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Ugh =_=

You can already tell from the title that I am NOT happy.

So, what makes moomoo unhappy, you might wonder?

Yes, I thought we could get past 2012 without another of those loser wannabe’s, but I guess not.

Copier, I gave you 24 hours to remove all your copied content before I reported you, but I guess you decided I was kidding.

Well, feel my wrath >:[ Because all of you know that the only thing that makes me mad is copiers and liars. The creators of this blog are BOTH.

You are in deep doo doo. :evil:

Since I am merciful, I am giving you ANOTHER 24 hours before I report you to Copyscape, who will force you to remove all copied content.

When I say copied content, I mean the following things:

1. Fantageville’s page titles


Copied Content:


Seriously? Copied my page ideas and even the icons next to them??


2. Fantageville’s Help page


Copied Content:


Fail. You couldn’t even get the picture the right dimension, not to mention spelled “technical” wrong. Wow.


3. Fantageville’s Report User page


Copied Content:


Well ok. I am laughing now. Not only did she completely copy and paste EVERYTHING from my “Report User” page, she clearly wasn’t even using her eyes or brain. McKenna? REALLY? I was drinking juice when I saw that, and I almost sprayed it out and started laughing. WHAT A FAIL.


4. Fantageville’s Fantage Paparazzi


Copied Content:


No blog in the history of blogs has EVER done something called “Fantage Paparazzi”. Until this idiot copier came along. She even copied Casey’s BRILLIANT idea of the Fantagian taking pictures. =_=


5. Fantageville’s XAT Tricks page

Basically EVERYTHING on my XAT tricks page.

Copied Content:



You know, it’s a wonder that your C and V keys on your keyboard aren’t completely worn out by now from all the copying and pasting. Or is it? Hm, I guess you were too dumb to figure out how to copy youtube videos, I guess that’s why you actually had to take your own screenshots for once. -_____- And btw, splitting up all the info on my xat tricks page into 2 pages onto your blog doesn’t make it harder it catch :evil:


Copied Content #6


This is obviously taken from some innocent blogger’s fashion show cheats page, since these copiers CLEARLY do not even come close to having enough talent to make this picture. Does anyone want to claim this as theirs? Speak up now.


Fantageville #7


Copier #7


Just… no comment. -_-


Copied Content #8


Hm, I wonder who’s blog they took these off of? I really doubt they have the skill to even know how to make these. Claim them if these are yours.


Absolutely jaw-dropping, isn’t it? I have NEVER seen such major copying IN MY LIFE.

But you know what made me even madder? It’s when one of the creators said that they didn’t copy anything from my blog.

Yea. I am not kidding. I was talking with her on XAT yesterday, and I spent half an hour explaining to her what copying meant, and how much stuff she copied from me.

No, I am not going to announce their blog name here, they don’t even deserve to have their blog name on Fantageville.

So copier, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. You have another 24 hours to remove EVERYTHING I mentioned in this post, or you are going down along with your lame excuse for a “blog”.

I admit that I do sound REALLY rude, but I am NEVER this way unless people push my buttons. I make this blog and help everyone here for free, the LAST thing I want is people taking advantage of me. So if you push my buttons, I will destroy yours.

Update: the Culprits and the Innocent

I went on their chat earlier, and here is all the evidence I got.

These are all the people that are involved in this mess (other than me)

1. linh/ashely


This person is INNOCENT! She is merely the other owner of the copier blog. In fact, she is helping us remove all the copied content from that blog as we speak. Thank you for being so understanding and calm, I am so sorry I yelled at you yesterday!


2. Amanda


Now THIS is the devilish trouble-maker. She is the main owner of the copier blog. Not only did she refuse to remove the copied content, she says she didn’t copy me. Well, open your eyes woman, and take a look at this post.

She even unmodded Wind, which shows what an outrageous suppressor she is.


3. xx_princess_xx and lovekim


These 2 were the moderators on the blog. Even though they were EXTREMELY rude, it’s not really their fault, since amanda probably forced them to listen to her.



Another update:

Linh has kindly helped us to remove all the copied stuff from the blog. For all of you wondering, the blog was fantagecalbears. Thank you so much linh! You are one of the most understanding person I have ever met!

However, that jerk Amanda (the main owner) is STILL denying that she copied us (wow), and she says that she hates me now. Well ok…? Isn’t it your own fault for copying me?

I dunno what I should say about their blog. I don’t want to say “never visit it again”, because linh is part of that blog too. But that jerk Amanda really doesn’t deserve to have any viewers. If linh ever decides to make her own blog, I’ll tell you guys about it :D

Happy New Years!

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Comments on: "Ugh =_=" (105)

  1. oh my gosh i cant believe they copied your awsome blog they probably were jealous of your blog and they copied it >:( THAT IS SOOOO STUPID TO DO

    • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ☆♫♥ιPυρριɛƨ^.~☆♫♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ said:

      Oh wow just wow T-T and all that must’ve wasted your time O.o and BTW if you were a big fan of pinkstardust, she could’ve been nicer. That’s how I got to be friends w/ her but her list was too full = ^ =

      • That’s exactly the point, she is only nice to people who bow down their heads to her and kiss her shoes (ok figuratively, not literally). She removes people from her list whenever she wants, so if you have her added as a friend, you shouldn’t feel to special, because she’s just gonna remove you the next day and replace you with a person with a higher level. She wants high level supporters to make it look like she’s super famous and respected.

  2. Wow, and fail

  3. That’s my Blingee! Waaaaaaaaaa :'( NOW SHE HAS TO PAY! SHE PUSHED MY BUTTONS, NOW SHE HAS TO PAY!


  5. OMG I hate her! I sent you that screenshot for you! Not her! Uggh that means she copied me too! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!! I just wanna scream at her so bad. I don’t even know what to say now because I’m so mad exept this message to her. Listen idiot, Moomoo doesn’t deserve to be copied. She’s a wonderful person and I rarely see her this mad. You’re just copying to get more viewers. But guess what? It’s not gonna happen. When people read the copied posts/pages thier gonna know that you copied from FantageVille and never come there again. People aren’t that stupid you know. You’re the stupid one. I suggest you take down all that garbage you copied or else Moomoo is gonna come out full charge. Do you know PinkStarBritney? When she started blogging she copied FantageVille and now on her blog there isn’t anything copied and she learned her lesson. Now I’m not saying PinkStarBritey is a bad person, She’s awesome. So just take the post/pages down and we can get this over with. I hate to see Moomoo so mad and I can’t take this. So please consider my advice. Moomoo I’m so sorry that this happened to you. I also met PinkStarDust but she wasn’t mean to me. But now I truely hate her. Now I’mgonna start yelling again. PinkStarWhatever! You don’t call Moomoo nothing! You’re the one that’s nothing. People who insult others are the same themselves. Like if someone says, ” Your stupid!” Thier the stupid one because thier just insulting people to make themselves feel better. Hahaha so PinkStarWhatever, You are nothing because you insult people to make yourself feel better to say that they are nothing to know that you are not the only one that is nothing so Pink I don’t even want to say your name anymore, You can stop making people feel bad for your amusement. Would you like someone to call you nothing? If so, you have some serious issues. Have your parents ever told you to treat people the way you would like to be treated? Yeah, well why don’t you take thier advice and this world could be a happier place. That’s all I’m going to say. My fingers hurt………………………

    • Lol, my fingers hurt too!! x)

    • Wow.

      I don’t normally condone even the slightest idea of copying (or bashing people over the internet…) but Princess MooMoo, you should be flattered. Casey_Cow too. : )

      Besides, it’s not your fault that idiots use your page… LOL!

      I would be very pissed if I worked hard on a blog and someone just ripped me off and denied it to my face. We would be fighting. Like hungry bums over a crust of bread.

      But I would win. : )

      You are doing a great job with your blog and this is just further proof. Treat it that way!

      But still kick her big bubble blogging butt! : )

      All the best,

      Smiley! : *


  6. O.o I feel so bad for you, O.O…
    And Happy New Years!
    Btw, a screenshot of Fantageville? Shouldn’t they at least do one of their own Xat?

  7. lilygarnet said:

    currently watching you take your wrath out at this blogger

  8. What’s their blog? I need to see it.

  9. Princess Moomoo, I`m really sorry for WHOEVER copied your blog… And I NEVER knew pinkstardust was a shrivelled up she devil… I`m really sorry. I was just wondering what the site of “Miss Copyscape” was? If you don`t want to comment your answer, please send it to my email. And, WHOA! I didn`t know you cursed a bit, too… I mean WTF means, umm… you know it… o.o

    Email: chesnutjamie@gmail.com

    Jamie :)

  10. #6 and #8 come of of my blog i deleted my blog so no more copied content will be made again

  11. ha! i just knew it! pinkstardust is soo mean! i don’t even know her and just by looking at her picture in the Hall i can just get that vibe. it’s shouting: “IM SUCH A SNOB!!!” I just wish civic_princess would come back and TAKE. HER. DOWN!

  12. Oh.. Well I’m really sorry. I just found that website and I saw some of the comments, honestly I was surprised. These people said it was a awesome blog. I think they never seen fantageville and don’t know that blog was a result of copying someones HARD WORK that they probably worked months or years to create. I mean copiers should get a life, stop copying, and create a unique website. I would rather be happy at a unique website I worked hard on then a website that has copied info and took 1 minute to make.

  13. OMG I saw the fashion show pictures on Alyssa’s blog! (The Forever Star)

  14. They stupid i hate copiers! Show them your wrath MooMoo!
    Kill ‘em!!!!!!

  15. Just saying, I googled ‘amanda fantage’, and I saw a blog that deleted everything. I’m not sure if that’s the one you’re talking about, but it looks like whoever copied your content deleted it.

  16. It’s times like this I’m glad I’m quitting fantage…

  17. This is ourageous! who would copy that much??? I would be angry too if someone copied from my blog. Good luck getting your stuff back!I hope you do its really unfair.

  18. ~Kawaiidesiree923~ said:

    Oh my…
    I feel your hurt. Once, I met PinkStarDust and she said some REALLY bad stuff, considering young people go on Fantage. Don’t listen to her because she is probably going to die alone with hairless cats(:
    Have a safe, happy, and hopefully not copied New Year!!

  19. ~Kawaiidesiree923~ said:

    And by the way you are NOT nothing!!! You are one of the best writers/bloggers I know, EVER!! I don’t even know why people drool over PinkStarDust!! On the other hand, whoever copied your blog should feel ashamed. Trying to become popular by stealing other people’s thoughts is NOT cool! I can believe she just copied your blog OBVIOUSLY and then said “I didn’t do it”! That is just really mean of her. I absolutely don’t blame you AT ALL for getting mad! I am so sorry she copied you guys!!!
    I really hope she appologizes.

    • I wish she could see this page :3 That would smack some sense into her! Hey, maybe I should make a page filled with screenshots of pinkstardust being mean! :D

      • ~кαωαιι∂єѕιяєє923~ said:

        I hate to be mean but…
        PLEASE DO!!!
        I HATE HER Dx
        People kiss her feet just because she is a high level but she is really a #%$&@!
        BTW I have a message for you PinkStarDust:
        Just because you are a rich @$$ jerkface doesn’t mean you have to ruin other people’s day and hurt their feelings. Just because you think you are so cool doesn’t mean you are, so stop being a jerk and get over yourself or you will DIE ALONE WITH HAIRLESS CATS!! Oh wait, I wouldn’t let the cats go through that pain (:

      • But I dunno how to show her it >.<

      • ~кαωαιι∂єѕιяєє923~ said:

        Your right

  20. Glittergloss_100 said:

    Wow… that’s just sad.
    Copying work from other people? I know what blog she got the “Fashion” thing from. It’s The Forever Stars, and it’s the EXACT thing. I’m sorry moomoo. I know you’ve worked hard on your blog, and it’s wrong for pinkstardust to copy you. I hope she takes the things that she copied off. And if she doesn’t, REPORT HER..!! >:)

  21. PinkSugarSwirl said:

    OMG!I just commented on their blog on their about us page saying Wow.Your not being nice to moo_moo BY COMPLeTELY COPYING HER BLOG!!!!LOOK U ARENT GONNa GET ANY VIEWERS IF YOU COPY MOO_MOOS AWESOME BLOG!!! When i said ‘your not being nice to moo_moo’ is because she told all the workers you have to be nice to everyone.

    • PinkSugarSwirl said:

      Oh.i feel so mean and bad and just plain AWFUL now….I just read their new post Ima go apolagise(did i spell it right?) right now…i hope they arent too mad at me.:'(

  22. I can’t belive pink(whatever) was that cruel to you so what she has a high level (i bet its just because she started 2009 and she is a mem) she would deserve to be in the hall of fame if she was a non member with a high level honestly i think SHE STINKS alot if i ever meet her i will tell her she is just famous in a VIRTUAL GAME NOT THE WHOLE WORLD and that if she stays cruel everyone will hate her

  23. martha110fantage said:

    Hey Moomoo! I guess there are more things that is almost the same…..

    1) Title
    Like for you you wrote: The Best Fantage Cheats, Tricks, and Updates! This copier wrote: The best place to get the most recent Cheats and Tips.

    2) Scammer Post
    You said 2cwl4u is a scammer and don’t trade with her (I summarize it). Oh well here is what the copier wrote: “There are girls on Fantage that are TOTAL scammers.Erikaemerald and 2cwl4u. Watch out for these people. Whatever you do, do now trade them. Don’t want that to happend? Don’t trade with them. Erikaemerald even tricked high-leveled fantagians!”

    3) Fantage Celebs Weird Thing
    This is what I saw: “yara_yara, by the way, I DID NOT copy this from sunnyday’s blog. She met her and gave me this as a present. I have her permission. If you don’t believe me, go ask her on Fantageville or here”
    Umm I never know this sunnyday Fantagian or even heard it on Fantageville. So, how come she is on Fantageville?

    4) Trade And Sell Cheat
    Like you said that if we nons buy mem items with stars we can’t wear it. So we can sell it at Lucky Bob’s for stars. This is what the copier wrote:
    “Free stars cheat (for nons only)
    1) Go to trade n’ sell shop
    2) Buy anything stars that a PREMUIM MEMBER item, even though you won’t be able to wear it.
    3) Go to Lucky Bob’s
    4) Sell it xD
    5) You should have your free stars now!” Ouo really ?

    5) Non member accounts
    Well to what I know, this copier seems to have 5 accounts that are same with your nons accounts. What the copier wrote:
    User: 98ers
    Pass: 199ers
    User: julia3358
    Pass: nguyen8
    User: liannaboo9
    Pass: alyssa1
    User: jackson336
    Pass: handsome5
    User: coolhamer9
    User: lydia6788
    Pass: wymn0038
    User: coolio2045
    Pass: sunday6

    6) Interesting Facts….
    Wow this is what I found out about this copier, check it out:
    “Dislikes: People who copy my xat name, especially when I earn powers to get those things and people just copy and paste as if they did it their self, my blog, anything that I created.”
    – Check out the sentence “people just copy and paste as if they did it their self.” O.o Well the copier did it to you, Moo Moo. But how come she did things that she dislike?

    Oh well that’s all!!!
    ~ Martha_110 ~

    • Thanks, I was just so tired of looking through their blog I just stopped looking for copied content, even though I knew there was more. Hear that, copier blog owners? Remove these too!

    • sunnyday7777 said:

      Oh Martha, im sunnydayXDXD. I gave linh a picture of yara_yara as a gift, cuz i felt srry for her. Linh went through a lot even thought it wasn’t her fault. i thought I would cheer her up by giving her a picture of yara_yara….. I gave her permission to use tht pic. I guess i felt srry for her.. PLEASE don’t make linh REMOVE tht pic!! I gave her a gift and i want her to use it… >.< and I DONT HAVE A BLOG!! To remove any confusion about tht pic, I will tell Linh to reword the caption for the picture….

    • sunnydayXDXD said:

      Oh and wht linh meant about me being on fantageville. Linh meant that you can meet me on the chat on fantageville :3 cuz i always go there and usually im online too!

  24. lollollol said:

    can i do the fantage paparazzi on my blog ill give full credit to you :D its ok if you say no through

    • Nope sorry, it’s completely Casey’s idea. You can do something similar, but you can’t call it “Fantage paparazzi”. Thank you SO much for asking though, you made my day :)

  25. First thing: Woah woah there pinkstardust! Calm your little tude (a.k.a attitude)
    Second: Nice Job blog copier! You couldn’t have made it seem less obvious! You might as well title your blog “Fantageville Wannabe”

    Other than that, love your blog <3 (Fantageville, not the wannabe)

  26. Um… This “Ashely” girl is saying you wrote a post and forgave her for her copying.. She has a post for you…
    “Minh, Princess_moomoo, casey_cow101, Nicole, and more people hate me. They are all from Fantageville. I actually DID learn my lesson but still, no one believes me. I have told TONS of BILLIONS of people that princess_moomoo forgived me, which they STILL DO NOT believe. Princess_moomoo, if you’re reading this I’m sorry. But even if you did forgive me or did not, NO ONE will visit my blog. You know that everyone from FV is on you and Casey’s side. You know you have 100% more popularity than me, which I don’t really care about =.= and you have more viewers than me, which I still don’t really care about. Casey told everyone on the chat box on FV to spam my comments. It truly did make me cry and be VERY upset. And I was like, “NO WAY CASEY DID NOT SAY THAT I KNOW HER SHE IS NOT THAT TYPE OF PERSON”,but I actually found out that she DID say that, but she apoligized. But, to tell you the truth, I swear I did not copy the “Fashion Show Guide”, the “Blingee made by me!” or anything else. I can’t believe someone would say that when I really did not copy that from some other blog. Everyone knows that I won’t be getting any more views untill the next few years.People have called me a slut, a bi***, and more names you don’t wanna hear or see. Especially this girl named “go_have_sex_with_princess_moomoo_you_slut”, even after the post on her blog on how she forgived me, I still have MANY mean comments on that copy thing even though princess_moomoo forgave me. Everyday I go to my iPad, I see over 10 mean comments about this. I don’t know how people will forgive me, I won’t get any more awesome like PinkStarBritney and that copying thing that was between and FV. So don’t call me awesome or nice or whatever because you all know it’s not true. Sorry for making you read so much. I will see you next time…”
    Um thats what she said…

  27. Anastasia said:

    Ugh you wanna be IDIOTS!! You copy princess moomoo, GAME OVER. This is princessmoomoos blog and casey’s. SO IF YOU COPY YOU WILL REGRET IT. Just immagine how much work princessmoomoo and casey did to this blog! If you want a good blog all you have to do is think of interesting ideas! SO BACK OF IDIOTS!

    I have also ran into pinkughdust. Just because she has a high level, that doesn’t mean she can do anything she wants.

  28. I have a question..
    on my blog, I have a non-member acc page with some of your accs, like one or two of them, should I take them down? Sorry I put them up.. :(
    Also I have fashion tips of fantage pic but it’s mine – I made it, so it’s okay, right?
    I’m trying not to blame but I must admit that fantage character for the fashion page looks like cphan3 but she’s so nice to me though..
    One more thing, how do you get copyscape on your blog?

    • No, that’s ok, you can keep those. They aren’t my accounts, I found them on the web somewhere.
      That picture that I displayed isn’t mine, I just thought it belonged to some other blogger, it doesn’t look like the copier blogger’s work.
      Cphan? Good idea! Lemme visit her site and check.
      For copyscape, just google it, I forgot what the exact site address was.

  29. Oh wellI have just made a new fantage blog. I was wondeting if I can make a post on this. People need to know!! I checked out the copied blog and its gettin good views. I will make a draft post and ask you to review it at my blog. She is sooo wrong for this!!

  30. My logic: My blog is terrible, so no one has copied it. And it’s too random to come from anyone but me, so my blog is basically safe from copying. No one wants a horrible blog.
    Cstar’s logic: OMG, she copied my blog, but if she copied it it means she liked it, so I’ll take it as a compliment!

    • Cstar is such a wonderful optimist :) I just really hate copiers though, because I put a lot of time into it!!
      And your blog is NOT terrible, you won pinkstarbritney’s contest for random-est blog!!! Your blog is awesome, no less.

      • Oh Moomoo, I am so sorry for you :(. I know how you feel. When I owned my old blog called “Fantage Dojo”, a girl copied all my stuff EVEN MY CHAT BACKGROUND AND USED THE MICROSOFT PAINT WORKSHOP THING AND ERASED MY TITLE NAME ON MY HEADER AND PUT HERS! It got so seriours I had to call Copyscape and the Blogger/Google Headquarters to delete her blog. Unfortanuly, I was on hold FOR 9 HOURS and I just lost my mind and told Google to ignore and nevermind what I said. Moomoo maybe try thecopyrightsite.org <– You can report them there or copyrightspot.com Anyways, back to my story… I finally got to talk to this "COPIER" and she said that she had permission from me to paste them. THEN I JUST LOST IT! I LITTERLY JUST CALLED COPYSCAPE LIKE CRAZY! Finally, they forced her to take it all of or her google would be suspended for a couple of years. ..Well Best of luck dere! – Mukko (P.S. How do you still like chat background) :D

      • Yes, still using your awesome chat background, thanks!

      • But seriously, you started half a year after me and suddenly BOOM! 13812094702+ readers!!!

      • Aw come on, you always make yourself feel so bad! You never think about the hundreds of other blogs that look up to you and admire you! In this world, basically, there will always be someone that seems better than you, nobody is perfect at anything >.< Just remember that as long as you try your very best, then you are the best :D

  31. The fashion show guide is bliss’s…
    (I had to make a new account when I deleted my blog.)

  32. Wow… Remeber when I copied you Princess_Moomoo? Well I’m sorry about that I really regret that now :(

  33. …I can’t remember a single time that someone copied my blog… Well, figures. People copy famous blogs.

    • It’s a good thing that people don’t copy you! Eek I am so stressed because of all this… I just found 2 other copiers, soo mad!! I wish I didn’t get copied…!!

  34. I officially HATE the bad guys at the blog, and I officially RESPECT the good guys at the other blog!

  35. Lol like …. I hate that old b….

    Sent from my iPad

  36. Ok 1.Who can’t like you Moomoo?
    2.I have two of those things on my blog but I didn’t copy.Remember when I just got my blog and copied?I wouldn’t do it again.I will remove them if you want.

  37. Oh my gosh moomoo I found a blog which the name was fantagevillage! Ugh i hate copiers and I wish i can give you some free ecoins for your kindness and my stupidness i would give you like 1,000,000 ecoins but I cant get that much :( if only i could give you all of those ecoins i would be happy :(

    • Yea, I saw one called fantagevillage and fantagevillagers, or something like that. The first one is basically an empty blog, and the second got deleted after they were caught copying me, I never got the chance to see it fortunately. Did you know that there is also one called fantagevillee? SOOO stupid!! AND one called fantagevilla, a copier.
      Haha thanks, but you don’t have to give me anything, I’m just doing this for free.

  38. xxkaycixx said:

    If I were to copy content from your blog.. and I put a thing saying it was originally coming from you would you get mad at me? lol
    *I don’t take credit coming from others*

  39. I’m so sorry. I hope no one is mad at me. If you guys want me to remove anything, I will and please don’t put anymore hatred on me :) But idk why people think I copied the blingee =.=
    I got that BFF pic from google, and I kind of edited the picture of me and did some stuff and took a screenshot, then I forgot how to post it. But that was for my banner (I know that sounded confusing) Moomoo, please tell people that I DID NOT copy the blingee, if I copied it, I copied it from Google and just made it pretty =.=

  40. That’s alot of copied stufff

  41. Moo moo go to my blog again and go o the page YOU MUST READ THIS by the way if you read it then could you plz forgive me? If you forgive me I’ll tell you more about why happened.

  42. I saw Pinkstardust and she was really nice……but sometimes she gets wound up. Maybe she is just to into herself? o.o (No offense) And I really love fantageville. :) <3

  43. And I’m really sorry your page got copied

  44. I don’t know why those “famous” people think they are too cool to be seen. It’s a VIRTUAL game. I was once in the Trade N’ Sell shop and I was going to this spot and this girl said “MOVE” when I got there first. Then 2 people heard the conversation and sided with me. That girl was complaining so much for me to move when it’s a virtual game. People don’t get that at all =.=

  45. Foreverball11 said:

    Your blog is so original and you and Casey think of everything yourself. I don’t know why people would copy you. You and Casey are so nice a forgiving.

  46. The #6 fashion show cheats is mine -_- it’s from fantagered.wordpress.com. I don’t even use it anymore. Can’t believe someone copied it.

  47. ღღღJamieღღღ said:

    HOLY *******!!!!! SORRY!!! BUT SERIOUSLY?! WHAT A WANNABEE!!! (I KNOW THIS COMMENT IS LATE) WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THAT STUPID GIRL?! I`m seriously going to beat the poo outta her! =.= And your right about pinkstardust. One time, I tried to say hello, but she said,”Get away from me.” -_____- I hate her…! By the way, princess moomoo, can I make a page about Fantage Papparrazi, please? I understand if you don`t WANT me to. And, can you see if MY blog has any copied content from you? I promise, I`ll take it down. I made MANY pages about Fantage cheats that YOU made first, but I credited you. Plus, everybody knows it, anyways! :P Here`s my blog. Edit my comment if you don`t want me advertising. :) Thanks!

    *Sorry but we don’t allow advertising >.<* (I LOVE BUNNIES!!! :3)

    P.S – How do you make the devil face? Teehee~ OwO

  48. sophy416 said:

    I know this is not the right space to put it but i have a question
    What server does Pinkstardust or any other celeb go on most of the time


    From One of your big fans,

  49. I'm not giving my real name because you don't deserve it, copier! said:

    I know this post was from a long time ago, but I think the Fashion Show cheats one belongs to Fantagealyssa.

  50. omg I hate pinkstardust she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo mean! D:

  51. Awesomeness678 said:

    I feel like punching her. Sorry for the violence :P

  52. Awesomeness678 said:

    . Pinkstardust thinks she can get away with things because she’s totally famous

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