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☂ Pet-Locked Items ☂

Last updated by MooMoo on 11/30/13: added green sticky note

Once your pet has hatched, you get a FREE item!

Go to either Creature Area or Pet Town and click on this:

Click on the right/left arrows until you find your pet. Click Get Item!


Want to know what ALL the pet locked items are? Here’s a wonderful video I found on YouTube. I do NOT own this video, credits to whoever made it, thanks!

UPDATE 12/14/12: Lots of people have been asking me for the pet-locked items for the Ribbons and Frosties. I finally got them! Sorry for the copyrights, but seriously. Just trying to get the message across to NOT copy them.


HolidayPetItems Holiday Pets

Comments on: "☂ Pet-Locked Items ☂" (38)

  1. Can umame pet items things with the new stuff but for girls?

  2. Thanks this helped me alot :D

  3. that was a nice video and why did she need to click every single pet and clikc get item we can see it when we just click on the pet it was not necessary to click on ever pet and click get item

  4. thx alot i didt kno thiz xD

  5. Thanks but i was wondering wheter you guys can put up a video showing updated pet locked items becuz now they hav the ribbons family

  6. Oooh.. Hi mods.I’m gonna save up for a pet animal on fantage since i’m a non for now.So i was thinking whats your favourite pet? I’d be happy to know #1 Fan!

  7. Anonymous said:

    good one i have tried this but i havent got a item but a cloth most of the time

  8. Does the pet have to be Rocki to get that board?

  9. I don’t really care about the pets looks.I just care about leveling up and the pet locked items! xP

    • dudette19 said:

      About that, (Not Really) Are the holiday pets LIMITED? Helpo!! e ei me need help!! I’ve been asking EVERYONE! (*_*)

  10. Hi, I was wondering, Are the holiday pets Limited? Its because I’m going to buy eCoins+Membership on Januarary.

  11. Did you guys ever notice the Pet Pad in the bottom left corner in fantage? Do you know what the “prizes” are? If you do, please post them!!!

  12. you cant sell pet items anymore. :(

  13. hi, you know that they changed lovely’s prize

  14. Ria (sunsetnature) said:

    do u have any posts about secret adventure

  15. hee hee hee dis my dads account so ya hee hee my user is mio194 and i wuv ur blog

  16. i really wnt to meet u casey and princess pls i really luv ur blog and i wnt to give u a free account

  17. For Blizzy, I got a board…and btw did you know if you get a pet locked item while you’re a member you can still wear it? It makes sense since you can get pet locked items when you’re a non if you bought the egg with eCoins.

  18. I cant see the picture properly!

  19. I hope trade and sell comes back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. i’m just sad that i’m not a member btw im a toocie wanna be my like sucks :(

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