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Very Busy

Hi everyone,

I have been EXTREMELY busy this past week, that’s why I haven’t been on. I have just been dumped a huge amount of homework over the weekend.

Task 4 for the FV Games has ended, I’ve taken a screenshot of all your freerice scores. The screenshot was a bit late, but since Daylight Savings Time sorta messed things up, I’ll use it anyway.

I don’t have time to count up the scores, so I will do that when I get back. There won’t be a task 5.

I will be taking 1 week off to tackle my homework.

If you go on Fantage, you will see that there’s a new movie contest (which I probably won’t be able to join, again because of homework) but you should check it out!

That’s all the time I have for now, see you in a week, on Friday 3/14!

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Comments on: "Very Busy" (28)

  1. hey moomoo, I was wondering if I could meet you on fantage
    right now. Thanks!

  2. ashla30 said:

    Good luck with your homework! Sad that there won’t be a task 5 but education always comes first! Congratulations Latida for winning the games ( as she has the most points)!

  3. First comment :D
    And take your time princess_moomoo no matter how long you take, you’ll always be our princess! xD

  4. Starburst :) said:

    For the theatre event everyone gets access to the thing where you can try on any item in Fantage. Its pretty cool!

  5. Anonymous said:

    Do u want someone ro run da blog with Angela?

  6. Hey princess moo moo does it mean you wont be going on your blog any more this week? :( btw are you going to make a video for the contest becuase I think your too late for it now

  7. Too lazy to think of a name said:

    I hate homework. >.< argh. And daylight savings messes up everything. :(

  8. Twinklediva said:

    Question about Cosmic Bingo:
    I just finished my bingo card for this week but I didn’t get my prize (Fairy shoes) as promised.
    Is this just a glitch or do I need to be a PM to get the prize?

  9. Anonymous said:

    Good luck!! (I think Fantage is desperate for good events… ._.’

  10. realitystarr said:

    I just wanted to see if I was the only one who noticed this but the plane disappeared from the dock.

  11. Too lazy to think of a name said:

    Are you still busy?

  12. Blurasxbery said:

    Lol Friday was yesterday. But I won’t rush you. I hate homework :(
    I’m eagerly awaiting your next post!


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