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✖ Past Scammers ✖

Last updated by MooMoo on 11/30/13: added sticky notes

UPDATE: Trade n Sell is closed now, and scamming is no longer possible. However, that doesn’t mean the shame of the people who have scammed should be forgotten. They gave away their trust for nothing–the items they scammed most likely will be sold at Vintage Gold anyway. This page serves as a reminder of their foolishness.

Scammer. What is a scammer? Webster’s dictionary would define a scam  as a “fraudulent or deceptive act or operation.”

Well that didn’t clear anything up. Anyway, a scammer is a person who has deceived another person into giving something up and not giving anything in return. It is kind of like they “stole” an item, using just their wits, and their decisive plan. On Fantage, for example, scamming a person would be doing a double trade. A “double trade” in Fantage terminology is when one person wants to trade an ecoin item for another person’s star item. So they each post their item, and offer random worthless stuff to each other’s item, and they both accept. If you were to be scammed by double trade, you would accept the trade from the scammer, but the scammer won’t accept the trade from you, and they would run off into the sunset happily.

Oh, and that is bad. Even if the happy scammer runs off into the sunset happily, and guilt won’t even come across their heartless souls, they just did a bad deed. Once their heart is weighed by the feather of truth, they will be sent to the Fields of Punishment to live down the bad deed they have done and be deemed eternal punishment!

Well that is an exaggeration, but you get the point.


If you look through the comments (there are over 400) you will find the names of countless scammers.

Use the Ctrl F keyboard shortcut to locate their usernames quickly.


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Comments on: "✖ Past Scammers ✖" (588)


    • OMGGGG!!!!!ME TOO!Jade scammed me today!!!WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!SHE TOOK MY CC :(((((((( if anyone is nice enough to give me cc hair plzz tell me and thanks!

    • dogsrule10179 said:

      I can totally relate. She scammed my tire board and intriguing hair. I took my forever to get my tire board back, and i still can’t get the hair. If anyone is nice enough to give me the hair, please tell my username is dogsrule1079.

      • I got scammed before by this girl. I forget her name, but I think it was lilac519 you guys might’ve heard of her before. She took my rare gymnast costume for this worthless brown hair you could get at Stellar Salon. I HATE, HATE, HATE her! It cost me 1,800 ecoins to get the gymnast costume back.

    • Anonymous said:


    • Anonymous said:

      Today i say someone get scamed by maddie9280

  2. wow..and recently i read on fantage’s blog about scammers..

    • I know this new store sparks up so much controversies!

      • I know right!! I love the vintage shop…they couldn’t add on to the uptown and put Trade and Sell somewhere else?! :(

      • Teresa36912 said:

        OMG! My friend Niltub8 knows Jadecool12!!! She’s on her buddy list!!! :(Oh, and I’ve seen Angelwish before. I tried to hack her account. LOL!

      • @Teresa36912 umm you shouldn’t try to hack angelwish12 because her mom AND dad are one of the major owners of fantage if they find out … well lets just say its NOT gonna be so pretty. And jadecool12 is SOOO mean!! She copied fantageville!! (fantagepapparatzi and on one of her blogs she copied one of moomoo or caseys contest) and she got away with it!!! :O

      • I_like_pie said:

        I know Angelwish12 and cwl4u and kitty44469(she’s my bestie O O) and sou_sou98 and kiosky(its kiosky right? cuz it say kisoky) and kayi849 and isha564. Weird…theres also mo_ta_ta that scams ( shes my friend though) and this summer person (she stole autumn and cupid and etc…)

      • Hi Casey, I just wanted to tell u that there’s a typo on the scammers list: Kisoky is spelled “Kiosky”

      • PockiiChan said:

        Casey, where’d you get your pic from?~

      • pups215 said:

        Ikr! Why couldn’t they keep the bazaar and the vintage shop? Can’t they make another land like “The Island”?????????? I mean SERIOUSLY FANTAGE? not cool. I wish they could like make an icon on the other map and then have another map and you can flip back and forth so they can have stuff they took off and other places wouldn’t be so crowded! That would be cool! oh well TnT :( :*( TnT :*( :( TnT

      • I agree that’s why I don’t trade…

      • Does angelwish12′s parents are really the major owners of Fantage?

      • Anonymous said:

        OMFG! Angelwish12′s parents are major owners of Fantage, yet she still scams? And ergh dksjfksdmvmoewiwecew

      • “Yet” she scams doesn’t seem to be the correct word. “So” she scams is more appropriate. She knows she can’t get banned, which is why she does it =_=

      • jadeallstar said:

        If i was a owner of Fantage I would crush her SOOOOO bad….

      • Annoyed said:


  3. Ok. I’ll watch out.

  4. WOW! Im really sorry to hear that! At least she is NOT a hacker! =) How many items did she take? =/ I feel bad for you…. I`m sorry this happened to you. This is why I really don`t trade or sell items! They scam! =(


    Jamie – Now changed to Junє! =) -


  5. Just asking but how does she scam you?

  6. I don’t get what double trading is… or Fantage scamming… O.O

  7. Hi i found another scammer on fantage, her name is lilac519 watch out! she scammed me and took 2 of my items which she said she had coolcat hair and her friend gave it to her, and it was just herself controlling 2 people! :) please post about lilac519 aswell as 2cwl4u
    Thank you

    • omg i saw lilac she said she wanted every limited item i had, obviously i disagreed then i saw her ask other people and she tried to add me O.o i think it was lilac519 (the one your talking about) but i dont remember all i know that its a lilac

    • Lilac is my buddy on Fantage… I didnt know she was a scammer…

  8. what??? how is it possible to trade with nothing that got back?

    • Yeah?! Hmmm maybe they traded them other badder items and maybe people dont look at the things they traded.,,Okay i guess thats the anwser but im not 100% sure!!

      • dudette19 said:

        I found out! ok for EXAMPLE if someone says wanna BB hair for Cheerleading outfit? You say yes. Then the person asks if its coined or stars. You say ___ and the other person says the opposite. Lets say your item was stars. They say their BB hair was eCoined. They first ask you to put your item up and they trade u a random item that was brought with stars. Ok so they log out quickly. Also, if they actually have BB they put it up. You offer Something random and they deny and logout. Okay Hoped I helped!!

      • chinchilla81 said:

        They trade an item for a random item then they are supposed to trade the item the other person wanted for a random item but they run away.

    • i will never understand how people scam people

      • October~Fina566 said:

        Okay this is how:

        Fina566 wants Basketball Hair for Cool Cat Hair
        Angelwish has Basketball Hair and wants Cool Cat Hair.
        Fina asks Angel if she wants to trade, and Angel says yes.
        Angel asks Fina if her Cool Cat is star or coin.
        Fina says coin, and Angel says that her Cool Cat is star.
        So, you both agree to post the items, and you offer random items to both.
        Angel asks Fina to please accept first, and makes up some story.
        Fina has to think. What if they dont accept the random offer I make for Basketball Hair, and they just take my Cool Cat?
        Suddenly they start saying something like I gtg, or nvm, or random story.
        Its gets to your head, so you accept the random offer to the Cool Cat.
        Angelwish either makes a lie, logs out, or ADMITS to “scamming”

        So, this is what scamming is:
        User 1 LOVES the item that the other person is offering. The only thing the other person wants, is an item that isnt the same amount (star or coin)

        You both post, the other user offers randomness, you accept, you offer to them, and they deny.

        Have fun scammers!

  9. hi again.. can you please add erikaemerald to this? thanks. :)

  10. Guys i was tricked to, i traded with her and i lost EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was left with my non-member stuff so i called CALLED fantage and they gave me 100,000 eco!nz!!!!! NO JOKE so i could get everything back but that process took 5 months for them to belive me.

  11. I have to give you another scammer. Her name is princess_zaynie. She was a friend of mine for a while. Today she wanted to “borrow” my rare silver hoop earrings and my rare mp3 player. She said she needed them for a “series”. She said she only needed it for 10 minutes. When 10 minutes was up, I told her to put up the siver hoop earrings for trade. She did. I gave her the item she have me the first time. She denied, then logged out. I also warned her she didn’t return, I’d tell the world she was a scammer. The next time I see her, I’m gonna yell at her so bad.

  12. You may warn people about the scammer, but you most certainly may not copy and paste any content on my Trade n Sell pages. It took a long time to make those guides, it would be unfair that you just spend 10 seconds copying my hard work. Sorry.

  13. Oh, they are only selling like, 3 items. They probably sold out by now anyway, since they were pretty cheap. But not cheap enough for me, I thought it wasn;t really worth it…

  14. To the people on that list, ignore Sally. She has no life, just make sure you protect your pass. I won’t get hacked.

    • Wasn’t Sally that hacker? She’s banned now, is she? Just wondering…I want my blog’s safety.

  15. Thanks for telling me :) I really don’t care, she isn’t gonna be able to scratch a dent onto my blog, she’s just a loser xP

  16. Yea, I heard. Thanks for warning me, but I’m not scared…

  17. You are the hacker, you idiot. Makes me wonder how a person as stupid as yourself could actually hack a blog in the first place. One of the wonders of the world…

  18. Anonymous said:

    thank you so much for adding erikaemerald to this!!

  19. xelainezz said:

    I know one scammer too! She scammed my limited items and ran off!!! Her username is blairmellark.

  20. OMG wow i got scammed thx for the ppl to look outfor and awsome blog ya got there!:)

  21. Anonymous said:

    the second user u mentioned, ive seen her around


  23. Now. Im NEVER gonna do double trading again! For my protection. I Just got a Membership+70,000 ecoins AND I’m worried about getting hacked because I’m doing a Drama series. Can casey or MooMoo tell me how to keep safe from hacking?

  24. julia8291 said:

    Hai guys. I just wanted to let you know of this new trick I’ve seen many times. Today, a girl named LaffyTaffy_1 came up to me in the trade shop. She told me to add her, so i could know a secret. In chat, she told me that she is Pinkstardust. (LIES) By this point I deleted her, knowing this was a trick that I had encountered before. This is how the first time happened. Another girl followed the same plot that Laffytaffy did, but went furthur with me. Next, she said that her “user” pinkstardust couldn’t get on because of a “promise”, this way she couldnt prove to me that this was actually her. Next she said she will be quitting fantage and offered me any item i wanted. Then saying that the only way she could give me the item was to give her my password. At that moment i knew this was a trick but continued to see what she would do, if i gave her the pass of my other account with only one ecoin item. Then she said it would only work if she used my account. By this point i automatically deleted her, and now i just want to notify others about this trick. Some people are not aware of the fact that they WILL get hacked, and i just wanted you guys and others visiting this blog, to be aware of this and please spread the word so other innocent people wont get hacked. ~Thanks:)

    • I got hacked by kaitlyn7276, SHE TOLD ME HER PASS WAS SIMON48313749 (dont try it it doesnt work)… i didnt really mind cause all she did was bought me a pair of eyes that wasted my stars, deleted my friends and then deleted her own username from me… if i ever see her again… REVENGE…

  25. um i just wanted to ask… if she scammed u then y did u let her? like if she wanted to double trade then why didnt u wanna say no? and how did she scam u

  26. You should add kitty44469 to the list of scammers. She double traded with me and took my mermaid hair. I guess i fell into her trap because she offered me frisky hair. I BOUGHT THAT MERMAID HAIR FOR 80,000 ECOINS, FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!

  27. OMG!
    I just saw 2cwl4u!!
    I was about to ask her for her bb, but then I looked at her idphone.
    I’m lucky I didnt ask her for it! lol
    I realized that it was her so i reminded her that she scammed casey.
    But it was SOOO weird! She said show meh. UMM… HOW I AM I SUPPOSED TO SHOW HER!!! ROFL. And then shes like owo and all that. Shes so rude!!!

  28. jadecool12 said:

    PLZZ add destiny_sweet to ur list of scammers. I was giving her my winter green hair for her blonde bombshell and i accepted her offer. She said her mom was yelling at her and she had to go. She logged back in on a different server and denied my trade. Now she has blonde bombshell and MY winter green hair. UGHH!!

    • how is that possible if she denied then how does she have BOTH , plz reply i dont understand how she can have both of them

      • jadecool12 said:

        She traded me something else for Winter Green Hair, and I traded her something else for Blonde Bombshell Hair. I accepted her offer, then she ran off and then denied my offer. We traded different things for each other’s hairs because mine was ecoins and her’s was stars.
        Do you get it now?

      • I still don’t get it… If she traded you something wouldn’t you still have something in exchange for your green hair?

      • so there’s one coined item and one starred item. coined item belongs to user 1. starred belongs to user 2. they want each other’s starred/coined item. user 1 and user 2 both put their starred/coined item up for trade. user 1 offers to user 2′s starred item. user 2 accepts, so now she has a random useless item that user 1 traded to her for the starred item. now user 2 offers to user 1, but user 1 denies the offer, leaving user 2 with nothing but the useless random item from user 1. So now user 1 has her own coined item AND user 2′s starred item. I know it’s confusing at first I didn’t get it right away either >.<

    • nataliealfaro2 said:

      arent u on the scammers list?

    • um jade… aren’t u on the scammers list?? O.o

  29. woah.. I know erikaemerald!
    She had her BB hair out on trade..

  30. i saw that erikaemerald. she is on now in a full server., shes wearing moviestar hair, cat shirt, red glows, glass wearings,and hockey puck board.
    another big scammer is nashmiah. she tok my old bb cc frisky and my mermaid hair. D:

    • Ya she’s a scammer I saw her she asked me if I wanted PB hat so I said yes she said to offer so offered my frisky but it wasn’t enough so she told me to post frisky and she will offer a random item ( she posted New Years crown and said that it hasn’t come out yet but of course it did) so I accepted I offered a random item for PB hat and she denied and logged of into a different server she forgot to delete me of course so I tried to chase her but the server she went on was FULL!!! CURSE U NASHMIAH

  31. erikaelmerald said that she never scams and that she always is fair on fangtage. Im on her server right now shes wearing movie star hair calk light blue tee a ligh bow and earrings

    • well she was lying. big time. she took my pb hat. shes a big liar and i can’t believe that she can live with the shame of stealing other people’s items and then saying that she didn’t do it. she’s lying and she knows it.

    • I feel Kinda sorry for ya’ll

  32. I got scammed by princesszaynie for my bright pink hair!!!!! During a double trade!!!! :( and my glows….. I can never get them back!!! (maybe)

  33. jadecool12 said:

    Please put kayi849 up there.
    She she just scammed me for my surfer hair!
    Now i hav no good hair =[
    Also, thnx for putting destiny_sweet up!

  34. I was scammed by Alyssa09785 or something, I can’t really remember her ID. She said she wanted my Green Fantage Celebrity Sash, so I agreed. She had BB Hair and the Cupid Bow and Arrow, and I asked for them. She agreed to her Coined BB, and I got excited. We decided to double trade, and I agreed. She asked me to accept first, and I was stupid enough to believe her. She logged out, saying she would refresh, and then she takes her BB hair off the list. When I tried to confront her, she would not speak to me and she logged off again. Please add her to your list. And those of you who meet her, please watch out.

  35. OMG!! I got scammed by Lilac519 once! Never knew she was a spammer…

  36. isha564 alyssa09855 kisoky everybody thinks im lieng but she took cc and umm
    thats all that hacked or scammed me yasmina2012

  37. You Should Add Yasmina2011 She Scammed LOTS of people and people on youtube said SHE IS A SCAMMER and The One Who Posted The Video Is Subscribeeeeeme And, Yasmina2011 Was Calling Her A HACKER And I Said WT FUDGE?? O.O ADD YASMINA2011 IN THERE!!!!!
    ~A Cat Lover

  38. Theres a fantagian named bayruiz123 she took my cc hair D:

  39. Taylor_Swift_Is_Awesome said:

    What does double trading mean? And how can you trade and get your item AND the other person’s item? (Talking about the scammers)

    • I think it means trading star items and coined items, it’s a way of trading a coined item for a star item indirectly.

    • Fantage_lover said:

      IT means when example someone has a cc and u have a pb hat. You really want that cc so you tell her you want it. She will say okay and she will ask if it is co!Ned or starz if u say starz she will tell the opposite.Then she will offer u for something random for ur pb hat and then u offer some random stuff for her cc(if she posts) and she will deny It. if she don’t post it she will just log off and join a new server, delete u from her buddy list and etc…..

  40. Anonymous said:

    guys erikaemerald scammed most of the stuff she’s wearing, she took my pb hat and glowsticks..

  41. yasmina2012 add her to the list and isha564

  42. i know a big scammer named kayi she took my bb and frisky hair. She said tht her friend was honest and her friend took my cc and winter green hair

  43. Hey moomoo and casey, plz add sousou_98 to ur list. My friend and her double traded for my friend’s springtime hair for something…… Then she made my friend accept first and left with springtime hair ! I felt sorry for my friend. Lolz

    • Why would you said ‘LOLZ’ if you were sorry!? -.-

    • Sousou_98 said:

      Dude your friend the one who gave me the thing free I was like okay imam accept she said “Oh rlly I thought its fine” Im 1000% sure she said that then I was like ok I logged of to refresh Then I came back she deleted me then added me back and said its okay I knew u were going to scam me Then she kept telling people sousou scams

  44. Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ-ღ~♥αηgєℓιηє♥~ღ-Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ said:

    Here’s another scammer…why5651. She almost scammed me. She said she would give me Bright Pink Hair and Pb Hat. Well,I gave her my other account’s username. She was using a hack. Watch out you guys! She will randomly add you and say to go to Fantage Zebra’s blog. Even though the blog is hacked! She will tell you to chat with her on Xat and she’ll tell you she’s hart on Xat. She will ask u for your Xat name and private chat with u and she said she’s entering your username in a hacking system thingy. Please watch out!

    • Anonymous said:

      that happened to me but it was a different girl but i didnt look at her name that well. the girl took my tire board and basketball borad :(

  45. Angelwish12 took my bb hair and most of my favorite limited hair!! She said her dad made a cheat to get her any limited item for free and it actually works but she keeps making excuses because I gave her my fake accounts and she said it didn’t work when she transferred the items (she’s lying) Then, when I got too worried, I logged onto my account and my bb was gone! She said she already had bb!! Then I said give it back and she said she was borrowing it. Now, her dad is trying to fix it and turns out my password is now changed! Fantage was the only virtual world I actually enjoyed. Now, I swear if my password isn’t changed back, I will litterly make a blog all about her stupid hacking. I would tell you my blog to read the post, but that would be advertising and I don’t wanna do that.

    • OMG! Angelwish took my blue one tattoo! She said she was going to give me the autumn hair. She told me to accept first. (we were double trading) Then she logged off with it!

  46. jadecool12 said:

    sorry for caps

  47. Is there a site where hackers can enter a fantage username and get its password? Not that I would want to do that (heck no!) but I am really worried my account will be hacked, and I am really sensitive about my pass. When my friends come over and I want to show them a cool item in my inventory, I make them turn around when I type my pass even though it is starred out. So, please answer my question!

    • there is no such thing.
      the only way to get hacked is if u tell anyone ur pass.
      if there was such a site, dont u think all famous ppl wud have nothing by now?

  48. can you please put up this username kitkat19906 she scammed my bp hair and saint patrics day hat Dx in double trding and dont go in fantage ducks contests and i won and so i gave them my username and pass and then all my stuff is gone yellow glows the tee with arrow on ixt green bow and arrow and more Dx and so i changed my pass and they have not resonded and u can get hacked even if u havent told ppl your pass my cupid arrow got hacked Dx waaa and my wintergreen Dx i rlly miss all the items i have lost Dx

  49. Pannda_27 said:

    i never knew about these stupid scammers! I feel so bad for all the people that lost their items. I’m just asking but is it ok that i report all these scammers to Fantage? Im sure that Fantage would appreciate it.

  50. PrettySparkle said:

    This girl named Summer2055 scammed me for my favorite animated piano board :(

  51. Man, i really HATE scammers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this girl named hellokittyroc scammed me and i lost my frisky!!! And it was coined! wa wa wa

  52. fashionstar395 said:

    Hello I want to tell you guys a scammer! Her user name is Jesica10099. I was on my fantage at Trade N Sell and then she said go to your place, and I said okay. She said she will give me panda bear hat for my frisky (But I don’t like pb hat) And then I said no to her and after that she said she will give me autmn hair and cupids bow for it so I asked her to show me them and she said she doesn’t have them! I said okay and then she said her panda bear hat is ecoins and I said mines is stars she asked me do you want to double trade (And she said HER autmn hair is ecoins and her cupids bow is ecoins when she just said she doesn’t have them so after she said if you give me your frisky i will you the autmn hair when I get it and I said no. After that she said please, my mom is right beside me all the time I don’t scam!And I said no then she brings in if you don’t give me frisky fantage will end tommorow oh and i have it on tape but i didnt upload it yet. So she said do you care about fantage and i said it wont end without them saying anything and besides i only go on for limited events and i am a collector and then she logged out and half an our later she said my mom is gonna talk to you and then she obviously is saying that if you dont give me it i will hack you and i say hmm? how and then i just delete her i like to see drama and i like to type alot so thats why i didnt delete her really quick please add her to the scam list!(i dont think much of this post made sense)

  53. ƒαηтαgє ¢нαяℓσттє said:

    Hey Moo_moo/Caseycow!
    I have found another scammer! Her name is molly9519
    She stole my glowies! :(
    I hate hate hate her. Princess Moomoo/Casey cow,would you mind adding her? I don’t want other Fantagians getting scammed by her. Thanks!

  54. Fruit already quitted or something, because she vanished completely… o.e

  55. Hey guys just to put it out there, as i said i lost my frisky to a girl named hellokittyroc if any of you guys see her and shes trying to get cc hair just to warn you dont trade with her. she will scam you!! she will say her frisky,bb,bright pink and pb hat is stars but she can still wear it because her mom ( this is her lying ) works for the manager of fantage and she will say if you are higher then level 100 on fantage her mom can make it coined!( really big lies!)

    So can you caseycow or princess_momo plz put her on the scammer list.

    thx, amy1959

  56. Another scammer: Nashmiah.
    Just now, she stole my number one. She really is a liar. She said her frisky was coined, when my number one was stars. I was stupid enough to believe her, and when she said, “Umm, my frisky is stars, but still offer, ok?” I did! What is wrong with me? She stole it, and she kept on saying she swore to God, and she doesn’t scam. And she has nerves: She kept on calling me her BFF. What is wrong with her, really? Please add her to your list. I am so mad right now!
    And another thing: If you contact Fantage, will they really give back your items? Please answer~ Thanks. Jiwon725


    • Well, it’s still someone that is using your account that steals stuff. Whether it’s you or your sister doesn’t matter, because your account has stolen items. Tell your sister to stop doing that, it’s extremely heartless.
      I can’t take you off the list until your sister stops. Even though it’s not you, there is still a chance that some innocent person could be scammed by someone using your account.

  58. hai, its wcora! i got scammed by angelwish12 and she stole my autumn boots! she stole other stuff too, like a coined limited piano board. im so mad at her! i spent 4 hours sobbing my eyes out! ;(

  59. princess_bubblegum said:

    im so annoyed with those ppl who keep on scamming others. befor i read the fantgage blog i didnt know about it and i got scammed :( . we didnt double trade because i didnt have ecoins and she wanted my fireworks dress for pb hat. i was dumb enuf to bilieve her so she posted polar bear hat and this really ugly outfit. She firt accepted my offer for the outfit wich i posted the firworks dress for then she ran away with my fireworks dress and the pb hat. :( im really sad. is there any way i can get it back?

  60. princess_bubblegum said:

    moomoo and casey. is there any way we can get our items back after they scammed us? coz i dont really think its fair that they got away with scaming us or where they banned? i just dont feel that safe if those people keeep on scamming others. thank you

  61. cheerfulforever6 said:

    hi princess_ moomoo and casey_cow101
    i got scammed and the stolen items included : my BB hair, my cc hair, gangnam style costume, bubble gum, and e.t.c !

    Anyway, if i catch the scammer , can i report it to you too ?

    i mean everybody has to know about it if they don’t want to get scammed.

    Also, i ran into big snob pinkstardust. ._.

    i think she hacked my sister’s account and she is seven.

    it has all of pinkstardust written all over!

    • I really doubt she would scam people, despite how mean she is. She has basically everything in the history of Fantage, she has no reason to hack anyone.
      As for reporting scammers to be, I gotta admit that I can’t do anything about it. I don’t control Fantage. So, you should contact Fantage instead.

  62. cheerfulforever6 said:

    Also , please visit my blog (that is still being created) .


  63. i wish this was here before because my cool cat got scammed I was like super sad

  64. Well the namisha girl said she would trade me PB hat the some of the girls on the list came along and said ,” you’re giving PB to a non, then the other girl said ,I WANT PB and start fake crying those girls are IDOITS, IDOITS I TELL U


  66. I didn’t get scam, I got hacked. And everything good is gone; Bombshell, Chalkboard & glowsticks. I’m gonna be quitting Fantage, I think.

  67. Hey princess_moomoo… This is an idea, but can u add the pet codes for all the pets to your “Pets” category? Thanks.

  68. Kangaroo52 said:

    Can you please add talur she scammed me AND lied sooooooooo yaaaa, i was really hurt knowing i lost something from 2010!

  69. guys i wanted to tell u im why5651 and i feel really sad u think im a scammer.. im not! so many people on fantage hate me just because i dont have much stuff and i cant stand it. unless people think a little about their actions, i might transfer to poptropica ;(

  70. moomoo, haven’t talked in a while. eh? FYI 2cwl4u took my bb hair and ashley took my wings and gum, BTW ashley not the one in calbears, its ashleymoua plz add her to the list.

  71. Foreverball11 said:

    Ashleymoua? The member? She did the user inspired items right? Well yeah. I got scammed to. I was offering frozen crysanthemum board. She said she was able to trade me the piano board? Don’t know what it was called. But she logged out and denied my offer. But she still has my board. I am non and my only member board. I asked fantage but never replied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for yelling.

  72. ღღღJamieღღღ said:

    OMG! I saw 2cwl4u! She asked for my CC hair and I said no and then she, I`ll trade you BB and I said NO again and lastly, I just left! :P

    • I saw angelwish yesterday, and she kept on saying she wasn’t a scammer -_- I guess she can add the title “liar” on her list too!

      • bluestars99 said:

        Idk if Angelwish12 is a scammer.
        I traded with her, and she didnt scam or hack me.. like a month ago..
        I wish i could go on fantage… :(
        my parents arent letting me go on fantage because of the stupid testings next week Dx

  73. destiny_sweet and angelwish12 are on my Buddy List… angelwish12 was the one who took me Autumn Hair… well kinda. destiny_sweet wanted my boots and Autumn Hair and Frisky… owo She said she’ll give me glowsticks for ALL of them. -.-”

  74. Sherry548 is a scammer she scammed Number Tattoo and Frisky and Pb hat.

  75. ashleymoua said:

    HEY im not a scammer xc. I would never scam anyone I swear I i gav my friend my acc i thought i could trust her then i rndomly had angel wings when i all ready have one i didn’t do it i think my cousin, my BFF,Sister,or my other sis.I swear

  76. Wow to get scam i think i can tell if they level is low that really alot but mines is low and i got bb i just translate them from my old account since the hacker kept stealing my good coinz stuff TnT but I BEEN SCJJMMMED FROM princess_zaynie FOR STEALING MY FRISKY WAHHHHHHHHHH

  77. Hi Moomoo/Casey!

    Are you going to do a thing for trustworthy people as well? If so, bluestars99 and I double traded, and we both got what we wanted! :)


  78. Also add molly9519

  79. super0mg (with numbers) is a scammer. She said her computer wasn’t loading, and warned me it was laggy before. We tried countless different servers and she still said it was laggy and deleted me. I truly thought she was an honest person. Chloe hair was my favorite hair. :(
    Please post her, not many others have usernames like that. She wears Bright Pink hair, Valentine’s day board, Bunny Nose and PB hat (which she was going to trade me.) I’m not very sad over the loss of my item, i just don’t want others to be disappointed when scammed by her. :)

    Best of luck trading,


  80. please put mipmop, she scammed my bunny nose.

    • This is what happened; One day i was in Trade and Sell, when a girl said WHO WANTS KOINED WINTER GREEN!?!?!Of course, i came over.I was wearing bunny nose. She said ‘FR YOUR NWOSE’ I said ‘no wayz’ and went away. The girl said to her friend and said ‘shell come bak’ and she was right.I did come back.I was tempted by the fact i would get Winter Green after 3 months. So I said ‘ fyne.”sooo bdl trde?’ then the girl said ‘o oi’ ‘my plc’ i said ‘k’. At her house she told me how to trade INCLUDING THE FACT THAT SHE WOULD ACCEPT FRST FOR MY BUNNY NOSE. I was dumb and stupid, so I agreed. The girl, mipmop, put up a stupid rare shirt and i offered bunny nose. she accepted, and said ‘ hold on ima put mai hair up’ Then she logged off.She added me as a buddy but deleted me right away. Then i started crying, relising i had been scammed. A few times afterwards i saw her. I said ‘ GIMME BAK MAI NOSE!!!!’ ‘UR A SCAMMER!’ But all she said was’ I GOT MAI NOSE FROM MAI BFF!’ ‘ YOUR CRAZY! I replied by saying ‘ YOU LIER!YOU SCAMMED ME!’ And once she even appeared when I saw tara. She asked if mipmop scammed me, and i said yush, and continued screaming at mipmop. She always logged off shortly after i screamed. Then i desperatly tried to get Bunny Nose, with no prevail. But then when i looked again at these comments after a month, i found this one;
      hey ppl,

      im reading A LOT of your posts and i wanted to help you guys. :) if u guys email fantageitemgetback@gmail.com and tell them that your items got scammed, they will get it back to u guys. u have to give ur username and say the items that got scammed then they will email u guys back asking for ur password and some other info. this is NOT a trick. ive tried it and it works! i was so happy! i got my autumn hair and blonde bb back! yay! lol. so theres a helpful tip for u guys. hope it works :)
      Well i emailed them and GOT MY BUNNY NOSE BACK! I was overwhelmed with joy, but it was 10:59 and the internet was bad. So I didn’t have time to enjoy having bunny nose again.
      This is a loooonnnnggg comment.

  81. Omg! I saw a scammer at trade n sell! But at least I didn’t get scammed!!
    So thats :) with me! And also I will be looking for more scammers and remember their names because some day maybe they are gonna scam me! But that won’t happen and btw thank you for the warning moo_moo xD You’re the best!


  82. Alysssandre said:

    i saw someone who looks just like angelwish12 up above in that picture she had the same shirt she had bunny nose and the same hair and same eyes her name is sarah2hip

  83. I know a padme. She took my stained glass tee. I know she has numbers after her name, but I can’t remember. Watch out for a padme!

  84. sweetie600 said:

    i know one scammer her fantage account is nashmiah she took mai pink streak hair!!!!!

  85. Two of these people were my buddies, but i deleted them. :) lailee01 or something like that is also a BIG scammer! Watch out!

  86. hey ppl,

    im reading A LOT of your posts and i wanted to help you guys. :) if u guys email fantageitemgetback@gmail.com and tell them that your items got scammed, they will get it back to u guys. u have to give ur username and say the items that got scammed then they will email u guys back asking for ur password and some other info. this is NOT a trick. ive tried it and it works! i was so happy! i got my autumn hair and blonde bb back! yay! lol. so theres a helpful tip for u guys. hope it works :)

    • I bet its a hack. Everyone please don’t use it. Your account will be hacked. First of all I doubt that fantage would make a gmail called fantageitemgetback. Second, why are you wasting your time doing this? Please all you hackers/scammers get a life! People worked years on those accounts and you just take them.. -_-

  87. I know a scammer her name is nashmiah i saw her now plzzz put her up she hides when she knows that she scams be careful!!

  88. i know a few scammers,
    1.ashleymoua-took my wings and gum
    2.2cwl4u-MY BB!!!!
    3.sudu4-took my gryphon board and my black flower hair(new scammer)
    moomoo i am very srry, i know i was wrong, i don’t expect you to forgive me. But at least add these scammers to the list, i wanna warn people about them before other fantagians get scammed too!

  89. sexy anonymous said:


  90. Also add Rinam3 to your list! she scammed my bright pink!

  91. nataliealfaro2 said:

    I got scammed by this girl called ji11 TnT please put her up she took my cc and blue glowwies!

  92. katyperry1898 said:

    OMG!!! Isn’t jadecool the worker in fantagecalbears??? And PLEASE!!!! I figured out that ALL MY comments are spam!!! Why??? Casey NEVER replies me and can make a post about jadecool because fina is an admin on my blog but could not post it because it’s a 1 month break for my blog workers so can I plzzz post about jadecool???

  93. Isn’t Jadecool12 in the Fantageville Games?

  94. Hackers=losers said:

    I WAS HACKED LAST YEAR BY KAITLYN7276… She ignored HALF of my buddy list, and so when i removed them…. they disappeared… JUST SAYING IF SHE EVERY ASKS FOR ANYTHING…. delete her. Yes i still remember her username… I wrote it on a piece of paper.. xP


  96. Ugh ikr ppl can be soo mean! My bff got
    Scammed for Surfer girl hair! I gave her
    My archers bow n arrow to make her feel
    Better :)

  97. a girl that got hacked said:

    add giovannarocks

  98. omfg. I’m talking to jadecool12 *jaw drops* at Trade ‘n’ Sell……..

  99. pinkstardust said:


  100. Guys I promise I didnt do that im jadecool12 people have been going on my account lately. It must’ve been a poser. Guys u know me i would never do that

  101. Yeah, I also wanted to say this girl named Rinam3 is a scammer, she took my mermaid hair >.>. She’s friends with angelwish12 um; okay just a warning c:
    Also, if you google the person’s Fantage username before trading with them, sometimes you see posts about how they scam or videos of proof or warnings. I googled her name after it was too late ;c

  102. Anonymous said:

    Angelwish scammed my dog bone …

    You made me cry last night.
    Fina is my friend now and she said she didnt want her shirt back. Okay?!?!?!
    That was the only item that poser took.

  104. Angelwish12 is also hacker.. didn’t she hack one girl and take her bb hair?

  105. TORI22478… she stole my friend’s cool cat hair and denied it proclaiming that my friend had stole her account which she hadn’t then said that she NEVER knew her…

  106. I have 2 more scammers… xuandao9(frisky) and rinam(some numbers)(bombshell)

    • Xuandao took my golden earrings, rinam3? She took my winged board AND pb hat Dx

    • I saw xuandao9 before she was about to scam my blondie hair she said she would give me her cc for then she said to post my blondie and I did when she offer it she offer something ugly and told me to accept first of course I said no and I just left she still my buddy but then she deleted me

  107. ive scammed peaple…….only once…..NOW I HAVE AWESOME CLOTHES!!!!!
    HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH………but not SO good like chalk board1 just like…..idk…cool stuff??

    • 1.Spell right. 2. Your an stupid idiotic mean bully to scam people. Lets say you were Double Trading PB for Celeb Crown. And the person ran away with Celeb Crown AND PB. Would YOU feel happy? No. You would be known as a scammer, and people would avoid you. You better give those people you scammed their items back.

  108. OMG! Does Mo_Ta_Ta scam?
    She used to be my friend but she deleted me.

    • qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm said:

      She scammed me, but I think that a hacker went on her account and scammed.

  109. Abbylamb,Emilyrose500,Angel123705,Emilymoua Don't put her on the list said:

    Hey! Ashleymoua is NOT a scammer I’m her BEST COUSIN FOREVEA and i swear she only double trade with me because I trust her and I go to her house EVERYONE week in real life.Sooooo i belive she is not a scammer don’t put her on the list please and she might quit….. So yeah.I swear she don’t scam.Katyperry could be jelous or could just be lieing she don’t like angel wings because it is rare and well…. gum is not her type.Don’t put her on the list I’m begging you go ask her if you want she will say no she traded with crystal101533 and didn’t scam.Please don’t put her on the list. And don’t be mad with us. From,Abbylamb,Emilyrose500,Angel123705,and Emilymoua.

  110. Put party_pancakes up there, she took my chalk Dx

  111. Besides double trading, is there another way to get scammed?

    • Some people like to say “my dad works for Fantage, give me your pass and I will give you 1,000,000 ecoins”. And some people actually do, which is really foolish ._.

      • Or if someone is a non and the other person is a mem. The nonmember has a really good star item that’s worth a lot of stars. The member has a really good star item too, and it’s worth less stars. The member posts it and the non offers something and makes them accept. It could be the other way around too…

        That could happen if someone ran out of ecoins too.

  112. Roseyfantage said:

    omg!!! today a girl named bff_1230 scammed me. i saw her at the trade and sell shop she came up to me and said can i have ur bunny nose for pb hat? i said can u show me it? she said she doesnt want to. so i said k and she asked me if its coined or ecoined. i told her coined so she said she will buy it and tthen put the pb hhat up for starz. so then i put up the bunny nose. then i waited a while and saw her wearing the bunny nse. then i thought she alredy put up the pb hat so i checked. she didnt. i told her hey wheresthe pb hat?! she tld me she didnt have it and she sold it right now. i tod her HEY GIVE ME MY BUNNY NOSE. she said no and immediatly logged out. good thing cos i clicked on her idfone before she logged out and i reported her and sent an email to fantage telling them she is scamming me. 6 months later i went to my fantage inventory and aw that OMG ! TH BUNY NOSE IS BACK! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so guys be alert if uu see her around fantage

  113. please add useless to the list plz heres wat happend: i went to trade n sell so i can get the blak and white shorts. Then I saw her ( useless ) say ” TRADE AT MY PLCCCCCCCCCCCCCC ” so I went since she had the shorts. She said ” can i trade u my fiery falcon board ( i think its called that ) for ur bubble board? ” so i said yes. Then she went to trade n sell to post the board but she just took my board and ( she added me in the begining ) unfriended me and logged out. idk how she took but wen i looked in my inventory it was GONE!!!!! idk how shee did it but it was GONE!!! i was sooo sad :( it was my fav board oh wellll….

  114. i_snow_fairy stole my clock board, blue dress, lovely purple dress, winter green hair, and my other thing! i forget what it was ! please put her on the list!

  115. Wow AngelWish12 is my buddy lol and we were about to trade aswell :P

  116. Add brownbear10 and i_know_i_rule. They are big too…

    • Those are BOTH my buddies. Brownbear said if I got gym shorts, shed give me stylish fall look. Apparently she already got it though.

    • They do! i_know_i_rule is my bff!

    • Anonymous said:

      rlly? i_know_i_rule? shes a SCAMMER? I’ve seen her before…..


      • She isn’t a scammer. I have traded with her before and she didn’t scam me, and she never even asked to double trade.

      • Just because she didn’t scam one person doesn’t mean she has never scammed. But, if there is more than 1 report of any person scamming, then that means they did.
        You probably didn’t double trade with her then. Double trading is the only way to scam someone.

  117. Is Bunny Nose really THAT wanted ? :o
    I sold it at Bob’s before the Trade N’ Sell opened .. LOL *fails at life*

  118. ashleymoua said:

    remezmacullen hacks and scams!!!!!!!!She hacked my account……and scammed allmost everything on her invortory!

  119. Add fantastic175 to the list. She was double trading with me for my bunny tee, and she said she will give me cc. I accepted, then she logged off. She denied my trade after. I’m resisting not to pull all my hair out.

    • omg thats my coolcat hair!! she scammed me out of it saying that she would give me frisky. (both hairs ecoined) and then she said “frisky and my shoes and cat ears are my only ecoin items. I really wanna keep shoes and cat ears can u please put something lower up *cause cc hair was worth 1700*” and i was like okay and i got some ugly offer for cc hair while for the other thing i posted , it got offered shoes from le shop and a pair of glasses. And then i was talking to her on xat and then she said i offered frisky and i said no u didnt then she gave me a link for that frisky WAS offered including the shoes and glasses and she said “my frisky only shows up on some peoples offers.” And then she said if i didnt get frisky she promised she would give cc back. I accepted, waited for 5 minutes and i didnt even get frisky and i said hey give me my cc back!! and she said wtf??? YOU scam me!! Im not giving anything back! The next day i logged in and saw her wearing cc and i guess she was changing CAUSE SHE WORE FRISKY AFTER and i said can i have my cc back?? and she made a huge deal of telling her friends that i had scammed the bunny nose i was wearing (I WAS ACTUALLY THERE FOR THE EVENT) and then cried and her friends started cussing me out. -.-

  120. yasminfin and aspalo

  121. ashleymoua said:

    Oh ya dont forget even PILAR46 SCAMS TOO!!Shes a big huge scammer

    • Anonymous said:

      pilar and remezmacullen are both scammers, i’ve seen them both scam people.

  122. Anonymous said:



    • Remezmacullen Is My Buddy.. I know she scams and hacks but she doesn’t hack or scam her buddys. She hacked me once on XAT pretending she was a boy and was going to give me eCoins but instead she took my pb hat and pink streak and etc..
      But Now were buddys its wierd….

  123. You should add _azura_ up there. I got practically EVERYTHING hacked/scammed out of my inventory because of her.

  124. Can I Put Some Of These Scammers Names On My Blog To Please? To Warn Other People So They Don’t Get Hacked Or Scammed Please?

  125. Anonymous said:


  126. idkwatidoing said:

    Hello. Just found out your blog today from Google search :) Already, after a few hours I was amazed at all the information you’ve gathered from Fantage. It’s quite impressive, I even showed my cousins xD So I followed and decided to comment on a few things, just for fun.

    This page has a lot of comments and tips about Trading and Selling on Fantage…Ever since the shop opened a few months ago ( i believe…) EVERYTHING CHANGED xD All of a sudden I couldn’t even walk Downtown without some random person asking “Is your ____ for trade?!” And of course it’s not a bad thing, it just got annoying x) But over the months, I have to admit it’s become addicting xP But I’ve seen real hard core traders before (o w o); They’d do ANYTHING to get a virtual hair xD It’s gotten quite hectic…And at least every day now I see one of those scammers up you listed up there. Thanks for that by the way because I now know to stay away. I even deleted most of my scammer buddies up there because I have no interest for them and their ways…

    Anyway, T’n’S has become a major factor to Fantage. Especially the last server on Fantage, is what I like to call “Trading Center” or “Trade Network” >u< because of the giant crowd that's always in Trade and Sell and all of them are mostly "amazing" avatars that own a lot of stuff people "need." It's overwhelming to be in there sometimes xD So yeah those are just a few things I've gathered from my 5 years in Fantage so far (with help from my cousins sasha888 and udonrox) xD

    Well that's it! Thanks for reading my randomness :P


  127. sasha888 said:

    Hey there~! Sasha888 here! I just wanna say good job for making this huge blog. xP I don’t really have anything else to say… but I’m the cousin of idkwatidoing, if you haven’t seen her comment. Not a big thing really. :3

  128. ashleymoua said:

    I don’t scam! Katyperry I never had bb or cc angelwings hm girly. Gum not gud and its pink. My sister watches my every move on fantage. The other time we were on xat u were on people belive i didnt scam becus i didnt hav those things.Princess moomoo or casey please dont put me on the list!!

  129. ashleymoua said:

    Ok earlier i talked to my cousin on the phone i told her about the scamming thing that i didn’t do then later she said that she scammed the items and put it on her account the hunged up.I was like not my fault…..

    • Sally2213 said:

      That does not make sense

    • it doesn’t matter whose fault it is. if the scammer had access to your account, they could always scam using your account again. you should probably change your password and make sure you keep it a secret this time. (o_o)

  130. There is a whole blog that someone made about how much they hate angelwish12. A little over the top I think… But still she really should stop scamming…

  131. psalm1003 said:

    Everyone definitely watch out for Angelwish12! She told me she had a cheat that would give you 100,000 ecoins since her parents worked with fantage, so I gave her one of my other accounts pw. She continued saying it would only work for mine. Well I wasn’t familiar with hacking at the time so I finally gave it to her, but I didn’t trust her so I logged on immediately and saw she had been trading my stuff to herself! I changed my pw but the damage was done. She says anything to try and get you to give her your pw! Don’t trade with her! The autumn leaf she’s wearing belonged to a friend of mine. Also, thanks for putting this page up to warn people!

  132. I think I saw lilac but before she could ask me anything I went out of trade and sale

  133. ashleymoua said:

    BEWERE OF ANGELWISH12. Dang she hacks and scams like crazy I heard from alot of you.She is also mean she tried to scam my sister.Ceil6 idk wht r the numbers but she scammed my friend and tried to scam me

    • Tammy731 said:


    • Tammy731 said:


  134. musicdancesing said:

    OMG good thing I never got scammed before. I barely ever trade n sell cuz other ppl don’t accept :( but I know never to double trade

  135. Anonymous said:

    u should actually put party_animals on dere too she stole my cc! ~Hana

  136. I never got scammed, but I know a hacker. She is a friend of mine and her name is Swirlcandy3. I got hacked several times before, but it wasn’t major since the hacker was found and she gave my stuff back. Apparently this time, I wasn’t the one hacked. I’m not really sure what happened, but one day I just came to Trade N’ Sell and this person was talking about being hacked by someone to her friend. I don’t remember her name, but she said that she was hacked by swirlcandy3 and her Cool Cat hair, Bombshell, and something else was stolen. She probably told swirlcandy3 her password for an item everyone wants, like Frisky for example, and she got hacked instead, but I don’t know for sure. So I just checked my friends list to see if she was my friend, and WALLA! She was on my friends list. So I just checked her idFone and guess what. She was wearing CC. I’m pretty sure that she hacked because she never had CC and she always tried offering for it, but she never got it or wore it. The person that was hacked said that swirlcandy3 probably forgot to delete her and when she logged on to the server swirlcandy3 was in, swirlcandy3 acted like nothing happened, said she never knew her, and didn’t give any of her stuff back. I felt bad for the one who was hacked and I just wanted to make sure other people knew to avoid any possible way to be hacked by swirlcandy3. Therefore, I posted this super long story about it. Stay safe people~! (ノಠ ∩ಠ)ノ彡( \o°o)\

    ✨(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ sasha888

  137. Put mipmop! She took my bff’s bunny nose! She also took a LOT of Katy’s stuff!

    • Allylol1223 said:

      I so agree with you she take everything my friend have and now my friend have nothing good mipmop should stop scamming people

  138. Anonymous said:

    if some one say ” u go first :B :) ” NEVER TRUST

  139. miku1679 scammed my crayon

  140. Uhmm… Can you add ladygaga14991 (i think thats what it was anyway…) she took my cupid wings.

  141. miabonner said:

    why do people have these issues with scmming people???? the people who get scmmed are usually very nice people so its not very fare p.s cat12 is a scmmer.

  142. Pinkstardust said:

    Guess where angelwish got her autumn hair? ( me :( )

  143. ashleymoua said:

    Another thing btw i didnt wuit fantage and xuandao or xuandao9… Rinam scams too she scammed pb and frisk.

  144. Dancingstar1222 said:

    Yesterday I saw a scammer and I think her name is kitty1254lol, scam a girl for her bomshell and her glowies. Kitty1254lol, said she had cc hair and said that she would trade I for glowies and she said you we have to double trade and the girl agree and the girl was stupid enough to believe her and accept first and then the double again and the accept it first and kitty just left and the girl had two ugly hairs. What a shame I think it’s kitty something I forgot oh yeah I think I saw lilac519 I think but I am not sure.

  145. lolliepopsie2 is a scammer too

  146. Can you put jellybean0857? She took my Chalkboard. ):

  147. Another scammer: swirlcandy3, I watched her scam an innocent person of chloe hair…

  148. musicdancesing said:

    zackfran92 is a scammer(I think she is) she said she would give bp coined for colorful dress but she said I had to post first so of course I said no. she could’ve scammed my colorful dress!!! :( :(

  149. abbylamb said:

    Mini_choo scams.She scammed movie star hair,glowies,ect

  150. sasha888 said:

    rachel17014 scams. since my cousin had an extra bunny nose, I tried this out. rachel17014 said she would give me PB Hat ( Polar Bear Hat ) for my nose. so I accepted first just to be nice, then after she added me, she deleted me, then took my bunny nose, and denied my offer to PB hat. this proves she’s a scammer. So watch out for her!! you don’t want to be scammed, trust me. TT u TTi Now I just have to survive without my bunny nose for a while…
    hey this is my first time being scammed! o_oi I don’t think that’s a thing to celebrate for.


  151. ashleymoua said:

    Mkay I went to a trading party at a few peoples house.I saw lots of scammers!I saw jadecool12 and princess_zaynie.Lots of people freaked out.LOLOLOL.I said that jadecool12 skjjmer then she kinda mention she was one….thn she started kinda fighting with me and said:U R A SCjjMER TOOO!!!! I was like read the comments my cousin did it.Jade is soo annoying now she is a scammer.If you double you should look up their users first.

  152. ashleymoua said:

    I have a list of scammers!!!! Kk now here it is:Rebecca_380, Sophielolbrb, MipMop ,danirocks66, Pilar46, Malloryrs9, Nashmiah sometimes Sara161, Yasminfin ,Molly9519, Dancestar30334,sherry548,Allison5432,jellybean0857,rose6693,505a_,gage2247,tigersrawr,Summer2055.Thats all i got.I hope this helps

  153. Anonymous said:

    Candypop585 is a scammer! she used double trade to steal my purple glowies! One RULE NEVER DOUBLE TRADE!

  154. Kellen254 said:

    Yesterday I saw someone talking about Ashleymoua scamming someone said that she took something I think that’s how she spelled her name but I did see someone talking about her scamming something but I did see a lot of notes Ashleymoua wrote and of course all of them sounds fake like really and the one about her cousin writing in fantageville was all fake probably, she just made a random name and said it was her cousin that wrote it not her so I think Ashleymoua is a cheater don’t trust her she is a big fat scammer!!!!!!!!!! I even heard my friends complaining about her and also jadecool something is a scammer also don’t trust her!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. Jessica Le said:

    fantageville? can you please add a name to that list? her name is u_can_wear
    Shes a hacker and a scammer. double threat.

  156. Anonymous said:

    rinam3 is a major scammer!
    She has scammed many people…

  157. sophy416 said:

    I sorta like the Trade N Sell because you get starz and stuff, but lots of people double trade and then they get scjammed…… I MISS THE VINTAGE SHOP WAAAA! I think if i have time maybe I could send a email to fantage to say: PLZ PLZ PLZ BRING BACK THE VINTAGE SHOP AND OASIS SHOP AND ASLO THE EXPIRED ITEM PRETTY PLZ WITH A CHERRY ON TOP! Hopfully they will reply and say: Kay, But the expired items will have to be in a limited cart and ill replace the vending machines in Uptown and I will make the Owasis bigger to fit the old Owasis and ill make ( Its dosent have to say in this part!) Zack the owner of that shop so he will get a important job in Fantage and hopfully he will meet new people. Thanks For The Support To Make Fantage Better!
    If YOU agree with me then rate a thumbs up You Dont Have too im just trying to get support and if you reply this comment with your fantage name then i will write at the bottom: PS these peole agree ( Your name here ) with me and i hope you will satisfy us THANKS!

  158. Angel_xox_101 said:

    __Cali is such a HUGE scammer.She scammed so many people and its all over youtube a google.If you type her name on youtube like this __cali fantage you will see.Shes also super racist.She scammed a lot of people.Her and angelwish12 are tied up in scamming

  159. Exclusively said:

    Could you please add loll124566 to your list? She stole my surfer girl hair and then threatened me not to tell anyone, or else I would be sorry.she said she would give me her Pb hat, then she logged out and DENIED. Then she’s like, I don’t even know u!!!! NEVER EVER DUBLE WITH HER!!!!!!
    I also saw jadecool12 and I told her that she was on the list of scammers. She said that she doesn’t scam, and that Casey hates her…lier
    - Exclusively

  160. can you add nemoy to your list

  161. tinaryanjose said:

    ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fancy is a scjjmer!!!!!!!! I hate fancy8241!!!!!!!
    this is how she scjjmed me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    First she said sho me e co!Ned stuff!!!!!!!!!!!! and I sho her wintergreen, prom hair .. etc
    Then she said I wan ur bombshell …. I said for? she said chalk or cc I said fine
    Next, she posted an ugly hair and said offer first I asked can I trust u she said yes I wont scjjm I offered and she accepted bombshell then she logged off……….
    I told ppl se is a scjjmer then suddenly she logged in and said offer tinaryan offer I said iDID!!!!!!!! SHE SAID SHE DID NOT RECIEVE THEN I SAID U DID AND SOWED HER THE HAIR BUT SHE ACTED SO SAD AND WAS LIKE I DID NOT RECIEVE…PLS IF U HAVE BOMBSHELL FT PLS PM ME

  162. I didnt know a few of them scammed. I see like all of them every once in a while. The funnny thing is some of them are my buddys Dx. and isnt it meant to me Kiosky not Kisoky.

  163. Fantagerules57 said:

    One day, I was at the trade n sell and some girl kept bothering me. I ignored her for a bit, but she kept annoying me. Finally i said “Okay what is it??” She kept saying how much she wanted my autumn leaf. I told her i wasn’t interested but then she said she would offer bb and frisky. At first i that she was crazy and lying, until she showed me her bb and frisky. I agreed after what seemed like forever. She said she ONLY double trades. (Where both Fantagians put up the item at the same time and offer random stuff to get that item, and accept the trade at the same time.) So I put my autumn leaf up, and she offered for it. So being nice, i accepted. But she DENIED my request, and kept her frisky, bb hair, and now, AUTUMN LEAF, and just left. :( :( :( Her name was lilac519. I think shes on your scammers list.

  164. kingdf said:

    sydney4454 SCAMS! she scammed my limited red chalk board:’(

  165. Paramore555 said:

    princess_zaynnie is such a scammer and hacker. In about 2011 she hacked my account when I was a member. I got my account back but everything was sold and I had no membership

  166. Anonymous said:

    You may want to add in how to see if someone will scam or not. One person said that they would give me coin cc for rare heart board an hero tee. They scjmed my planet hero tee!!

  167. the1cow1says1moo said:

    lilniychan scams. She said she would give me bp for lipstick brd and purple hair, but she took the board, and logged out. I added her, but she never accepted, claiming that her friends list is full, etc etc.

  168. realitystarr said:

    OMG there is this girl named mo_ta_ta and she stole my cool cat hair! She sed that I could trade her blue glowies for bunny nose, then cool cat for bombshell, but I already had bombshell! She denied the bunny nose and took my cool cat! PLZ ADD HER TO THE LIST! I DON’T WANT ANYONE ELSE TO GET TRICKED!

  169. Anonymous said:

    lilacs a scammer I gess since u ppl say know wonder she wanted me go first

  170. I do not think tori is a scammer marie her other account don’t know numbers, but goivanna rocks gave it to her then anther person got on one of goivanna rocks friends

  171. cyrstal_clear said:

    __cali,she like a huge scammer! Add her,this girl is cruel and racist! SHE admits it on youtube.Scammer…………….

  172. I’ve Been Depressed Lately . I Got Pb Hat With Ecoins That I spent Like 20.00 Dollars On
    Ecoins And I Spent Half Hour Waiting To Get It In Rare Items Place .When I Got It I Got So Excited !! :D But Then I Was Checking My Inventory I Got A Board That I did Not Want So I Went To Trade And Sell A Girl Asked If I Wanted To Double Trade . She Said That She Will Give Me Prom Hair For It . So I Got Really Excited We Double Traded and then….. I Was SOOO Stupid That I Let Her Accept first. When I Noticed She Denied Me And Disappeared . I Felt So Foolish.. It Took Me Half Hour and Now I Lost My PB D: . Any Advice?

    • Don’t double trade. I already wrote it on the top of this page, yet people still do it.
      I can’t help you if you put trust into random people, nor do I understand why anyone would do that…

  173. alana805 said:


  174. Omg! can u please add blue_skies_112 to your list of scammers? she scam my cc hair!!! :( ll swd face ll. thanks princess_moomoo or casey_cow

  175. Anonymous said:

    _lemon_bunny scammed my fgc board today. and princess40062 or something like that (iforgot the numbers lol) she scammed my F**CKING FROG WAND!!!!!! F THAT B*TCH

  176. Please add chocolate514 on the list. She wanted my heart shirt, it was starred and a non member top. That I got from a event. She said she would trade it for coined glowies so we double traded. She posted a starred tiara and a coined glowies. I offered her my shirt and a hair. She accepted my shirt and declined the hair for the glowies. She removed me from her buddies list. The good thing is that she logged on the same server and came to trade and sell and I saw her. Someone asked if her(my) heart shirt was for ft. Right away I said to everyone that she’s a scrammer. I reported on her and put her on my ignore list. Then she logged out. I guess I got lucky. She was level 1000 something. Right away somebody called her a monster. I told my buddy and she had chocolate on her buddy list, she deleted her. Payback ha! Never double trade. No matter what! Casey you were right you should NEVER double trade. Oh yeah, chocolate had a starred frisky I bet she scrammed it. You never know anyone on fantage is a scrammer unless she’s your best friend on real life. I wish I got my shirt back though. =( It was the only rare thing I had
    ~ kimwooin
    by the way my fantage username is also kimwooin if you see me add me please

  177. Anonymous said:


  178. Exclusively said:

    Hey Casey,
    I know I shouldn’t have doubled. Bt I got scammed for blonde beta Santa hair( I have 2, I traded moviestar for one). How many people have to email fantage in order for me to get it back? Btw my username that got scammed is jessica32113

  179. Blurasxbery said:

    Jadecool12 was my buddy but she deleted me TnT and when I saw her again wanting to tase with people, after they traded they said that jadecool12 was a scammer O.O I’m gld that she deleted me now because she is really mean to me and scams. Don’t trust her!!

  180. mrgrnforever said:

    samsam1961 scams
    vincent333 said so

  181. Exclusively said:

    The top says that the paragraph was writtin by Casey. It’s says not to double trade, and she’s never been scammed before because she doesn’t double trade. Then at the bottom of the paragraph it says that some of the scammers even tricked Casey…..was this writtin by princess moomoo?

  182. Anonymous said:

    I have another scammer to add on your list. Her username is katiecat333. She had Ho Ho Ho hat, so I offered 2008 glasses, 2008 headband and purple and gold board. She said its not worth, unless I also give magical dog bone. So, she posted a random costume so I can offer the dog bone, and I did. She only accepted the costume even though she PROMISED to give santa hat. Please warn other people about her, I dont want anyone else to get scammed. :(

  183. add you_rock on the list. she took my bb. I was so excited she took me off guard. ive been scammed 3 times. once my bb, then my peace tee, and lastly my house…I miss my house…

  184. i really don’t think angelwish12 dad and mom are the owners of fantage

  185. i got haked
    rimam haked my account

  186. i almost doudle traded…good thing i didnt

  187. So is angelwish12 really the daughter of two Fantage workers? (She would probably be a beta or something…. most likely) because only Fantage itself could verify this.

    • I would be surprised if she didn’t have a connection to the Fantage staff, because if she didn’t, that loser would be banned 100 times over by now.

      • Anonymous said:

        I think some poeple do have connections to fantage, or at least the admin. __cali was able to call britney1284′s whole name. Like the numbers popped up and everything. It’s freaky.

      • Yes, admins can say anything they want, including numbers. I haven’t seen an admin yet though xD

      • she IS always banned….she has an account(angel***** with number)when her acc is banned. I dont think her parents are fantage employees, because, then she wouldnt rlly need to scjm. Wouldnt she just get them for free somehow?

      • Pinkstardust’s uncle works at Fantage (at least, I heard he does) and I have heard countless times that she scammed people. Dunno if it’s true, because it doesn’t really make sense: she has all the items she wants, and it would ruin her already scarred reputation

  188. Nashmiah scams, she took my 2010 party hat thing she said she would give me frisky, it was too good to be true!

  189. Anonymous said:

    Don’t trust steward39 she tried to get my pw but I gave her my sister’s acc(BTW my sis says I could hav it) and guess what, when I logged back on, ALL MY SIS’S ECOINS WHERE GONE!!!!! I WAS SOOO MAD. it went like this 1. she asked if I wanted 70,000 ecoins so of course I said yes 2. she said to get it, she has to go onto the computer app that she downloaded. when I said can I get it too, she said its not there anymore so I couldn’t get it! (total lies) and she wouldn’t tell me the name of it! 3. she said it like needs a old account to work from like 2011 to 2012. she wanted mine cuz I hav good stuff on it but I wanted to see if she can be trusted so I offered her a new account that I just made. then she said the it has to be old thing so I said will my sister’s acc work? but she said maybe so she was gonna try it. so I gave my sis’s acc to her ( I really wish I didn’t do that ). 4. THEN when I go onto my sis’s acc like 5 days later, some stuff was gone and all her ecoins. SO DONT TRUST HER!!!!

  190. ceindrina said:


  191. I found 2 scammers. ashash51 and amber82951. Don’t believe me? Look them up seperately. there are lots of videos on ashash51 and one on amber82951. Amber was close friends with my sister for a year. She asked to borrow her lovely prom hair and promised to give it back (through trade and Sell) than amber immediately deleted her and went to a different server. Ashash51 is also my sister’s friend but promised to never scam her. I can’t trust ashash51.

  192. Yet again, I have been scammed.

    Honestly, virtual items…they don’t cause me trauma or even really upset me. I just want to help others who may be hurt or upset by these people.
    The person is
    She will say she’s recording the whole thing on youtube, but trust me, she’s not. she’s saying that to buy a false sense of security, and afterwards? If you try to do anything? This is her literal reaction.

    Me: Lynna, you disgust me.
    Her: How?! I didn’t do anything!
    Me: You just scammed me.
    Her: Idk you

    Don’t double trade. Whether it be your best friend or some stranger you just met in Trade & sell, it’s really not worth it.


  193. Hi. I’ve been scammed by my (used to be) BESTIE amber82951. She said she wanted to borrow my prom hair. I refused but she begged me, so we traded. After we traded she IMMEDIETLY deleted me and disappeared. That took me litterally YEARS to get that hair and now it’s stolen and i can’t get it back. If anyone would be ohh sooo kind to give me prom hair, please do. :(


  195. Angelwish12 said:

    Casey and Moomoo,
    I DON’T hack or scam. My mom is an employee that works for Fantage and don’t bother trying to report me for nothing. All you guys are just jelly , probably because I have WAAY more stuff than you do, and I am super popular. My best friend is pilar46 and we never scam. SO STOP. I only took a few things. Dog bone, Santa hairs, bb,, cc, cashU, and a few more. BACK OFF!


    • UGH I hate it when people pretend to be “famous” people on Fantage and comment on here JUST to cause DRAMA.
      You have an IP address. You are exclusively and pineapple522, and you just made another dumb comment pretending to be chocolate514.
      We don’t need drama on this blog, so go away if you’re gonna cause it.

      • exactly! So many of them are pretending to civic_princess….so MANY!!!!!!!!!!!Don’t know what they get from this

    • oh yea thats a few for u ????? angel u scjmm and hacker ! thats not a few those r the best n most popular items on fantage ! BEWARE it seems! LOL !

    • Chole785chole785 said:

      Angelwish12: How can WE be jealous of a b—– like you? Sorry I swearded, but…

    • sigh… not these kind of people…i hate the kind of people that pretends to be someone they are not..

  196. Chocolate514 said:



  197. nothing said:

    Can u put sophiagrace in the list? I almost double traded with her. She tried to trick me into double trading, well TOO BAD! Also, I am so sick of scammers scamming people. Why would they scam people when Fantage is just a virtual game for kids???? Just to get the good stuff, probably. But that is so kiddish. And don’t they have money to get the ecoins? I hope the scammers get their karma soon. If u r a scammer, ur karma is to be hacked by others or banned! Sorry, I don’t really talk like this but I am just so pissed. Also, thank you for putting this up.

  198. I have another scammer to add to your List. Its dream_4_lyfe.
    she stole my cool cat hair.

  199. oh! I never got scammed before cuz I don’t trust random people,its always safe to trade or double trade with your friends someone who u trust!!!!!!!!

    • well no actually, I got scammed by my friend for a board. It wasn’t that big of a deal… Its not like it was bb hair or msh… but It wasn’t great… Later she deleted me… Don’t COMPLETLY trust your friends. Really I don’t see the need for double trading… I’m not saying EVERYONE is like that but you know…

      • Maybe you should only double trade with people you know in real life, not Fantage, because in real life you can’t “block” someone

  200. abbylamb said:

    Some peopl say tth they scam becus they hav nice clothes (for expoles like this person level 200 and somethign had blonde bb,bone wand,ect). and ppl says “someimes it cn be your falut.Y? becus ur fault for DOING and falling for it. and people say tht ” STOP CRYING ITS JUST A GAME!!” (no offnese which is true) iwouldnt double for nothing

  201. Here is another scammer _shybear123_
    She took my Bb she said she was gonnaive me tire board but then she got my bb logged offad i got stuck with nothing
    I spent40 bucks on ecoins and I worked really hhard and now i gotnothing
    I hate _shybear123_

    • No offence but bb hair and tire board for trade isn’t a fair trade. If you would give me bb hair for tire board (which I have) I would TOTALLY say yes.

  202. Anonymous said:

    two other ppl i found are scjmmers their names are kaylee, and theresa00zz im sure of it cuz they scjmmed me

  203. Anonymous said:

    Add flabby_hamster or something to the list! She scammed me…wasnt that important but yeah. :D

  204. Dear Casey and Moomoo,
    Another scammer is Jade4903. Please add her to the list. ):
    She scammed my starred limited black boots.
    She said she would give me an ecoined limited mist board, back then that board was pretty popular so I was stupid to believe her. Anyways we had to double trade. I posted the boots and she posted the board. She offered something random to me and I offered something random to her. Since I didn’t know her that well I asked her if she could please accept first. And i also said she could even film in case. But she said no. It took like 20 minutes for her to get me to accept. So when i accepted she denied. I said “omg I knew you would scam” and she said “oops sorry i accidently denied. reoffer ixt” so i said “oh ok phew i got scared” so i went back to trade and it said “this item has been sold” i went to message Jade to tell her but she wasn’t my buddy anymore. That’s why you shouldnt double trade. Luckily i filmed it and posted it on Youtube. So if you do double trade (which you shouldn’t) at least FILM it for proof. Apparently jade has scammed other people judging by the comments on my video. PLEASE add her to the list.
    Thanks for your help,
    A Fantagian

  205. Anonymous said:


  206. Dear, Princess_moomoo
    I got scammed, (Worst experience in my fantage life). First. They took my half heart board (I didn’t care that much) Second. They took my chalk board (Didn’t care that much) Third. They took my polar bear hat (CARED). I gave something not even worth polar bear hat… A bunny nose! Thats not something that happens everyday. I know the scammers name (Witch I think should remain anonymous). What should I do? I almost cried losing that hat… I told my mom and she was like what? Lol (of course). Princess_moomoo, is there anything I could do (besides trading again), to get my polar bear hat. I will do anything!

  207. Someone scammed me. ;w; candycane14105

  208. nothing said:

    OMG CASEY AND MOOMOO (sorry caps) you guys need to warn people that the scammers are pretending to be guys too. This guy said if I wanted a million coinz and i said yes but he said to give me my password to him. But i ran away from him. And for real, if they aren’t scammers then they should say: post up a random board and i will buy it. I Hate Scammers.

  209. batutse & mousy72 said:

    did you guys know that candypop scams!?!?!??! she scamed mousy72 for her cc outfit.she double traded and she couldn’t believe what she had done.can u plz add candypop to the list? thank you

  210. riley1963 (quit) said:

    That shows why I decided to quit fantage. Ppl r just mean!

  211. Anonymous said:

    Allison824 is a scammer. Luckily i caught it on video. Told her she was being filmed…silly her. Add her to the list maybe? How do i email fantage?

  212. ashleymoua said:

    Anonymous!!! ikr I SAW HER!!! Shes goood at lying sometimes shes like “I DONT SCjjm!! LALATACO SCjjMED MY RED GYM SHORTS” blah blah blah. she sed she scjjm this other gurl and blamed lalataco. my sister told me dat xP

  213. Anonymous said:

    I caught a video of a scammer..what do i do

  214. nothing said:

    Does Fantage really helps you when you report someone, by the way, not like report them in their idfone. I sent an email to Fantage reporting a scammer/hacker and they did reply. But, what do they do to those people? ban them? or do nothing?

  215. I hate it. One of my buddies tried to hack me, saying that they will give me the good stuff by giving them my account pass. Which, of course, I said “NO.” Now, I find it really really REALLY ANNOYING because another buddy was trying to say the same thing to me. Hackers, my name is monkee897 on fantage and yall can’t get my pass. If you do, I will track you down like an ANIMAL. If you’re the person who tried to trick me and you’re reading this, NICE TRY and IT AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN and if it does, IMMA GOIN TO-
    Ok, I’m done here.

  216. Theresaisawesome said:

    Why did fantage make the trade n’ sell. That’s like the worst place that I go to I want vintage shop back:(

  217. pups215 said:

    oh my gosh… YOU SAVED ME BY A LOT THANKS SOOOOOOOOO MUCH! You see angelwish12 tried scamming me and I ALMOST fell for it if it wasn’t for this because I saw this, read it, and tried to remember. ANGELWISH12 ALMOST SCAMMED ME! She is really convincing though… Thanks SO much! -pups215

  218. rockstar (awesome_girl4u said:

    i know one more scammer
    her name is u_can_wear
    she scammed me for one of my outfit
    she said double trade
    i was an innocent person tht tyme n i got scammed
    so next time i met her she wanted my dance fever outfit
    i just said no!
    i hate her
    plz put her in the list so people can get saved

  219. Anonymous said:

    sniff sniff theresa0022 scammed my Green summer outfit

    • wow, she added me yesterday. I added her back and she’s in my buddy list!

    • omg i saw her and we were doing a fashion show at the time and we were waiting for owner and was like hai and she just said ugh ppl these days. jeez i just said hai :(

  220. clarasmiley4u said:

    There’s one HUGE scammer you guys need to include. staceyforever2. She’s my buddy, and i saw her in action once. She scammed a girl for green sidebang hair.

  221. mipmop’s a scammer too.

  222. zoey6424 said:

    dont fall for this eather some girl named candycane133 told me that there was a email about getting free items from fantage she said you had to give your email pass and user and lvl. and i fell for it she hacked me took my friksy celeb zebra dress i was crying. we email fantage and they gave me back my items i was still upset. DONT FALL FOR THIS EMAIL fantageitems@gmail.com <—–NOT REAL! btw its a group of hackers cuz my other friend got hacked by the same email but someone else told her about it.

  223. zoey6424 said:

    and btw the people like par or nut are scammers to they r trasnfers and they scam. they have 3 lettered names so juast think that they r nons with really good stuff some how and they just name a new account so i would not trust them. mostly the people with autuam bb and cashu dress are the sacmmers no offence to the people out here reading this…

  224. anonymous said:

    I’m just going to say something. I hate when people say that someones a scammer when there is no proof or a victim of their ‘scammings’. Just because they’ve probably been on for a short time or have good items, doesn’t mean they scam. They could’ve transferred or worked really hard on their items. Sometimes, there are people who are scammers and have been on for a short time/transferred, but doesn’t mean everyone with those conditions scam. Some people buy items or buy ecoins to get desired items, wasting REAL money on pixels. Don’t call someone a scammer unless there is actual proof or someone who got scammed by them.

  225. Anonymous said:

    Add Sweetgirl282 to the list of scammers -.- she keeps on faking it that her sister is taking her computer every time I ask her to accept -.- it’s like the worst acting ever.

  226. I’ve been scammed before, I contacted fantage asking for my items back, but they never bothered to reply. I’ve sent many emails to fantage, AND THEY NEVER REPLY. Do they even read the emails?? Oh and it was pixiepink111 who scammed me.

    • I think they only help people that have been playing Fantage for a long time, and those that have paid for membership/ecoins frequently, because those are the people that are advantageous to their company; they wouldn’t want to lose a loyal user.
      Pretty biased and unfair, but if you think about it, hundreds of people get scammed every day, and some people could just lie…

      • Yeah but I’ve been playing since 2009 and bought many memberships and ecoins and they still don’t reply…

      • One of our viewers commented something very useful: if you send screenshots as proof in your emails to Fantage, then they will most likely try to help you.

      • psalm1003 said:

        I don’t know, my santa hat was scammed because someone got into my account through a fake admins page on facebook, so I contacted fantage and sent them proof (link to fake admins page) and they gave me a new one. They also did that for a friend of mine who sent them proof and called them and she got back her moviestar hair, fgc items, coined bb, and a bunch of other stuff the fake admin person scammed. I think that if you can send them pictures or videos or some sort of proof they will help you.

      • Thanks for telling us this!

      • Ok thankyou!!

  227. -.- How did some people get their stuff back? Fantage told me this:

    Dear Fantagian,

    We cannot reverse any trades that were completed in double trading. Please do not double trade in the future.

    Thank you.

    Fantage.com Team

  228. lily102003 said:

    Ello princess_moomoo i dont think u remember me from trade n sell lool i was excited to meet u and u added me, anyway, Theresa0022 scammed my Green Summer outfit so dont ever ever ever trust her.

  229. starlight123cat said:

    I got scammed by tac and sponge082. tac scammed mai earth style hair OnO and sponge scammed mai elf hat. OnO ima really sad.

  230. Ashleymoua said:

    I want to explain this one last time. I am not a scammer that my cousin Michelle did all of it. She want to Roblox so she won’t get caught. Then after that she left and everything was blamed on me. I’m only 9 right now…like seruoisly I dont’t even have anything good in my invertory. The only good thing is dat sunnydayXDXD and I traded for an ipad. On Roblox her user is Michelle5656.


  232. Theresaisawesome said:

    Why did fantage even make the trade n sell worst shop in the world. I hate it so much. Especially they scammers in the trade n sell :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(::(:(:/:/:/:(:(:/:/

  233. http://prntscr.com/1eqjtn She scammed me. She took my pumpkin tee and she said she would give me coined frisky but she scammed me. I asked for it back but she didn’t give it back. I recorded the whole thing, too. Coolcat6568 is her username. Then she deleted me..
    Let’s sneak in to her house and eat all of her tacos!

  234. chinchilla81 said:

    Hey guys! I’m a member and this one non member came up to me and asked if she could have my pass. She said that she wanted to know what it would be like and that she would earn me lots of stars. Of course I said no because it was obviously a trick but make sure that you NEVER fall for that. ;)

  235. I just got scammed by Nike416. I felt pretty stupid after I got scammed cause it started to get obvious in her actions of what she was trying to do. She’s my first ever scammer. She was also my first double-trade, and also my last. I’ll never double trade again. She was so…convincing. She scammed my celebrity crown and 2009 turkey shirt. And I was waiting for BB hair to be offered to me, but nooo. She’s still on my buddy list (Im guessing she’s a noob scammer.) and I will try to talk to her tomorrow that is if she doesn’t delete me. She’s a non-member but looks a premium member. If anyone of you guys see her please reply or contact me right away at: Sullendunes@gmail.com or tell me on fantage my username is alondra988. and if you see her try to yell at her or something T_T!

  236. Anonymous said:

    Hello. Princess_moomoo. I would like to tell you a scammer. She is happycholoe. She scams through paypal,Ugc. I don’t know if she scams by double trading, but when I was selling my items she said she would give me the money but I have to go first and I accepted an item from her, she gave me half of a code (ugc fake one) after i accepted all she gave me the other half when i checked it, it says redeemed and she blocked me. So never trust this scammer. She scammed lots more people. Please post her. I don’t want anymore people to be scammed by her (new method of scammer fantage items.) xo

  237. glo1006 said:

    my friend got scammed by I_rockie she even got proof and its on youtube just a heads up if you trade with her

  238. I saw cat12 and angelwish12 today, thank god I know that they r scammers!! Another POSSIBLE scammer would be meera149 (i think thats her user) she says that she has cc on this other stuff up for trade and another account WHICH she forgot the pass. She THEN said when me and my friend asked for the accounts name, she said she couldn’t tell us, because it was her friends account…. WOW. She bassicly changed her story, and when she knew we realised that we knew she was lying she left. All I can say is DON’T TRUST HER!!!!

  239. Another scammer: jane0320
    What she scammed: wintergreen
    What the trade was: bombshell and wintergreen for cc

    I got hacked. Simple as that. I know you all are thinking, “I don’t need another pity story of how you foolishly double traded or gave out your password or whatever.” But this one is just cruel, so could you please read?
    Exactly a year ago, my cousin introduced me to Fantage and I was instantly hooked. I was so excited, especially when the Trade n’ Sell came and people didn’t sell things for outrageous prices. I bought many cheap things. They weren’t 100 eCoins either-some were 5,000-10,000. I spent $100 in eCoins for Fantage to buy really special hairs. And I just got scammed, then hacked.
    Before I discovered FantageVille and all the other fabulous blogs warning everyone about scammers and not to double trade. I didn’t even know what it meant! So I ran into angelwish12 when I was screenshotting for my friend, so I was wearing my best hair. She looked interested and asked, “Is that for trade? It’s pretty.” I wondered if I could make a profit and answered, “Yup. What do you have?” She told me she had an eCoined Bright Pink hair, and I got excited. Now I realize my Movie Star hair was worth SO much more. But to the point.
    So my Movie Star was starred, so we double traded. I was utterly new to this and didn’t know I was being so stupid, so I accepted first and she said her computer was laggy and she’d be right back. I waited, and she didn’t come back. A week later, I spotted her again (she was my buddy) and I told her to give her part of the deal. She cried and told me, “I am so sorry! I offered it to my other friend. OMG, I’m so sorry! Here, give me your password so I can give you 90,000 eCoins since my dad works at Fantage.” I was SO excited and gave her my password. Of course, you know what happens next.

    I was robbed. Blindly. I lost my Movie Star, Sweet Summer Hair, Autumn Leaf Hair, and Chloe Hair. I found out after a week and I sobbed for hours. I worked SO hard, payed SO much money, all to get hacked. Please help me by contacting Fantage. Tell them, “My friend tlcsparkle16 was hacked and scammed by the user angelwish12, who took her Movie Star hair, Autumn Leaf (eCoined), Sweet Summer Hair (eCoined), and Chloe Hair (eCoined). Please help her get her items back. Thank you.” I would be SO grateful. Thanks if you actually got to the bottom, and told Fantage. Whoever did, I owe you one :)


    • Lol that bp she was offering? That was mine that she scammed from me

    • You would be a good story writer, but wow, what a heartless cruel girl :/ it’s so sad how she does these things and doesn’t even think twice about them. You definitely deserve your items back!

    • Sorry this may sound a little cruel but why would you be spending so much money on a kids’ virtual world? I love Fantage too but I would never actually do so much as consider spending real money on something I will outgrow in a few years. Also, I think people are taking Fantage too seriously . . . you lost a few pixels. It’s not as if it’s going to seriously affect your life. I personally don’t think anyone should be crying over being scammed on Fantage.

      But it is sad just thinking some people have no guilt over the fact that they’re shamelessly taking what isn’t theirs. I really do hope Fantage decides to give your item back! :D

  241. Ashleymoua a scammer?? Anyone have proof?

  242. princess_zaynie scammed me :((

  243. moo_moo and casey, thank you for caring about the people who get scammed, Im really happy that i decided to follow this blog, if I hadnt seen casey on fantage and her fans talking about fantageville I would have never found this blog.

  244. ik a scammer she loliepopsie

  245. If this scamming or double trading keeps on happening, Fantage might take the trade n sell shop away. Just my opinion because people got scammed a lot lately and they always report it to Fantage. Why can’t you people stop double trading?! (TmT) Also, I don’t know why people are saying that Fantage is going to end too! (OwO)

  246. CutieBLossom said:


  247. Hey moomoo,

    plz add raylene68 to the list, she scammed my brown bb hair tht was coined and now im so sad! she said she will trade arrow and another hair for it but she lied and only gave me the other hair! ugh im so angry at her!

  248. ashleymoua said:

    An another way to get scammed is giving back an items. Expole, Josie and Suzie where JUST TRADING. Josie offered a hat, Suzie offer a bow for the hat.Josie aceepted the bow for the hat. Soo Suzie has the hat stuff. Then Suzie askes for the Bow back. Josie says “sure”. Then Josie and Suzie did a another trade. Josie gives the bow back. Josie askes for the hair back. Suzie Says NO, and leaves. Something like this happened to my friend Belle

  249. Haha I know *remezmacullen* in real life LOL ^.^

    • o oi she asked for my account once like always i said no lol plzzz princess moo and casey cow 101 plzz add another scammer by the name of stella14412 she scammed me today for my secretary hair :(

  250. KrazyCakes said:

    arantxa1 scammed my stained glass tee TnT Can you put her on the list? If you search up arantxa1 on youtube, there will be a fantage video showing that she did scam me ono I shouldn’t have trusted her. Hopefully fantage can do something about it ^~^

  251. Celebrit scams, too. She had Beta Santa Hat and I had no idea what “worth” was yet, so I offered Frisky and she wanted it, even though she was a non. She offered to Frisky and the price of the Santa Hat was too high, so we HAD to double in this case. In the Private Chat she kept saying “err” and “e ei” and “idk” about me scamming her (because I wanted to go first) so I accepted yellow tank top and khaki skirt for nons in the store -.-
    Then she deleted me and signed out… she never even took off her santa hat Dx
    I had the chat in a YouTube video.

  252. OMG Lilac519 is my buddy….

  253. Why don’t her lazy parents actually do something about her scamming people?

  254. I have another scammer! Her name is 1jessica1999! She looked like a transfer so after she scammed me she probably switched users. I got it all on video, search (youtube) fantage scammer 1jessica1999 up and watch the vid (if you want..). **BE CAREFUL WHEN TRADING WITH TRANSFERS! THEY EITHER TRANSFERRED BECAUSE THEY SCAM OR BECAUSE THEY GOT HACKED (or if it’s there back up account) ** Thank you :)

  255. rawan1115she scamsssss plzz be aware of her :( :(

  256. Mipmop used to scam she has a fantage IG and if ur wondering about what happened to Mipmop she’s now Tod so watch out idk if she still scams

    • Yes Tod does scam. My friend got scammed A LOT of items. Poor girl.

    • WOW yasmina2011 is tod she has a youtube account with her ON THE ACCOUNT!
      she said Tods inventory: does anyone want this account

  257. Anonymous said:

    Please add Lucywoofie1 to the list. She had cc hair and I wanted it. So she told me to give her my bombshell and blue chalk for it. I posted both of the things and she only offered on the blue chalk. I was like offer cc on bombshell and she’s like no you accept first. We would say this back and forth to each other. So finally I was tired of it and I trusted her. I accepted and then she offered on my bombshell but it wasn’t cc. She then said I gtg before I looked at her offer. She of course went onto a different server and deleted me as a buddy. So she took my blue chalk and that’s where the story ends. I swear if I ever see her again I am going to give her a piece of my mind!!! So beware of this cray cray chick!!

  258. Sigh, my angel wings and shorts were scammed! I don’t really care about the shorts anymore, but the wings took me like, FORevr to get! If anyone would like to donate wings to me, it would be much appreciated. :( I
    ll give you banner on my blog’s sidebar
    email me kristadu5122@gmail.com

    • OhSnapItzMe said:

      i have some… rare? i have some if you want for free. :) just tell me when you want to meet on fantage. sorry i cant email you because i’m not allowed to email random people. :(

  259. I don’t get how people get their accounts hacked by hackers. Is it because they got tricked by the hackers or the hackers did something like computer work? Just trying to protect myself………yeah.

    • People give their pass away to people that they think they can trust, who end up stealing their items. It’s not really hacking, it’s just taking advantage.

  260. Sousou_98 scams too! She took my movie star hair but I got it back, I scammed her back and I scammed alley74 because she was a bitch xP

  261. Hi! I’m ada11812. I had just gotten scammed by 16sarah at trade and sell. She stole my dress called green prize (if you don’t know how it looks like, it is a recoloring of caterpillar outfit.) Please report to Fantage about ada11812 getting scammed by 16sarah. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME GET IT BACK. Here is the proof that she scammed me:

  262. More scammers I know are ttmoe10, sammy05 (i witnessed while someone else got scammed, poor girl lol) and teddybear217.

  263. NEW Scammers!
    sweetgirl282- scammed my elf hat
    pearlrose2626- scammed my blue braids

  264. i got scammed today at trade n sell ugh by frog384

  265. ♥Leah♥ said:

    Its scary how there’s lilac519, and I’m 12lilac. I just got scared and I’m all like “OH GOD! I’VE ONLY GOT MY ITEMS ACCEPTED TWICE!!” Then I started freaking out, but I read the rest. PHEW .-.

  266. Insert name here said:

    If fantage knows that people scam then why don’t they do something about it? Plus the trade and sell, it’s great but couldn’t fantage move it somewhere else instead of replacing vintage? One last thing in my opinion the trading cards aren’t even pretty unless it’s the style of those characters in the movies at events. Plus I sold my hexed wand and moonstone wand and people always post ALOT of stars and ecoin when they sell stuff

    • Well, people like angelwish12, for example, one of her relatives works at Fantage, I heard, which is why she hasn’t been banned forever. So stupid, really…
      Also, Fantage needs proof that someone scammed.
      And yes, those trading cards are really useless…

      • October~Fina566 said:

        Angelwish12 is my friend, and its hard to get people there items back, especially when you would have to scam the other person. But wouldn’t I be a scammer? I have been trying to decided if its bad to scam a scammer. But I hate scammers and hackers, mostly because I have been both. It took me forever to get my inventory, and after all of the proof I have given to Fantage, they wont even reply back to me. I need help!

  267. This is a weird question, but how do those scammers do it so fast?! It’s so weird how they can do that!
    Scammers should think before they take someone’s item! They could’ve worked so hard for it! Or spent so much money on it! Real money just in case the item is coined!
    I got scammed and I’m never double trading again! At least I didn’t get scammed for something bad like a dress you can get on the daily spin or a little floty that you can buy at High Tide! I asked for hair! It might not be as pretty, but it’s limited like mine! Wasn’t a total lost! And I can still buy the same item for Christmas because I’m gonna be getting a lot of eCoins.


  269. October~Fina566 said:

    Aspalo scammed my Pink Summer Hair, and I dont really know who hacked me. I didnt give out my password. Uh I hate hackers and scammers.
    Also, stop saying that Angelwish12 parents owns Fantage.
    Because the two people that own Fantage arent even MARRIED. They could be together, but I dont know if they have a kid that breaks all the rules.

  270. Can you plzzzz add Emily8022! She scammed me! And then she denied that she scammed me!

    • Starry I saw you last night! I cant believe you got scammed :o
      I was sure I was gonna get scammed as well last night so I unfriended the person and went into another server.
      P.S. Is hexed wand worth anything good? I have no idea. Or them pink 2010 glasses?

  271. I think I almost got hacked the other day by this girl named _aria or something like that. She’s hard to miss, because she’s a level 3 that looks kinda like a beta member. She told me to go to a Xat chat on Fantage Cookies or some site like that and told me she was quitting Fantage and I could have her account. Her one condition was that I let her use my account just for that one day and she promised to get me stars and ecoins. I denied the offer, because it seemed pretty fishy. Why would you ask for someone else’s account if you had your own (her account was a lot better than mine, too xD)? I said I wasn’t allowed to give out my pass to other people, and she made lots of sad faces, then deleted me as a buddy. I have some good items that she may have wanted. My brother saw her on Fantage today so I know that she was lying about quitting and giving me her account.

  272. saly19996 said:

    There’s a hacker her name is coolkat747 do not trust her she promised me she will offer arrow for my limited pink streak hair so she broke the promise! do not trust her!

  273. auroradudevant said:


  274. auroradudevant said:

    tinangocbao23 is a scammer!!! She took my wintergreen… T.T

  275. rainbowstars1212 (or was it rainbowstar1212) scammed me! we were really good friends, and we knew each other for a really long time. I let her borrow my blonde bb. at first, i said no, because it was my fave hair in the whole world. then, she started giving me free rare stuff, telling me where she lived, buying me a bracelet, etc. she was acting all nice, and, i trusted her because we double before and she didnt scam me. when i gave her my bb, she said she had to “show her friends” and kept on avoiding me and changing servers. when i finally caught up to her, she said she was “going camping” and promised to give my bb back tomorrow. then, the next day, when i logged on again, she was GONE IN MY BUDDY LIST! I actually cried. And i heard from another friend who knows her that she traded my bb for frisky, then for CC! now i can probably never get my bb back. how could she have the nerve to trade something thats not even hers! and i thought we were friends!

  276. Anonymous said:


    • oh i know baloonparty she my friend but i would like to kno your username so i can talk to her were friends

  277. Sweetgirl282 scammed my purple glowies :c

  278. sugar_n_sweet said:

    Angelwish12 scammed my stain glass. She is probably the most hated scammer in all of fantage – -

  279. yasmina2011 was scamming but now she stopped and i traded with her and she didnt scam she gave me bone for movie star hair!! yuppy

  280. sheilaouano said:

    Guys, it’s just a game I know they did a bad thing but when you not a human and… wait…. pretend you’re a guardian angel protecting a human playing fantage and the human cry over her fantage account because it got hacked? and you look at your little human crying because of a game? just slow down a bit the scammers can’t have a punishment because it’s just a game :/

  281. angelwish12 said:


  282. Candylover887 said:

    Speaking of scammers, I see a user called ericaemerald on fantage right now. I’ve heard she is a scammer. Is this true?

  283. purplediamond said:

    omg!!! cupcakeisawesome scammed my elegant and long and eyepatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg never trade with her!!!!

  284. Star_light1 said:

    Proof of JennyJenJenna trying to scam me.

  285. There’s this girl called watertea who had Springtime Brown, and my friend wanted it, but watertea changed her mind and said that she didn’t want to trade her hair anymore, and then asked if my friend’s hair was for trade (she was wearing Black ho ho ho hat). Watertea said she’d give springtime brown, crayon, stylish, and some other stuff. So they both went to Trade and Sell, and watertea said to my friend “accept first”. My friend had been scammed before and wasn’t stupid, so she said “No. I don’t wanna accept first. Nvm then.” So watertea said, “Accept first or I’ll tell everyone else that you’re a scammer and a hacker.” Do you think she’s a scammer?

  286. Blurasxbery said:

    Hey princess_moomoo/casey_cow101. Today yasmina2011 scammed my cc and stylish outfit. I want to make her a known scammer. I have the link to the youtube video of me getting scammed. I was wondering if you could help me by posting it on your blog somewhere? Do you have a post with a list of scammers?

  287. summer21342 said:

    chocolate514, gummygirl2255,tara12308,and summer2020 all scam p.s I DONT SCAM

  288. NEVER EVER EVER!!! Dubble Trade With Either rora8080 OR Pearlrose2626

  289. Hello,
    Im Randomnom from fantage,
    some people are thinking that im scammer of a mistake,
    one time my father called me while i was playing fantage,
    i let my sister play,
    she did double with one girl and scammed her,
    when i come back she told me what she has done,
    i told her that i dont want to scam and like that,
    ive sent a message to fantage and asked them what happen and i dont know the name of the girl though,
    they told me that they will take my starred frisky and gave the girl i accepted what they said,
    and i gave them my frisky for her,
    and now i would be happy if you believe me ,, and if you didnt its your choice though im not playing and gave my account for my cousin i hope also everyone read this < my cousin dont make trades though
    anyways bye, i wont reply people or anything like that

  290. awesomedude1382 HACKED my friend! He took her rubix! btw its a guy…

  291. I hate scammers said:

    I’m so sick of those scammers. This just happened to me about 5 minutes ago (I think), this girl named ‘lollypop212′ told me that she will give me Polar Bear Hat for free. Then, I said okay which sounded fishy. Tsh, of course she will say double trade. She said double trade for polar bear hat for a limited dress (Which is not better then PBH). When I thought I about it, that is one stupid TRADE and EXPLANATION. She was only level 2…. She even said that I would accept first too. But, I’m not stupid enough to believe her (I didn’t trade with her cuz she gonna scam, so obvious). Gosh, scammers are such low-lives. WHY CAN”T YALL GET YO OWN STUFF!? YALL WASTIN YO TIME ON SCAMMIN N HACKIN PPL!

    • Yeah, there was this girl diva something trading with a scammer (I know because I looked up her name). I told her not to, but she went right ahead.
      I left, but it looked like she didn’t get her item, no trade takes that long.

      • its actually lollythepop212 so watch out, and yes she even threatens to tell everyone that “you scam” and tell all of youtube if you dont trade with her. i have evidence, and i think she has been doing this to alot of people.


  293. Gonna Hate On Scammers said:

    Omg, its like everyday, I always meet ppl that try to scam me. Like today, this girl called ‘mew900′ don’t trade with her. She lied that if u accept then u can see the item. When she offered, she offered an item from a store, total face palm, i ain’t stupid. So, I denied and called her a liar. She even lied that her mom works for fantage, yeah right then why won’t u have a membership or good things? Liar, don’t trade with her.

  294. Hi MooMoo and Casey!
    I was wondering if you could make a post telling everyone that if you got scammed, just email fantage about the item! like this for example, pretend someone scammed my BB hair,

    Hello Fantage!
    My BB hair got scammed at the trade and sell! Here’s the proof:

    Video or Picture or whatever goes here!

    I was hoping you could return it to my inventory!
    Thanks Fantage!

    Make sure you only do when you REALLY BADLY need to, because if you do it like, every day or every 2 weeks, Fantage won’t get your item back and they will probably send you a e-mail to stop double trading. Also, i think the person who scammed you gets a banned for a day. If you want to you can test it out, But like i said, only do it when your DESPERATE! If you could, give credit please! :) Thanks Fantageville!!!

    • I kinda sorta made a page like that, it’s Prevent Getting Scammed. A lot of people in the comments give advice on what to do if you get scammed, which is perfect, because they have experience.

  295. lily102003 said:

    theresa0022 scammed my Green Summer Outfit. She was like oh, i won’t scam you i’ve never scammed in my life all those things that scammers lie about… you should never double trade with a complete stranger unless you look on youtube or google to see if their username comes up. one time i KNEW someone was gonna scam me and she wanted to scam my winter green, so i played her little game. i saw someone else say that she scams. but i dont remember her username -_-

  296. lily102003 said:

    angelwish12 is a big scammer

  297. tod just scammed my black top hat. )’;

  298. Just curious said:

    I wonder why people say tht your a scammer just because of your things and they write your names in blogs and things but actually there isnt any proof that they are eithr in utube or facebook or instagram tht shows a video or a picture of thm scamming. So, I think we should stop saying oh she scamms he scamms without any proof. Cause that can hurt their feelings. And I am saying this in my own experience. I can see my username every single blog I do and they are like search it up in youtube! I do and I don’t find any video of me scamming or anything else. But, they won’t stop putting my name on because of that one blog Fantage Platypus or something. And tht blog’s owner actually scammed me but shes been saying tht I scammed her frisky and her best friends cat12′s cool cat? I mean why will I even do that. Anyways I made up with her sayin I forgive u and yeah. I think we are pretty good friends now? Unless she thinks differently.

    • On this blog, we of course do not post scammers without proof.
      That would be like accusing you of stealing my stuff because you have an item I used to have.

  299. I have questions. Why would people double trade these days if they know that there a lot of scammers that wants their stuff?
    Do people scam because they want to be popular or have good stuffs (If so, that’s stupid its just a game)?
    People who are known in Fantage (like Angelwish12) is mostly scammers?
    Also, if two people don’t want to accept first in double trading, then what? (Like they don’t want to get scammed so, they want the other person to accept first)
    Well, that’s all the questions I have.

    • People are convinced that the scammer is telling the truth, because they are too busy imagining themselves with the items to be cautious (which happened to me once)
      People scam to take advantage of other people and to get free items, I think
      If the person you’re doubling with doesn’t want to go first either, then just walk away. It’s better not trading at all than losing your item for no reason.

  300. I got scammed by a girl named Alyssa for my bubblegum!! TcT (Forgot the numbers after the Alyssa part xD) she usually wears pink hear with the ponytails and Cupid acc so if u see her, don’t trade with her but report or block her right away! ouo 😡 ouo -a lvl 301 girl

  301. MEAN PPL THESE DAYS said:

    I know this isn’t a type of comment for this type of post but Princess Moo Moo and Casey, can you guys make a post about mean people these days?
    There are lots mean ppl and for example, a person was trading with this person and she was offering stuff that wasn’t worth the item. But then, the mean person was acting like a b****, like “Oh my god, that is soooooo not worth.”. I mean, If it’s not worth, you don’t have to mention it out loud. (That happened to me and my buddy once, got into a big argument with them.) Also, some ppl says “Who want any on me?” at trd n sell and the mean person be like “NOT ME.” (Gosh such a motha-) Still, I take it offensive if ppl do tht as a joke. Ty

  302. HaterOnScammers said:

    fantastic175 is a scammer. Luckily, I searched her up on the internet. TTuTT I almost got scammed by her and it was so obvious. She said that she wanted my asteroid board (limited), caterpillar dress (limited), and ski hat hair (retired). She said she will give me blonde bball hair, yeah right, who the heck in the world would trade bball for that. I wasn’t stupid enough to accept those things she offered meh ( I played along ) it was store items!
    She only offered to the dress and hair ( she wanted the popular stuff ) and went like can you accept those first, HELL NAW! Ain’t nobody scammin’ meh! I hope you someone teaches you (fantastic175) a lesson or just go to h**l.

  303. Sarah Starsplash said:

    Wait.. angelwish’s parents are MAJOR OWNERS OF FANTAGE?!??! What is this sorcery?

  304. fantagian said:

    what if someone REALLY scjmmed u but u didnt record it?

    • Anonymous said:

      idk most people start recording wen they double because they think they might get scamed i almost got scammed one with bunny tee and cc soo close they were nice enough to not scam

  305. I got scammed by famousl she was just being all nice, I fell for it. She scammed my Ho Ho hat, and CC and those were the only good items I had, now I only have a bunny nose that most people dont want!

  306. I got scammed by Thea1234 Most people didn’t believe me when I said she scammed she took my popper and autumn NEVER trust her if anyone is nice enough to trade those items with me I will be Very happy

    Another scammer: sammy05 she scammed my friends bone wand I don’t know what she was giving but my friend says she has proof on youtube all she told me was : WAAAA SHE SCAMMED MY FROG WAND!!!!

    • randompersonthatplaysfantage said:

      OMG, I saw Thea1234 with popper and autumn and I think she has a low level? Also, scammers these days are using new accounts to scam, like a fantagian that’s level 10 or 20 or wat ever below level 50. So yea, and some of them say that they got hacked so they transfer their other stuff to a new one (I think that’s true?) and some of them use it to scam so others don’t know who they really are (like candypop585). I’m kinda happy cuz Nov. 7 is almost here and by then, there will be no more SCAMMING (but I’m pretty sure there might hacking too by hackers). STILL, NO MORE SCAMMING (until 11/7/13)! <3

  307. angelwing88 said:

    mew900 is a scammer. i wanted her arrow and she wanted my pink popstar dress. she offered to double trade, so i trusted her. i accepted then offered for arrow. Then she said ill accept brb and deleted me and left. WARNING: DONT TRUST MEW900 SHE SCAMS

  308. getalifescammers/hackers said:

    PPL watch out for this person (ziyanlin) that is her username. She’s a hacker but I didn’t get hacked and luckily, I didn’t fall for that. She tried to hack me about 3 min ago saying that I should give her my pass so she can take a look in my inventory, so that i won’t take long just to show her my offers. Ya rite, and I played along and ended up ditching her. When I think about it, if you’re going to trick/hack me, get SMARTER cuz I’m not stupid to fall for tricks. Geez, why can’t hackers/scammers get a life?

  309. Not anymore! YAY! but Vintage Gold kinda sucks ):

  310. I think that is karma ! Karma is something that is like if you do something bad you would be treaten bad by karma and if you do something good you will get something good from karma !Taht is what I think though

  311. Monica1611 said:

    What if angelwish’s parents came on here and looked at all these comments and reported you guys, moomoo? wouldn’t you be scared they’ed close your account or something?

  312. Monica1611 said:

    Okay, so if my friend in real life gave me her pass for Fantage, and she actually said I could on it to earn her starz and stuff, me going on wouldn’t count as hacking, right?

    • As long as you don’t do anything bad on it, then of course it doesn’t count as hacking! Hacking is a lot harder now anyway, since TnS is gone.

      • Monica1611 said:

        Why did TnS play such a big part in hacking? And I didn’t do any bad on my friend’s account I just play fashion show because she has so much stuff. You know.

      • Well up until it was released, we could never transfer items between accounts. So when it was released, it made it so easy to steal items >.<

  313. Monica1611 said:

    Even though there are scammers like angelwish12, I still wish we had TnS back. a) we could get stars more easily b) we could get old items from other people that they don’t want and we do

    • afrosmileyface said:

      that’s a good point, but fantage made it look like they took T&S down because of the scamming. The real reason is because Fantage wasn’t making any money. Fantagians were easily getting eCoins and Stars from selling their item or from fantage Facebookers. Like, when T&S was up, did you ever see PB hat for like, 9999999 stars or eCoins? It was too easy to become rich without becoming a member or buying eCoins. So what did Fantage do? They took away T&S and in came Vintage Gold, with all the “limited” items fantagians love. Like Basket ball hair and etc. And they cost extra eCoins and stars. And not many fantagians have 100,000 stars. So the easiest thing would be to become a member so your star allowance is bigger, or the buy eCoins. Which all cost money. Fantage makes money, you are begging to use your parent’s credit card and in the end, you actually end up realising that when you buy the item you wanted for all of the time you have played fantage, is actually some extra pixels. You are giving Fantage the advantage of just giving the privilege of having more pixels, which isn’t that much of an accomplish. And P.S. I bet Pinkstardust is actually feels ugly in real life and Fantage is the only time she feels beautiful, because there is some pixels on the screen. And I’m not playing fire with fire. I’m simply stating a fact. I think.

      ~The Awesome Intelligent Afrosmileyface

  314. Sarah Starsplash said:

    Angelwish12, more like Terriblewitch12 LOL

  315. I wasn’t that into trading and stuff, but my sister was obsessed and knew what was popular. I had the bombshell hair i think, and she saw it and asked for it, saying she could get something like the polar bear hat from it. I trusted her, and she saw someone, of course they had to do a double trade.. I told my sister not to trust her, but my sister was so convinced and eager. My sister said that the person had recently been scammed, and promised she wouldn’t scam her. She must have been a pretty good liar because my sister gasped when the girl left in the middle of the trade with my bombshell hair, my sister getting nothing but some worthless item.

  316. Well, actually, it still might be possible to scam sometimes, like during gifting events. During the Cupcake Conundrum event (now!), I met someone named princess657787, who said if I gifted her she would gift me back. So I did, and when I asked about my gift, she said no. She deleted me from her buddy list and left. So I ended up wasting 1000 stars.

  317. Pinkstardust___0000is a scammer

  318. I have never been scammed (sorry if this is a late comment) because I have NEVER trusted Trade n’ Sell. It drove me and my mom nuts.

  319. If anyone cares, there’s a girl named “zoey67898″ that promised to gift a bunch of us and said we would be on YouTube. She lied and logged out. She said that we would be on YouTube, and now I know what she meant…she would use us on a pranking people video…and we were the victims.

    (Hah, this isn’t TnS, but it was the closest thing.)

  320. ☂ ♥ ❇ ♥ cняιƨтιиα6603 ♥ ❇ ♥ ☂ said:

    hi everyone, I’ve been reading this blog all year long and I LOVE it ><
    also, I can't really remember but I think long time ago my friend said she was hacked,
    I'm not sure. i hope this helps! :)

  321. Cookimonsta said:

    This is the reason why they got rid of Trade and Sell. It’s not very fair, that people scam, but I guess you would be pretty silly to actually agree, I mean there is like a 99% chance they’re going to scam.

  322. snowballcjane said:

    I’ve been hacked by someone and they even changed my eyes. I went to the Spanish server and got them back. When everyone was talking about the new mall, If you could really sell or trade, so the person who hacked me could steal my stuff?

    • cняιƨтιиα6603 said:

      well since when trade ‘n sell, you can’t trade eyes and skin tones, of course >< because now all of them are free at Sun Block. actually…

      i'm not one of those people who just crowd the whole trade 'n sell… i really never double traded or did with one of my buddies, but a friend did say she could give away her sparkles but we forgot about it and… xD

      i just wanted to say i'm making a fantage blog on blogger … -.-

  323. lolliepopsie scams.She tried to scam me but I was all like ummmm.You sure?She’s all like yep!She offered this dumb suit.I’m like I dont like it and this hair isn’t too high at all.her”OMG JUST DO IT!”I deleted her cuz she was so angry at me and just saying COME ON and stuff.I got hacked though so I have another account.Who would be the TOP SCAMMER TO ME?SPOTTEDBERRY10!SHE CHANGE MY PASS!NEVER GIVE HER YOUR PASSWORD!

  324. Please add diana4652 to the scammer list. This was actually a long time ago, I still remember when she came up to me at trade n sell and she was like hey so i was like hi. She asked me if i had a costume called “Pixie Dust” I think it was called, and i said yeah. She was like do you wanna trade? I’ll give you my Panther Board. That is something I have always wanted! So i said of course and she gives me this afro newbie hair and i was like ????. So I declined it. She kept on saying, I was kidding! I’ll give you something better and one day she said You sure don’t want a super rare item and I was like YOU KNOW WHAT THATS IT YOUR A LITTLE SCAMMER YOUR NEVER GOING TO GIVE ME GOOD ITEMS. And thats when it all stopped.

  325. disney994 said:

    angelfish is still here, but shes trying to get accounts. She tried taking mine

  326. a few buddies of mine said got hacked.

    one deleted me, then the hacker sold her bunny nose but she had two so lucky xP
    another one got hacked and I was deleted from her buddy list
    the last one said someone threatened to hack her on XAT somewhere in da INTERNET

    im pretty sure the hacker is someone i’ve seen before or is my buddy.

  327. Anonymous said:

    im nike416 and i dont scam..

  328. Anonymous said:

    lily18324 didnt scam me, but she was saying how she hade a free game card that gives gold and e coins, and she said she was going to give it to me for free in exchange for my password. ofcourse, i didn’t accept it. she also said that her brother helped make fantage and that no one wants to be her friend.

  329. ashely12755 (no mispellings), jessicaloffice, and avril_lavigne214 are all scammers from MyMall. Please add them to your list of scammers! ashely12755 (aka jessicaloffice; I think they’re the same person) scammed me of my frisky hair and avril_lavigne214 scammed me of my bow and geek frames.

    • jessicaloffice is my buddy and she does not skam. I dont think ashely12755 and her are the same people

  330. jessicaloffice, btw, is a hacker too. She stole the account jessicaloffice, I saw her today and she claims her “friend” Red gave it to her. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PZRD6zvuFY

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