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Last updated by MooMoo on 11/30/13: added blue sticky note

Click here for the All Rares list (member and nonmember items)


At Orion’s Rare Finds, there are A LOT of cool items that you can get for free, Premium Member or not. You may have tried in the past to place gems into the orb, Non-Members, and found it was for Members only.THIS IS BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO KNOW THE RIGHT COMBINATION!

Only the following four combos work for Non-Members:

The other 2 super rare gems are of NO USE to Non-Members! So when playing games…


…do NOT try and get the highest score possible, or you’ll get a rare gem, and won’t be able to use it.

To get the gem for each game, you have to score at least this number of points:

  • Staries: 4000 pts
  • Bubble Bug: 7000 pts
  • Candy Swap: 15000 pts


All items are given out randomly! There is NO specific gem combination to get a certain item!


Update (August 4, 2012)

A lot of people have been asking: If nonmembers buy gems with ecoins, will they be able to get premium member rare items?

The answer is YES! If you buy gems with ecoins, you will get a member rare.

HOWEVER: If you use any of the nonmember gem combinations, you will only get a nonmember rare, which is a total waste of ecoins.

Meaning, don’t put your ecoin gems in these combinations, or you will get a nonmember rare!!

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Comments on: "♌ Orion’s Rare Finds ♌" (139)

  1. There’s more combo’s that non’s can use, like 2 rubies and 1 sapphire…I dunno if there’s more

  2. Thank you so much! I’ll check that out :)

  3. Dodo4lyf said:

    theres another combo:

    3 sapphires.

  4. skyblue786 said:

    my gems r not working and i have many gems to activate what should i do ? :(

  5. Elizabeth said:

    This has NOTHING to do with Gems,but I just wanted to say that you are SO helpful on everything!I hope you never stop this website!:)

  6. iPuppies said:

    Why would she do tht???shes sooo helpful!!!

  7. princess_moomoo, you forgot one game. Magic Pop!!!!!!

  8. umm i was wondering… if you have ALL the non member rares and use ecoins to buy 3 sapphires (for example since that’s one of the non-member combos) would you still get a non member rare?

    • it would make sense that they would give you a very low rare item, since there are no more nonmember items to get. however, they might also just say “sorry, please try another combo”, since the combo isn’t rare enough.

      .`·.¸.·´ princess_moomoo
      ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
      (¸.·´ (¸.·´

  9. hi i am a person of future fantageville and i dunno wht i am sousposed to right cause im only 7

    • The contest has ended, I have already chosen the person who will inherit my blog.

      .`·.¸.·´ princess_moomoo
      ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
      (¸.·´ (¸.·´

  10. sweetiecupcake said:

    what gems would you suggest to buy with ecoins if you wanted rare hair???

    • Well, the type of gems you put in only affects the rarity, not whether it’s hair or clothing. If you want something super rare, then put in 3 moonstone gems. You will get something over the rarity of 50.

      .`·.¸.·´ princess_moomoo
      ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
      (¸.·´ (¸.·´

  11. thanks that helped alot

  12. What’s your favorite non member rare item? Anyone…… Okay I admit, I’m just bored since you can’t chat on mobile.

  13. you took me off a a mod? :( i knew people hated me but now you too :( I HATE MY LIFE AND SO DOES EVERYBODY ELSE!

  14. its not just that, its that everyone hates me for doing absolutely nothing and i have no idea why :(

  15. that is not a very nice comment

  16. princess moomoo gives out better advice

    • Look, nobody hates you, Ari! The only reason I removed you was because you were banning people when you should have been kicking them instead (kick = warning, ban = person ignored warning :) )
      I will add you again when I see you, and also, please don’t talk in all caps, for some reason, it makes the chat all chaotic xP

      • the only reason i banned thios one girl was because she was being rude to me all day and then someone asked me my name and she said it was idiot. that is the only reason i did what i did. and if no one hates me how come everyone yells at me for doing nothing. sometimes people ive gotten mad in the past say ugh aris here and then leave, and thats just right when i come on

  17. hey thanks for helpen me out

  18. Thanks so much i know how to get this top i like

  19. Hehe… You moves this to the bottom right. XD

  20. Oh and I know this has nothing to do with gems but uhmm the views are over 120,000 o.o

  21. Well since it made it, I should be saying good job moomoo!

  22. and thx moomoo you are such a good person, i wish everyone was as nice as you are :)

  23. oh i would just like to say that alot of people have been cussing when there are mods on and they do nothing about it.

  24. caseycow magic pinkstarbrittney and all the other mods wont leave me alone…they keep saying she needs to be unmodded and they are saying really mean stuff about me…i dont know what i did to deserve their hate i have been nothing but nice to them and they all hate me….please do something about this…….i dont want to live while being hated by strangers for no reason…..will you please do something about them :'(

  25. ok i will….and yes something very fishy

  26. hint member rare

  27. I got over 10000 points and i still got the lowest gem this isnt true sowwie

  28. um if you are saying that this blog is wrong then you are wrong because there is no possible way that what you said is true

  29. lihanwhatupzzz said:

    thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks this is soooooooooooo helpful

  30. Excuse me but, my friend is a non-member and she got this member item from the orb and was able to wear it. How is this possible? (Its a leopard patterened jacket)
    Oh ant btw can you wear member orb items if you have them it your a non-member? .3.

    • This is only possible if those gems were bought with ecoins. If you are a nonmember and you won those gems from games, then you cannot use them to get member rares.


  31. nina123nina said:

    princess_moomoo did u ever get a premium member item by using gems bought with ecoins
    Pls reply thank you

  32. I think the gems you get are random… I go up to level 8 on Staries and I still get sapphires… I also get moonstones from level three.

  33. You forgot to add a picture of Secret Adventure :P

  34. ummmm moomoo u know tht the gems from games r given out randomly and magic pop is a game inside the grotto tht u can earn gems for

  35. june_rocks_you_foreva said:

    eli i thought that once you reach level four you can get gems o.o……….

  36. Pokemon Star said:

    I can’t believe if you get all the non member rare items you won’t get anymore rare items because i’m a non.

  37. I saw on youtube there was a nonmember and she showed us how nonmembers could get member rare items and she got a rare member shoe and she use the white gem and i don’t know ( She prove she was a nonmember)

  38. Can someone put all the ULTRA RARE item cuz i reeaally want the peace out tee, cleopatra’s shoes, cat ears, MP3 player n angel wings. and more than i can not remember but most of them i know they’re from ultra rare so yeah..

  39. jellybeans09 said:

    is there a way to give other people gems? i have almost 100 sapphires with no use. i want to make people happy!

  40. If your a non and you use gems and use the blue gem,white and the heart one using eCoins will you still get an item?

  41. About gems, do you really get better gems the more points you get?

  42. Hey if u use a blue gem and a blue gem and an orange gem using ecoins will u still get a rare item?

  43. How do you get ecoins? Please help.

  44. You guys are like, so cool!

  45. If_I_could_meet_you_in_real_life_I_would_princess_moomoo5 said:

    Help needed!!!
    I am a member and I bough some gems. I also had some gems that I earnt. Even though I know you can’t use eCoin bought gems with ones you earnt. But why doesn’t Fantage let you do that? Also one more quick question, (sorry this isn’t realated to gems,) can you get a job on Fantage? Even though I’m not old enough to get a job my older brother who’s old enough to get a job. (He’s goine to college of course.) If you can geta job please tell me so my brother can have a job.

    From your number 3 fan. >D

  46. angie222333 said:

    If you keep playing a game then keep having a low score, eventually you get other gems, like the emerald/diamond…

  47. Can you put up possible items for the other gems? I want to buy some ecoined gems but I want to know what gem level (rare, very rare etc.) has the best items. Or if you can’t, maybe Casey can? Since she is a mem. BTW aren’t you becoming a mem soon? I always read ur announcments right when i wake up on Sunday. Why am I typing so much? LOL :D

    • It would take forever to post all the mem rares along with their rarity… I dunno, I’ve been considering to do it, but I don’t want some stupid copier taking my work again.

  48. TheLuckyOne said:

    Hi Moomoo and Casey! Is there a limit as to how many rare items a non member can get? I keep trying all non member gem combos but Fantage keeps telling me that I ran out of Gem Combinations?! So does that mean that I can’t get any more rare items unless I buy them with ecoins?

    • Yes, that is completely correct. If you go to the Orion Item List page, you will all the items that nonmembers can get. If you want member rare items, you will need to buy gems with ecoins.

  49. dear princess_moomoo,
    Can you please tell me the gem combination to get PB hat and angel wings
    Thank you

    • PB Hat is no longer available at Orion’s. As for the angel wings, I think it would be a lot easier to just buy them at Trade n Sell, since nobody seems to like them anymore.

  50. You can also get gems (the kind that non members can use) when you play secret adventure. If you play the first one and get rid of all the animals you can unlock the dark blueish chest and it will usually give gems.

  51. Hi MooMoo…
    Well I have all the nonmember items and I need your helpo! Okay so if I brought a eCoined nonmember gems and I already got all the nonmember items then, will I get a member item?

  52. i have more than 30 sappires.i have all the non-member rares.so bored…

  53. You know it really isn’t fair! When they release the NEW RARE ITEMS in Fantage, they should have atleast one rare for boys and girls!

  54. Don’t you also get gems in the game Secret Adventure and Bubble Pop? (what ever that’s called… where you pop bubbles…)

  55. *you may want to add this* Non-Members actually have a higher chance of getting super rare gems, which they cant use, while members have a normal chance.

  56. I want an item list of all the rare things non members can get :P

  57. Lunaravenue said:

    There are new gems added!

  58. idkwatidoing said:

    Thanks for the advice on not getting the highest score xD I usually play Staries and then when I waste my time matching a billion of colorful stars together, I end up getting a sapphire =w=; Ahaha so thanks a lot for that advice because I get so frustrated xP


  59. if u get a member rare item when u use gems bought with ecoins, can u sell it at trade&sell??

  60. Hey, i was wondering how you get the images next to your words. (you know, for the pages?)
    im not going to put them next to my page names. i just want to use them as like, bullet points in a post, instead of doing this -.

    • If you want words next to your images, just keep on typing next to the picture without pressing enter… Is that what you meant? I’m not sure, lol…

      • no, not that. srry, im not good at explaining some stuff…XD. what im talking about is you know where you have all the tittles of your pages? they have little images next to them, like chess pieces, or, for example, orions rare finds. it has what looks like a wierd ball on a string. how do you get that, and would it be ok if i used them? again, not for the pages, but as bullet points in my posts? a dash i a little boring.

      • Ohh, those are just symbols that you find all over the internet. You can just Google “symbols” or something like that, and a whole bunch of them will show up. This is where I get mine (there are LOTS more symbols out there): http://www.creativestable.com/random/facebook-smileys
        Cool idea!

  61. epic asian girl said:

    Will Fantage ever come up with new non member rare items

  62. I got Jumbo Plane by using 2 Black gems (forgot the name) and 1 Moonstone

  63. Anonymous said:

    another non member combination is the ultra rare gem and two sapphires

  64. Huwwo. More then half the page is commentz!! LOLLZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. I have a moonstone ecoined gem that only costed me 50 ecoins. I think it’s more efficient just to spend that much and test your luck rather than spend a ton of ecoins on gems (just my opinion). Now all I need is 2 more and I have a member item :D

  66. Hi Moo Moo, hide this please! There was a page called fantageville.wordpress.com/orions-rare-finds/ that showed all the non member rares and there was one of the food pics. I cant find it any where! Did you delete it?

  67. This was VERY helpful. Thank you!

    (=’:’) ~Bunnay~

  68. How do you get the brown or red cute hair, I cant seem to get it. And i spent all my money on starfires. :( HELP!!

  69. This was very helpful to me thank u very much!

  70. cutiegal2004 said:

    This is very helpful. Thank you! :)

  71. Anonymous said:

    Are there gonna be new rares for nons?

  72. Kelcie22025 said:

    Thank you so much!!! Ive been wondering why the gems I have didnt work :))

  73. Anonymous said:

    I got to use 3 moonstones and im a non mem.

  74. Anonymous said:

    hi, but do you know what that weird dollar thing is in some of your pics? (The one that is red and has two fantagians on it) Im just wondering, since theyre in slightly weird places…..

  75. u know when u do the comic bingo theres a moonstone gem with a ecoin sign if u get 3 of those u can use them non’s an mem’s.

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