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Lucky Bot

What is this mysterious orange, robotic figure in Uptown and Downtown? Why it is the Lucky Bot!

lucky bot 1

What can you get out of it? These AMAZING prizes and much more!

lucky bot

But how does it work? Just click on the Orange robot, and pay 900 ecoins for your chance at these once-in-a-lifetime prizes!

lucky bot 2

Obviously you can see that I am too poor to afford this amazing deal, so if anyone would be so kind as to send me any pictures of the prizes they get, just email me at caseycowfantageville@gmail.com, or send me a link in the comments. Don’t worry, I’ll give you credit!

Prizes(so far):

Nonmembers: Mostly furniture
Premium Members: Surfer Hair, Prom Hair, Frog Wand, Chloe Hair, Purple Midnight Hair, and a lot of ecoins
(Thank you Ashla)

heart lamp

Thanks Fantage Rop!

Thanks Cece Fu!

Thanks Cece Fu!

Thanks fluffypinkpowerpuff!

Thanks fluffypinkpowerpuff!

Thanks Ashla!

Thanks Ashla!


Credits needed?


Thanks angelwing88!

Thanks Levi Fantage Zwinky/solax!

Thanks again Levi/solax

Thanks awesomeamazing1!

Thanks awesomeamazing1!


I mean, I didn’t really get to try it out since I am broke. Otherwise, IT’S QUITE AMAZING!

★★★★★ 5 star rating out of 5

MooMoo’s Experience

Hrm, this Lucky Bot seems like a Momma version of the Daily Spin…

*Checks price* Waaat 900 ecoins? Ok since I have 907 loose change, I’ll gopher it c:

*Buys* Okayyy I guess I just earned 170 ecoins out of this?


Welp, since I am a foolish money-spender tempted by the 300,000 prize, I’ll go again! *Buys*

=3= Whatta ugly lawn chair you are… I guess I just spent 730 ecoins on you? At least you can’t get this in Ottoman’s, or that would totally have not been worth it.


Last thing before I start ranting about this, I see that Angela is trying to collect a list of all the items you can get. Thanks to everyone that has done so already! I think, however, that taking a screenshot of this screen is best, since it tells you 10 items you can get, instead of just one.

Bot4 Bot3


So if you ever decide to buy a spin, please take a screenshot of this and send it to us, it would be greatly appreciated! I’m thinking of making a page of possible prizes. You have to be quick though, take this screenshot before the blinky thing lands on your prize.

MooMoo’s Opinion

Well, anyone can deduce that Fantage is trying to make us spend our ecoins, that much is obvious. The question is, is it worth it?

I think not. So many of the items are furniture, and I don’t know about you, but there has never been a craze over a certain chair or table. It has always been clothing.

And the clothing prizes? So many of them were already sold at Vintage Gold. Or, they look like items that would probably be sold at Vintage Gold in the future. True, it’s a lot cheaper to buy a spin at the Bot than to go to Vintage Gold and stare at the expensive prices, but the Bot has a risk factor involved; you could lose all of your ecoins without winning anything good. VG doesn’t have any risk; you buy and get what you see on display.

Last, the 300,000 prize? Ok, maybe one or two people might win it, but Fantage does that intentionally. If one or two people win it, then the rest of us keeps our hopes up, thinking that we could get it to. So we keep on spending ecoins until we get it. And we most likely won’t.

One of our viewers, solax, has provided proof: she started out with 1 million ecoins, spent 500,000 on the bot, and only received 2 good items out of it. The rest of the prizes was furniture. AND she is a Premium Member. That says something, doesn’t it? She would like to add this as a warning: She would like to add this as a warning: “I spent more than 500,000 eCoins on the LuckyBot, it’s a WASTE, all i got was some stars, and looooots of furniture, I got 2 items out of the whole thing, and 3 Vintage Gold sold items…”

If you have bucket-loads of ecoins earned from back when TnS was open, then you could try this bot a couple times, see if you get lucky. I tried it 3 times, and I got nothing spectacular. Just don’t do it too many times, I feel that the more you do it, the worse the prizes become.

If you barely have any ecoins, just completely avoid this. It’s not worth it.

I personally am just going to avoid this Bot as well as Vintage Gold now. I would much rather spend my ecoins on Limited Items, as they are cheaper and newer.

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Comments on: "Lucky Bot" (139)

  1. No offence, but I think its a total rip off of Fantage just trying to get us to waste e-coins. It says a robo-roulette, and roulette is just a game of chance that is very hard to win. Fantage probably rigged it to give bad prizes so we can just buy more coins. After all, when does Fantage ever do anything ‘just cause’? I also spoke to another who tried the roulette and said it gave her an awful prize. Judging by the poster, it probably was awful. Just my opinion. I haven’t tried it and I don’t think I will. Also, there is a new megaphone feature on Fantage. Its pretty much the same rip-off. I saw what happens. A small message just appears on the side for like 3 seconds and it goes away forever. Another rip-off.

  2. I’m too poor to try it, too! I only have 75 ecoins, (about how much you have! lol!) I Hope it really is worth spending 900 ecoins as it seems/looks to be! lol

  3. derpyderpette said:

    i’ve tried it a bunch of times on my mem account. and the items are pretty awesome!
    it’s a mix of new/ old retired items, lots of stars, and huge ecoin prizes.
    and you get a LOT of furniture items.
    Oh and the new ss items, if you use a certain action for each item your avatar becomes huge! i’ll try to send you guys photos when i can >3<

  4. derpyderpette said:

    oh and i forgot to mention that the nice items, obviously, are harder to get.
    but if you keep at it a few times you eventually get pretty nice stuff. for the most part you get furniture. the way the prizes are ranked: C being the lowest>B>A>S>SS being the highest.
    Hope i was able to clear up some questions! C:

  5. I only got this weird furniture called “Lucky Bot Wrench Table” or something. Just a wooden table furniture. And I saw Fantage’s blog, that girl only got furniture. And 900 eCoins for a spin? It’s not worth it. So…I would say to buy the spins if you have lots of eCoins. Otherwise, don’t use them, unless you’re willing to get a worthless thing. It’s my opinion, though. I would give Fantage one or two stars. No offense anyone, just saying.

  6. Hailey123220 said:

    I have 7.000 ecoins but I’m too cheap to buy it,I might waste my ecoins on a rip offs :( can someone tell me wht u get?

    • I would suggest to keep your ecoins. You can get anything from autumn hair to a lousy furniture and the prizes change every time. You can also get ecoins but most likely you will get furniture. If I were you I would spend my ecoins on something else.

  7. http://prntscr.com/2thbzn This is the time when You actually GET a chance at getting something good. I, of course, got nothing good.

  8. Hailey123220 said:

    We have to be mem in order to get frog wand,prom,etc?!? OMG even if we nons pay ecoins?!.

  9. Bellosnowy said:

    What the! When did that happen? I’m super poor! :(

  10. I don’t have that many ecoins either, and have no way to earn them since I’m a premium member. It’s a total rip off, you could get anything from prom hair to an ugly rainbow afro and over-sized bunny ears.

  11. Cool VG cheat- Go to VG and click the shop button alot of times. Repeat this alot and fast. Then the time goes by really fast and you can get items earlier!

  12. Hey Moomoo/Angela,
    Is the bot going to stay there forever or is it just a prize thingy majigy or will it go away?

  13. awesome poo said:

    is it only for a limited time or for ever. i want to see some examples of prizes for nons like a full list of them .

  14. Omg they r selling RED GYM SHORTS but how much do u think they will be. i really want them theyre soooo pretty.

  15. The only thing I want from there is the 300,000 ecoins…

  16. personally do not think this is fair for non members because they paid 900 coins and all they get is crappy furniture whereas, members have better chances of getting better items. its going to take forever for nons to get ecoins since theres only the 30 ecoin sign in the side of the screen and members get 5000 stars each month. I think fantage is trying to make us buy more membership and ecoins Dx

  17. I have more than enough ecoins, if u want to take a pic right before u get the furniture or clothes. And the clothes that are up on the ad are actually real stuff you can get. I have seen some one with the Afro and my friend has the bunny ears and this purple hair, where the pony tail is really tall.

  18. Bellosnowy said:

    I need ecoins! Well I have 156 or 166 ecoins I think.

  19. I’m a non, and I got 300,000 eCoins on my first spin.

  20. 300,000 ecoins!?!?
    Have Fantage gone nuts??? (Answer: yes)
    Ugh. All they care about is money, they just want to make you spend

  21. Bellosnowy said:

    Moomoo, did you change your name?

  22. There’s a low-scale cheat I think you can do on the bot. It takes your ecoins AFTER it gives you the prize. If it opens and you don’t like the prizes, close the page. I found this out after my computer froze, and my ecoins werent gone, so maybe your computer has to freeze? But it might work…

  23. Moomoo if you go on their youtube there are some stuff you can get that shows there :)

  24. ❤☾❀Moonlight Mizuki❀☽❤ said:

    Sorry to spoil it to you Moo Moo, the chair is available at Ottoman’s. I saw it today when I was shopping for new stuff.

  25. ❤☾❀Moonlight Mizuki❀☽❤ said:

    PHEW. I only spent 900 ecoins on it… I would never take the risk factor. One thing is for sure. DON’T TRUST FANTAGE WHEN IT COMES TO STUFF RELATING TO “chance”. I got furniture…. (It’s ugly I had to hide the creepy bone hand and put cookies on it to not make it look weird)

  26. Dear MooMoo,

    Have you found out that the rare item numbers have gone up MEGA time? Or is it just a swish of that blue lucky wand that makes you bigger?

    1. Ice Cream Hat – BEFORE: R9 – AFTER: R54
    2. Awesome Green Hair – BEFORE: R27 – AFTER: R53
    3. Urrrrhhh.. Alot more!

    This only happens with member rares, and only selected ones. I will send in a picture when I’m ready.


  27. Your a member right? Anyway for nons if you click a game there is always these annoying adds popping of so they better fix it. How they expect us to play bingo? We need the games.

    • Nope, I’m a non now too. Oh yeah, there were those ads from a long time ago, ever since nons were able to earn ecoins by watching vids. If you don’t want the ads, turn them off by clicking on the settings button on the bottom.
      Lol bingo, I guess they think we’re retired seniors c:

  28. After u click the settings button then what do you click? The settings button on fantage right?

  29. ❤☾❀Moonlight Mizuki❀☽❤ said:

    It’s for members.. I personally think it looks way too ugly.. It’s above 900 just a bit, not much I think though. “probability” = more money into Fantage’s pockets..

  30. thygirl~too lazy to log into account said:

    You guys know how they’re giving out ecoins when you finish the games? I think they’re basically just baiting us for lucky bot. If you finish the whole game board, you get 1,800 ecoins, enough for two lucky bot spins in total. ._.

  31. thygirl~too lazy to log into account said:

    Sorry for commenting so many times, but I discovered a sort of lucky bot cheat. Not exactly, but if you don’t like any of the items log out before it lands on one and try again. I tried it and I didn’t lose any ecoins. OuO

  32. Bought more spins from Lucky Bot, and only got furniture. Oh, and this really horrible piece of furniture is luxury! It’s light blue and it has patches, and it’s LUXURY!?!? I was shocked. Actually, I still am. Here’s a picture of it: http://prntscr.com/2uj48n

  33. thygirl~too lazy to log into account said:

    Moo Moo, it actually didn’t work the second time I tried it. I assumed it would work because you can do something similar with the wheel at Lucky Bob’s. I guess it doesn’t always work or Fantage figured out what we were trying to do…o.o

    BTW I finally got enough ecoins and only got furniture. And I’m a premium member…

  34. I LOVE your website + I dont think its worth it, I only have 2,000 ecoins and i am NOT wasting my money on it!!

  35. Looks like Fantage made updates, so I got tempted to try again, lol, and after a few tries I got 300,000 eCoins. So I tried it a few more times, and got nothing good. :( I got those big Oversized Bunny Ears and other stuff. I also got this glow thing, sort of like the blue or yellow glow, I don’t remember which one, except it’s pink and blue. So I log out and log in again to see if I might get better prizes and that pink and blue glow is gone from my inventory! The 300,000 eCoins were still there, though. Is Fantage tricking us or what?

  36. Actually, the glow accessory is still there! Maybe it was just my computer….
    Here’s another prize I got: http://prntscr.com/2utb33
    I’m too lazy to send an email, lol.

  37. I tried Lucky Bot a few times (too laggy to get the pics sorry!) And I still have mixed feelings. For the first two or so tries I got furniture, then I tried three more times. I got a cute hair, okay board, and 45,000 e-coins….can someone help me analyze this load??

  38. there was a haunted ottoman; i remember seeing that in ottoman last month.

  39. I tried the lucky bot and got 1,000 ecoins. I made 100 ecoins…. 2nd try I got a crystal spring furniture… It’s nice… And 3rd, a giant teddy bear furniture… Not too bad, but could be better!

  40. ItsBlueBoo said:

    I don’t like the idea…
    Its such a waste, I spined 3 times and I got crap. Its completely messed up.

  41. I HATE MYSELF. I USED UP ALL MY ECOINS FOR THE LUCKY BOT AND GOT HORRIBLE-ISH STUFF ON THE 27th. NOW TODAY (THE 28th) THEY SAY “SS STUFF! ONLY THIS WEEKEND!!” ugh >.< I just hate it when Fantage does this. You know what? I'm gonna complain.

  42. You should try the robot now!
    For the SS weekend, they took out the furniture :D
    I tried it twice, and got hair and a shirt

  43. Oh!
    I also got 1,900 E-coins for the SS weekend ^^

  44. The SS stuff thing for the weekends is useless . it just tricks you to getting cool items easier but not really. I tried tens times and i got all cheap furniture. that was so sad :(
    I don’t recommend people to waste e coins on the lucky bot. You can you your ecoins for better times that you will know is better. :)

  45. Bellosnowy said:

    Why is it even called a lucky bot?! It’s not very “lucky” for most people.

  46. cupidgirl108 said:

    I am pretty sure that Fantage thinks that we have dumb minds.Its pretty obvious because they put ads,high prices in VG,and an expensive game to play.It always involves ecoins because you can buy it.All I do is watch a bunch of ads and wait for ecoins.

  47. its lucky for only members :(

  48. Chrissy said:

    In total I wasted 1,800 ecoins on lucky bot, I kept pressing keys, etc, all I got from this stupid crap was furniture and an ugly board :(

  49. I got Autumn hair from Lucky bot..
    I disagree with the people who say its a “rip-off”, I seriously owe Fantage my life. <3

    • isabelle welsh said:

      i know right. everyone says that its a rip-off, but i have actually gotten some cool items. i have the red scepter, the long and elegant hair, and a bunch of other items like the animated rubix cube board and the black and blue board. i also got the limited “the inferno” costume.

    • Your maybe a member then. I would suggest re-thinking of giving fantage your life, bud. Don’t think about yourself. I mean it’s just a wig that looks like a pink leaf. (Since when does a pink leaf has to do with autumn?) Think about other people’s point of views. Once you give fantage your live, you will regret it. You will realize their dark side……..

  50. why cant the spins be 50 ecoins? that will be more fair

  51. the things i got really stink ( pout pout )

    i wasted all my ecoins i think i had 5,000 no big deal i got the purple shirt im wearing in my profile picture but i like tht but and i got blonde pigtail its cute but i wouldnt wear it because i WUV my chloe hair i never take it off LOL

  52. btw i didnt waste all my ecoins i wasted 5000 but i hav 29,000 something left i had 44,000 spent those on unlucky bot

  53. i won a donkey:DDDD
    but where do i go to find it? :c

  54. Spent 44,195 ecoins on this thing…raged real hard.. >:( The only things I got that I wanted was the Limited Panda Mask BTW moo_moo did you know that whenever a person is close to getting what they wanted, fantage “accidently” goes backwards then gets you a lame item? Yeah, that happened to me. I almost got Elsa Style Cape BUT fantage went backwards and got me a dumb lamp.

  55. Blubbly The Blub Blub Pineapple! said:

    Omgeh, me got all da “popular” hairs from dis bot thingy!
    Frisky, BB, CC, Wintergreen, Long n Elegant, Purple Midnight, Delicate Brown and EVERYTHING you could think of!
    And I just spent about 10,000 + another 900 for PBH!
    Geez, never knew there would be “retired” rares in da bot.
    If y’all want da account, I could give it to ya… WHEN I QUIT FANTAGE, lolololol!
    Omgeh! – feeling lucky :D

  56. I decided to try this out, because the limited membership is expiring tomorrow. TOTAL WASTE of my ecoins (ok, so I’m frugal. Don’t blame me).
    Here is a picture of the items


    Notice how there are NO items from the signs. Oh ho, nice Fantage, real nice. I ended up getting the “lovely” aqua sweater (well, it’s better than the recolored ponytail).

  57. i got stupid aqua blue sweater and a stupid orange book -_-

  58. But I should be happy that i got 2 clothing ’cause I got 1 furniture item too, but 2 clothing is better then furniture i’ll say.

  59. And i’m a non member btw.

  60. Moo_Moo, I logged on yesterday and got a notification from Fantage, and it said that if you get membership for 4/10-4/30, you’ll get to choose a cool lucky bot item such as elsa cape, and the long golden rapunzel hair. I think their bribing us to buy membership for the lucky bot item. Besides, I looked this up on youtube and the lucky bot item she chose after getting membership was starred. :/ no way anyone’s gonna buy that. It should be ecoined, so if their membership expires they can still use it. BUT NOO..FANTAGE HAD TO BE EAGER AND MAKE IT STARS….Wow fantage. WOW.

    • Yep, that’s why so many people have those Lucky Bot SS items now. Definitely bribing us to get membership, but they’ve been doing that forever now.
      Wait, I thought all the lucky bot items were starred nonmember? I’m pretty sure you can still wear it? What’s the link to that YouTube video?

  61. They are ecoined, so anyone can wear them.

    And, Moo Moo, what is the double SS weekend mean? Is there a double chance to get an SS item?

  62. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qgtFuvRMDwk Moo_Moo, here’s the link to the youtube video. BTW I’m pretty sure you can’t wear it after it expires, cause you know Fantage >.>. I’m trying it out on my spare. I’ll let you know if you can wear it or not after the membership expires…

  63. Hello35463736 said:

    I wasted over 10,000 ecoins. No, i don’t use credit or anything. i do the ads. But I got NO Good items at all! It’s just addicting because you think you’re gonna get a rare.
    My sister btw, she got the super hero stuff and some ss items…

  64. Although it costs WAY TOO MUCH, I have had a FEW successes out of MANY attempts! I am not a premium member and I still got ECOINS (although VERY FEW like 1600 at most) and the BEST item I got was LONG AND ELEGANT HAIR. That was very surprising. And I also got this SS item for multi-colored hair (the giant afro). It was too fast for me to take a snapshot but I also saw Autumn hair (which i rlly wanted but ofC i did not get) LOL and I realyl want that cape that looks like its from frozen

  65. cutedodo said:

    well i got 300,000 ecoins and big bunny ears…*not*lucky me…but i agree with u becuz Y IS IT 900 ECOINS TO TRY THIS BOT THING HUH????I MENT AINT NOBODY GOT MONEY FO DAT!right now…..300,000 ecoins is TOLLAY GONE AND I ONLY HAVE 56 ECOINS!ugh i will never try this sdobet bot thing again!its waste of money!srry for yelling…:< ur always right!;3 love ur blog!!!!ur like ur ADMIN OF FANTAGE!!!!;DDDDD cutedodo~

  66. math10000 said:

    When I tried the lucky bot o an SS weekend, I received the mouse band (the black head band, that was the first non-member item sold at Vintage Gold) and 40 ecoins (from a 940 ecoin prize) So, basically I spent 900 ecoins, and got 40 ecoins back and a mouse band accessory, and I’m a non-member. I thought it was a pretty good deal XD

  67. chloe4843 said:

    I’ve spent around 20 000 e-coins, before I received the 10 000 e-coins win.
    Basically noting that it’s a ripe off. :P

  68. i did the lucky bot 6 times and got 2 vg items and 2 ugly skirts and 2 furniture items it is not worth it!

  69. chloe123367 said:

    My little sister got the ss red lucky wand!

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