hidden on password-protected pages, this page, in videos, or on any other blog besides this one. Also, note that the Ville Bills on this page do NOT count, they are only examples.

How many Ville Bills of each color are there? That’s kinda important, I have to know how many letters are in the word in order to unscramble it.

Here is the guide:

Red: 12 total Ville Bills

Orange: 13 total Ville Bills

Yellow: 14 total Ville Bills

Green: Not released yet

Teal: Not released yet

Blue: Not released yet

Purple: Not released yet

Grey: Not released yet

Rainbow: Not released yet

Sorta confused, could you summarize all of this?

I will use red Ville Bills as an example.

1. Find all 12 red Ville Bills hidden throughout the blog.

2. There are golden letters on the corner of all these Ville Bills. Unscramble these 12 letters to make a word.

3. The unscrambled word is the password to the red Ville Bill page (click here). Type in the password, and you will get the prize on that page!

I’m not very good with unscrambling things to make a word, help please?

You can use http://www.zachwordunscrambler.com. Just type in all the letters that you have into the “Enter letters” box, and click on the green Start button.

UPDATE: Yay, the ZachWordUnscrambler has been fixed! It got hacked before, but it’s back now.

Can I mix, for example, yellow Ville Bills and green Ville Bills to make a word and get the pass?

No, this will only work if you unscramble the letters from the SAME COLOR Ville Bills. If you try and unscramble letters from different colored Bills, you won’t get the correct word.

Wow, can I tell my friends where are the Ville Bills are, or even tell them what the password is?

Why would you? They would get the prize without doing anything, while you had to work for it. It would be unfair to you.

UPDATE: Someone recently gave away all the passwords, and the result was I had to suspend the Ville Bills for 2 weeks and remake the passwords. This is a huge inconvenience to me, and an inconvenience to those who worked hard on them as well. If this happens again, the Ville Bills will be suspended PERMANENTLY.

I can’t seem to find all the Ville Bills of the same color. Will you be giving away hints to the locations of the Ville Bills?

Yes! In the future posts, I will sometimes include a little riddle or clue that points you toward a Ville Bill location.

HOWEVER, these hints will ONLY be available for the people that followed this blog BEFORE it was posted. So make sure to follow right now if you haven’t already and get all the possible hints!

Don’t know how to follow? Click here.

I know I have the right word, but the page says the pass isn’t correct. What’s wrong?

1. It should all be in lower case letters

2. You might have accidentally mixed up different colored Ville Bills, I know the orange looks really similar to the red. If you recorded the locations, it shouldn’t be a problem, just go back and check.

3. You might have accidentally counted the same Ville Bill more than once, resulting in a duplicate. Again, if you recorded the locations, just go back and check.

I like this idea. Can I use it on my blog?

No. I don’t want credits, I don’t want anything. No using it. Period.

Hmm, I’m gonna sneakily copy this idea and put in on my blog without Fantageville’s permission, they’ll never catch me, mwahaha!

Yes, we will catch you, and if we do, you will be disqualified from this entire thing, and you will not be able to get any of the prizes.

Also, if you try and change this idea slightly and pretend you made it up, it still counts as copying. DON’T COPY.

Comments on: "$ Ville Bills $" (282)

  1. Great advantage for others who found lots of food from before.
    I have 6 more to find and I bet GlitterGloss will find them fast enough!

  2. This is pretty cool. I’m going to look for them. x3
    Oh and you made an error typing: “I will use re Ville Bills d as an example.”

  3. Thanks this actually kind of makes me more hopeful about the accounts and I can’t wait till all the bills are released! :)

  4. Wow~nice idea~It seems much easier than spending days trying to find one hint. I’m glad you changed it :D

  5. Theresa7897 said:

    Are some of the ville bills on older posts?

  6. Theresa7897 said:

    And can the ville bills somewhere near the hints for the members page?

    • Not necessarily, I’m removing those today, remember?

      • superstargirl1 said:

        OnO! I just found all the orange ones and then you have suspended them ;-; GREAT. I found the yellow and red but all i got was the red ones. Maybe I could Email you and find out what you could do? Its up to you but i spen at least 4 days searching for the yellow ones >.>

  7. Have you added some orange bills? Because I think I found one. It looked similar to color of the red ones that I was like, “crap.” I found about 9-10 already and I just wrote down the letters right away without double checking if it was red or orange >__<"

    • Plus I’m seriously doubting myself since I’ve noticed how many “*hidden*‘s” I have found… I wonder if I’m just seeing the same bills over again.. (you can hide any of this if you want).

    • Oh no! I was just adding orange now, sorry if it messed you up…!!!
      You should also write down the location of where you found it, in case you need to check back later!

      • Oh okay thanks for the suggestion and its okay, I THINK I figured about the orange on time XD I have about 11 reds, now~spent all afternoon looking~I think I’m working even harder to find these than I was for the previous password! :3 (sorry if I’m commenting too much, I’m just excited to find out the new password). >_<""

      • some reason when I go to your word unscrambler, it won’t show the orange ville bill’s password because it won’t show any 13 letter words.
        are these letters correct?:
        Please respond and hide ^ that o.o pups215 ^~^

      • oh and also the red is this correct?:
        *Hidden* :D ~pups215 ^~^

      • I can’t tell you if it’s correct or not.

  8. Noooooooooooooooo! I think I messed up…. The red and orange look very similar. Im not sure if I got it right or wrong. *Hidden* The one on that…. Is it red or orange? or you cant tell me?

    *please censor!*

  9. i think the Rainbow one will be the hardest to find.

  10. Insert name here said:

    Are they repeated?

  11. εïз Pookie-Chan εïз said:

    This is a really good idea :)

  12. When you say in a video, do you mean at the very end? Also have you posted a lot of Bills in the comments yet? i’ve only found 1 in the comments ):

    • Ok nevermind, I’m going to take that part off. Not going to be in videos, because that technically is part of YouTube, not this blog.
      Not telling how many are in the comments.

  13. Theresa7897 said:

    Can some of them be really small?

  14. Does this mean they can be in the VERY first posts?

  15. when you say all over the blog, do you also mean the old posts from like 2012 and stuff like that?

  16. OK, so I know where 2 of them is. Love he idea by the way ^_^

  17. I see a red ville bill on every page :o

  18. Theresa7897 said:

    I used the un scrambler thing but it didn’t work (im really bad at unscrabling :()

  19. Hi! :) Cool idea! Anyways, I’m kin of confused… Are you going to hide the actual PICTURES of the Ville Bills? Sorry, if that’s a dumb question, lol, i just don’t get it :D luv ur blog :P

    ~ Neon Nutella <3

  20. For some reason, I can’t get into the red ville bills page. I’ve tried putting in the password I’ve used before, and even tried putting in the orange page password just in case I got them mixed up, but I can’t seem to get in. Usually, I just put in the password once and it stays, but it’s making me redo it. Te password I sucessfully used before isn’t working. I’ve doubled check the spelling and everything..Have you changed it? Or am I just not doing it correctly? ._.?

  21. Um have you finished posting all the orange ville bills?

  22. Theresa7897 said:

    Do these word have to do ANYTHING with fantage or cows ( lol its ok if you don’t answer I’m just wondering like yea…)

  23. Right now, im so jealous of the people who alReady got in. From the recent comments. :3

  24. What do you do after you find a ville bill?

  25. PurpleDove said:

    Hey Princess MooMoo, I need help, I’m very confused! So I was looking for the red ville bills and I found one on one page with a letter on it. I went to another page, same exact letter and the ville bill was in the same exact location as on the other page. Another page, same letter same location, another page same letter same location, so on and so on…. Is this some kind of glitch or what? Help!

    • If it’s in the exact same location, then that’s the same one, don’t count it as separate. I’m assuming you’re talking about the one on the sidebar. That counts as only ONE.

  26. cinder_cider said:

    This is really cool. Thanks for posting Ville Bills!

  27. Help! I found all twelve Red Ville Bills but the password isn’t a word!

    (=’:’) ~Bunnay~

  28. butterfly5343 said:

    um are there supposed to be *Hidden* for the red ville bills???
    please censor

  29. I found a red one doc
    I just write where I found it in here?

  30. ♦Snow_Crystal♦ said:

    This seems exciting :D

  31. ♦Snow_Crystal♦ said:

    How can you find it in a Comment like is there a Link of the Pic or something?

  32. I LOVE your idea! I found one somewhere and it just surprised me I found it so quick!

  33. i keep finding the same words…. what to do…?

    • If they are in different places, then they all count. You need to include those when you unscramble. It’s not that surprising that a word contains more than one of the same letter, is it??

  34. I like this, we can get various / worth it prizes. I found 3 red bills already .

  35. ♦Snow_Crystal♦ said:

    I Unscrambled all the Red Letters on the Website thats called “zachwordunscrambler” but it kept saying “Sorry, No Matches Were Found” What do I do now?

  36. ♛♡ Flower Crowns said:

    Hey Princess moomoo,
    are you done scattering the red ville bills? ive been looking every page, every comments but nothing stands. even posts, and pictures.

  37. For some reason like on every page on the blog I see a red *hidden* ville bill and I know there are only 12 red ville bills so I’m like what?!?!

  38. u said that ville bills can be hidden in posts/pages etc and even comments. but if they are in comments wont they go to external links????? idk……..

    • No, because the comment itself is on this blog. If the comment says “Go to ____”, and the link it tells you to go to isn’t part of Fantageville, then there will be no ville bills there.
      This is very simple, if the URL does NOT begin with “http://fantageville.wordress.com/” then it will not be there.

  39. ♥FairyinPeace♥ said:

    Can the ville bills in the comments be in anyone’s comments? Or just you and Casey’s?

  40. ♒ Titania Heartfilia ♒ said:

    Found 9 red Villie Bills! Yay, only 3 to go >:D

  41. is the red ville bill “p” repeated over and over?
    it seems like it is on every page

  42. dazzlingviolet said:

    I found all the red ville bills but when i unscrambled it on Zacks Word Scrambler there were no results :(

  43. How come there is a red vile bill “p” in every single page? There’s even more than twenty!

    • Everyone has been confused about that. It counts as only one. Since everyone is confused, I have removed it and replaced it with directions of where to find it again.

  44. Moomoo, I have been following you before the the ville bills,and i didnt get the version with the link? Could you email me? I think you have my email from the interview. :) I might of deleted it, I’m normailly in a hurry when checking my emails, thanks moomoo!

  45. Marigold876 said:

    Excuse me but where is the ville bills going to be? In fantage or this blog?

  46. O,O at the end of every page I see a ville bill, The letter is always P. >:o

  47. Anonymous said:

    The website thing says it got hacked and I can’t get on it…

  48. Anonymous said:

    I sent you an email with a question about a Red Ville Bill.

  49. jadeallstar said:

    Grey is actually spelled “Gray” and “Grey” is the team kind of “Grey” like “Earl Grey Tea”.

  50. whats a sidebar *-*

    • You can see it if you’re on a desktop computer or laptop, it’s the stuff on the right side of the blog where all the widgets are, like the XAT chat box, hits, recent comments, etc.
      If you’re on your phone, you can view it through the settings: Show desktop site. Or something like that.
      Though, I don’t think you’re on a phone, because your words didn’t get autocorrected…

  51. Is it ok if I do the same, but with FLY PIES? XD

  52. Yay! Yellow’s out, I can finally start searching again X3

  53. Theresa7897 said:

    Oh moomoo btw not trying to give out the awnswer but (plz censor)
    *Hidden upon request*

  54. Theresa7897 said:

    This is kind of a bad question but… Can it be in (ville bills) previous pages i apologize that this is not really a good question :)-theresa-~-’

  55. MooMoo, I think i had the password for the red and orange ville bills, is there any special way i should type them? This is how i typed them: (pretend the password is hello) HELLO, should i type them with all caps? And i’ll email you the passwords i thought i found.

  56. Are ville bills in videos?

  57. Ignore my latest comment :P
    And i cant wait for you to make the green ville bills! Yayy!

    • Amazing rainbow said:

      Oh no! I found all of the Ville bills but I didn’t unscramble them gosh now I need to start all over again ( sorry I’m whining😖)

  58. cant wait for green bills to be released ^-^

  59. Ditto^ Any updates on when they will be released? Can’t wait!

  60. Thanks for not completely closing down ville bills! ^_^ I had checked my email before I came here, and found a post you had deleted that said you were closing Ville Bills forever, then IMMEDIATELY rushed here. I’m so glad that wasn’t the case!! Thanks!!
    ~Now I must deeply regret not writing down the locations of the Ville Bills o_o~

  61. To clarify, the ville bills will be in the exact same location as the old ones as before. Is this correct? I’ve been finding more ville bills.

  62. Theresa7897 said:

    Ack when will you update (change) the ville bills? ;)

  63. Why are ville bills ” SUSPENDED “?

    • Someone gave away the passes on XAT, so I have to change them, or else random people will get in.

      • Oh, that’s rude. You should make your blog private so people who request access by giving their username to you to accept access will only be able to see your blog so people like that don’t go on and do it again.

      • Uh, how is that rude…? The entire point of my password-protected page is so that people who didn’t work for it won’t get in. If I let random people who didn’t work for it go on it, what’s the point of having a pass-protected page?

      • She doesn’t mean that you should remove the password for the Ville Bills, she means you should make you BLOG password protected. She wasn’t calling you rude, either. She was calling the person who gave the passwords away rude. Sorry to butt in! :)

      • Uh, whut, why would I do that…?? The entire point of a blog is to help anyone who needs it xP

  64. Hey Princess moomoo did you change the prizes for the ville bills or are they the same?

  65. Theresa7897 said:

    Moomoo when I tried the unscrambler website it only gave me words up to 8 word (red ville bills) i dont get it it for like the red ville bills you put up to 12 or 20?

  66. ღღღღнαzєℓ-¢нαη α.к.α ηєкσღღღღ said:

    Hey MooMoo!
    Well I was wondering what if you like find such as the 8 red ville bills and you can’t find the rest and you guess the letters. Is that allowed? Because I’m stuck in that zone :P

  67. cupidgirl108 said:

    Does it have smileys for example ouo.Like that?I am not sure.

  68. it is really hard to unscrammble these words , do they have to do with fantage or just in general anything? -thankyou;D

  69. Hey MooMoo, just to let you know, the Zach Word Unscrambler is back on, so…yeah. But yes, I agree…who would waste their precious time hacking a word unscrambler? MAPOTI…not really but how I consider it :P


  70. Monica1611 said:

    Are there Ville Bills hidden on old pages, too?

  71. Hey MooMoo, I just want to be safe, and see if I am allowed to do this. I am not going to copy this idea, but am I allowed to put random letters around my blog and get people to find like a certain number of them so they can unscramble it and enter the password to a page (not like a member accounts page)? If you say I can’t do it, then it’s fine, I can try to find a more original idea ^-^

  72. ♒ Skylar Heartfilia ♒ said:

    I wrote all the Villie Bills that I found on Notepad so it will be easy for me to remember and what to look for next. I only found like 6 yellow, 5 red and 1 orange TcT Going to find for more >:D

  73. After you changed the pass I’ve had no time to find them again XD I’m planning on waiting for you to just release all of them and them search on every page instead of one by one, since each page may have a different color ville bill.

  74. Hmm, I’m gonna sneakily copy this idea and put in on my blog without Fantageville’s permission, they’ll never catch me, mwahaha!
    LOL XD weird but.. ok XD

  75. Princess MooMoo,

    i cant find out what color the greenish brownish is lol please tell me lol


  77. I have a question (it might have already been answered, but I’m a bit to lazy to search or it), Are the Vill Bill answers a real word? If so, are they a hard word? Or an easy word that everybody knows about?

    • They are words that appear in the English dictionary. It doesn’t really matter how difficult they are, because that unscrambling link is going to do it for you.

  78. Number1Fan said:

    Help! I looked on every page in every video on every comment and im still a 2 red ville bills short….

  79. Thank you for that great introduction but what do you do with villebills

  80. Number1Fan said:

    Ok..Thanks anyway

  81. Hi i was just wondering if there is more than one bill on a page?

  82. MooMoo,
    Can you make the yellow ville bills more yellow. It looks green honestly

    • Sorry but I had to recolor it from a green one. And I can’t do that, you have no idea how long that would take.
      That’s why I have an entire row of examples on this page, you can match them up.

  83. Aaagggggh!!!! I tried searching for the red Ville Bills, but all I see are the orange ones!!! I try searching for the orange ville bills, and I’m missing 3!!! ToT I’ll be a century old before I solve all this.

  84. TuT i will find them….a lil difficult for me lol >.<

  85. I’ve been looking all over your blog for Ville Billes for ages, but one thing i didn’t realize was that you had to colour code them!! I have 23 letters, because I wrote them down. Can you help me please? Email me if you can’t post comments because of obvious reasons.


  86. realitystarr said:

    I’ve looked in all the pages and posts and still can’t find them all…

  87. ashily1245 said:

    i have looked everywhere and still need about 1 more on each color!

  88. Bellosnowy said:

    Moomoo, I know I have the right password for the red ville bills and everything is non caps. Is there something wrong?

    • Yes, everything should be lowercased. Did you make sure that it is 12 letters long, as it should be? You might have misspelled it. Make sure that you are typing it into the correct page too.
      I’m sure that I didn’t make a mistake, because a lot of people have gotten into the page, one person even found it yesterday.

  89. I was wondering, is every password one word?

  90. I’m reallllllly sorry about this but…
    CAN I have things hidden around my blog but not to find a word?
    I mean at the end of the year whoever has most wins?
    You can say no xP
    Just asking before I annoy you and copy this use it

  91. Bellasnow77 said:

    When will the green ville bills be released?

  92. isabelle welsh said:

    This is a really good idea moomoo. I have already found 7 red, 6 orange, and 6 yellow ville bills.

    • isabelle welsh said:

      Wow this is hard. I’v spent hours looking for these and i have only found 10 of each. I’m getting really close!!

  93. Bellosnowy said:

    I’m too lazy to find ville bills rite now cuz I dunno. I need to find 2 more yellow ville bills and some of the red and orange ones.

  94. isabelle welsh said:

    Moomoo, can ville bills be in the XAT page? Thanks!!!

  95. pandiithepanda said:

    Hmm…If you get an account (Yays :D) will it be like a shared one?
    Or do different accounts appear?

  96. You mentioned in the post that the ville bills were ALL over the blog, can ville bills be in posts and comments? If so that;s gonna be sooooo hard lol

  97. I keep re-reading this page, and I still don’t understand what you guys mean by in the comments. What I can’t tell is if you’re telling a letter we just have to figure which or if there are small ville-bills….I will keep reading until I understand!

  98. It would be funny if there were a ville bill in these comments. Then someone might find it and think,”Hmm….That’s probably just an example…”

  99. StrawberryChan~♥ said:

    Princess MooMoo, didn’t you notice?
    You’ve got like 2 copiers (not sure though, but I am sure there’s 2)!
    Fantage007.wordpress.com and Fantagequeencool.wordpress.com – the guilty sites with guilty owners guilty enough to copy one of your awesome ideas.
    But, if they got permission from you, sorry for ever bothering you again.
    If you want me to shut up, I can, for you Princess MooMoo!
    This Strawberry’s signing out, bye!

  100. Are the green ones released yet? There is a page for them but I don’t see any and this page didn’t say so either…

  101. Did you release the Green Ville Bills?

  102. Are you going to make a post when the Green Ville Bills are released? Or will you just put it in the Weekly Announcements?

  103. I have a question.Are the ville bills all or about the same size?or are some super small?

  104. fantagian123 said:

    is it okay if you tell us what prizes are for what colour bills? if not then thats okay too, just asking

  105. When I go to the home page it never stops lol, is the ” home ” page included with the ville bille search?

  106. You forgot to put that Green: 15 total ville billes :)

  107. awesome_fantagian said:

    Yellow ville bills must hate me. I can’t find any >:(

  108. ugh D: ive found 35 but not one and i’ve been searching for 4 hours in row i quit *im NOT PATIENT AT ALL* yeah thats a major flaw in me :P but good idea.

  109. Mango025 said:

    I still don’t get it. How do you find them? Are they like BAM there or is it like one corner sticking out or somthin? Are you supposed to click on it and then you can see the letter stamped on?!?!? I really don’t get this even though I’ve been reading this blog for almost a year. I never got the deal about ville bills. Help pls?

    • I’ve never actually found one before, so I can’t give you very accurate advice. I’m pretty sure that they can be found in many places. But usually the full picture of the ville bill can be seen. When you find it, write down where it you found it. That’s all I am slightly sure about, sorry! Moomoo knows more, but she is on vacation.

  110. Ok moomoo or Angela i was making a post like this the other day and i only just realised it said No copying O-o silly me. so do you want me to delete that page i made on it?

  111. whenever moomoo comes on:

    i will try to guess where you live
    censor it and ignore it
    im bad a guessing

  112. I found all the letters for the green ville bills.I tried unscrambling it on that website you suggested. Please don’t approve this but, are the letters [Hidden] ? The website you suggested didn’t work.

  113. ohh, sorry I mixed the yellow ones up with the yellow ones!

  114. I meant I mixed the green ones up with the yellow ones.

  115. I found all 12 red ville bill but i tried to find the word and enter the password and i doesnt work plz help.

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